Friday, 22 September 2023

September Artworks, Painter's Notes, and Quick Drawn Conclusions

2021-2023, The Grande Theatre, Democracy.

Outsider, Intuitive, Community, Quantum.

(Cut-up) Pekiwewin Model For Future Camps

Lupe Fiasco & Kaelin Ellis, Track 1 on HOUSE by Virgil Abloh, Grammarly Corrected by AI. Have you ever asked yourself where the world is inside the solar system? Like, where are we? Like, where does the planet sit amongst all the stars? Who knows, it's a super brain freeze, But a more straightforward question than that is to ask yourself, Where do we sit in the sea of art history? Like, that's tangible, that's man-made Man-made art, so the history of it, we fit in. Another sort of framework to dwell on is, like, where do we live? You know, you live in a house. I guarantee the house you grew up in is what you define as a house. But, for someone who grew up on the opposite side of the world, What they grew up in, what they think of as a house, A kitchen, a living room, a roof, a door, etcetera, Just shit to think about, you know The whole bullet point is the world inside it is man-made. It's all metaphoric; man has flaws, loves power, and everything is man-made. And what's more dangerous than that? But, as I digress.

(Raw) Police Funding Formula, First In Canada
Black Lives Matter, Idle No More, Occupy Edmonton.

2023-09-21, Police Commission, Painter's Notes

2023-09-21, Updated 5 PM, Painter's Notes: I avoided the protests but my wife Sarah attended yesterday's 1 Million March 4 Children and Counter Protest in Edmonton and will share her thoughts in 1 sentence here soon. Thank you, Edmonton Police Service, for keeping everyone safe. The Edmonton Police Service is currently investigating Wednesday's protests as charges may be pending.

During today's press scrum, a man wearing a red hat, a mask, and union buttons on a blue jean jacket, who lacked press credentials, tried to cut in and ask Chief McFee questions. The chief ignored him as the press responded in protest. One police officer moved in next to him, and things got back to order quickly. I told one of the police supervisors afterward that this is why I’ve been trying for 6 years to obtain a press pass into the Alberta legislature for a citizen-free press.



The Legislature has no dome, unity.


Wear Red as we go marching; Rome is burning.

2019, Anarchy, River Valley Joe.

My cut-up technique is taking an uncut video and cutting it into pieces with spoken words and images overlapping. It becomes a form of art similar to the cut-up technique (or découpé in French) in which a written text is cut up and rearranged to create a new reader. The concept can be traced to the Dadaists of the 1920s, but it was developed and popularized in the 1950s and early 1960s, primarily by writer William S. Burroughs. Sourced: Wikipedia Cut-Up  Technique.


 2023-09-17, A Marathon Month of  Cut-Ups

2023-09-12, Chilean artist, Guillermo Bastias Moreno's political cartoons was on display this month inside Edmonton City Hall, representing the September 11, 1973, Chilean coup d'état.
The takeover of the government ended a 46-year history of democratic rule in Chile. In June 1975, Pinochet announced that there would be no future elections in the country. Although the U.S. Government was initially pleased by the coup, concerns mounted about the new regime's reported violations of human rights. Office of the Historian.

The freedoms which had been so hard won from colonial domination were being crushed by Soviet-inspired and funded military and political forces. Their clear intention was to deprive the people of their democratic freedoms. As history shows, this is what had happened in the Soviet Union and in Cuba, and continues to be the case in other parts of the world. General and Chile's Dictator Augusto Pinochet


2014-09-18, Painter's notes, looking back 9 years ago today: My new sketching journey into the 180 works of " Toulouse-Lautrec and La Vie Moderne: Paris 1880-1910 inside the AGA, Art Gallery of Alberta.

6 years, Another Kick At The Can for Press Freedom

2023-09-13: The (Hon) Scoff Cyr, MLA for Bonnyville-Cold Lake- St. Paul, met with me on the picket line and suggested that I write a letter to his office since I had no elected Government representation in Edmonton. He wanted me to list my reasons why Albertans can benefit from citizens practicing freedom of the press inside the Alberta Legislature. This is the 2nd time an MLA approached me on the picket line with a suggestion. The first suggestion I got was at the start of my 6-year picket when an MLA suggested I incorporate a media company to gain access into the Legislature. I responded that the Canadian Charter should suffice since it reads every Canadian has a right to a free press. I once owned a company, Hawkeyi Media Inc. Alberta Works, which helped finance. It closed due to financial losses.
I told Mr. Cyr on the picket line that an independent free press by citizens must have complete autonomy separate from the Press Gallery made up of employees who work for corporate CBC, CTV, Postmedia, Rebel Media, etc... He replied, "No, you must work under the press gallery and follow the same rules. Having time to sleep on Mr. Cyr's offer to write, I decided not to waste my time. Instead, I'll continue my picket this year and into my 7th year, 2024. In the meantime, thank you to the Alberta Sheriffs and Sergeant-at-Arms LASS staff who now make me feel welcome inside the Alberta Legislature, giving me what access they can allow practicing freedom of the press without the right to ask questions during press scrums, receiving press releases, and access to the assembly's press gallery.

Fred Vanderhook laid Wondering to Himself,
What's is Fake, and What Is Real in This Man's World?

Deanna Bowen's The Gods of Gods

At 3 O'Clock, I am dead.

Behold, if you see me, The Man,
I am, Thy Lord God, Democracy

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