Sunday, 10 September 2023

33:00, Caress, 0:33 Chew, Today's 50-minute QuickDraw inside the Art Gallery of Alberta, later CorelDraw. Between Things: Alberta Ceramics
Morning: Treaty 6 Federation State of Emergency Continues...
Afternoon Sketching Caress and Chew inside the art gallery of Alberta.

Looking Back, Moving Forward, In The Moment

One year ago today, Saturday September 10 2022, early morning Corel DRAW scan & altering yesterday's 25 min. Art Gallery of Alberta sketch study of Lawren Harris, 1921-1926, North Shore Lake Superior.

By Alexis, 9 years old, Doug 68. CorelDRAW

Guests were invited to add more paint during the Alberta & Labour Day Long weekend.
2021-2023, The Grande Theatre Democracy

Community, Intuitive, Outsider & Quantum Art. 

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