Thursday 30 November 2023

Looking forward to 2024, when our Art Gallery of Alberta will turn 100

November 28, 2020, AGA Attendant Ziwei H. sketched me while I followed and sketched a 2.5-hour documentary by Deanna Bowen, deconstructing the Toronto play 'The Gods of Gods.'  Canadian Racism.

2023-11-28, There are many places in Canada with odd names, and I am exploring their history! Today, it is Swastika, Ontario! The word swastika has negative connotations in the Western World due to some obvious associations. However the word, and the symbol, date back thousands of years. Craig Baird - Canadian History Ehx

2023, Sketch Study, 3rd Floor, AGA, roped off during Black History Month, Family Day.

Indigenous artist Dean Drever's Black and White KKK figures closed to the public on Family Day.

Nov. 16, 2016, 40-min. sketch study from inside the Art Gallery of Alberta: Goodridge Robert's 1936 Portrait of a Lady in a Green Hat.
Painter's notes, looking back 10 years ago  November 2013. For Kate Hatch and Phil, who recently toured Italy - pencil, crayon study of John Robert Cozens, View between Brixin and Bolzano, North Italy, Storm Effect 1782 - I did this last Thursday at the AGA, November 14, 2013. (30 minute sketch) Thank you, Kathy, for the very cool photo of Positano, Italy, on my recent birthday - I should stop by the mall today for some tiramisu and vino to set the mood right - Love you, Sis!


2023-11-16, Not For Sale, Painter's Notes: Outside looking Into the establishment of art and artists, I am the painter. An outsider artist, to be exact, a self-taught painter who needed to fight the City of Edmonton and Provicial government of Alberta to defend my right and freedom to paint in public. As an Art Gallery of Alberta Member AGA, I'm excited and have already started to celebrate our Art Gallery of Alberta Turning 100. This is where I educated myself the most, learning to be a painter, getting the self-confidence and courage I needed to paint outdoors in public. Thank you, Members, Staff, Security, and Management, for the years of pure fun, and enjoyment learning about others and myself.

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42 Years Graphic Arts Craftsman.
What I saw at City Hall at 17:00, Aug. 14, 2013
beginning10 Years, Learning How to Paint Again
after 13 Years, Not 2023.