Monday, 26 June 2023

Out from under the Pyramid, Rooted in my HeArtšŸŒ»June 1-15 2023


Out from Under the Pyramid
Rooted in my Heart, June 1-9, 2023

2017, She smiles after all that...

2019, If it Quacks like a Magpie, it must be...
Many indigenous cultures regard birds of the crow family a symbol of transformation, rebirth, and renewal. They can be seen as an omen when something significant is about to happen. In addition to this, some Indegnous cultures believe that white crows are protectors from dark forces or supernatural events and represent a good sign. 

2016, The Crumpling Umbrella

2016, Fire, Rain, Circle, Square

2020, Herd Like Buffalo

2022-2023, Jodie Red Dress, Vietnam


 2019, Extinction Rebellion

2021, Trees do talk, RESET (The Box) 

2018, 2021, The Flower Harvest, Scream!

2019-2021. The Legislature has no dome, unity. 


2017-2019, Trouble maker the coming storm

2022, Broken Tree

2020, Shame the Man with Love

2015-2018, Last of the Alberta Caribou

2016, Freedom Trees

PNIAI Group of 7, Inspired
Sketch Studies 2016-2023 

2016, Art Gallery of Alberta, PNIAI sketch studies

Under a Red Umbrella outdoor sketch study and Corel Draw, March 2014, City Hall on Treaty 6, seated by the fire next to the Friendship Clock Tower during Truth and Reconciliation, Alberta's National Event.

Thursday, 8 June 2023

Transit Hotel, Built in the middle of “Packingtown” the meat packing district

2023-06-08, Painter's notes: Callum added his final artistic touch to his dad's painting, the Transit Hotel, 711, Where Pigs Fly. I shared with Callum, Mom, and Dad how when I was his age, I would spend hours drawing on my parent's basement walls and inside my grandfather’s leather-bound encyclopedias. This led to Mom and Dad keeping me in a steady supply of paper and pencils to help hone my skills in sketching as a kid. I've never stopped drawing ever since!

Thank you, to the half dozen or so PSAC Union & City Hall guest painters during May Day week, who helped me put this painting project together for our friends at the Transit Smokehouse & BBQ. Completed June 8, 2023, The Transit Hotel, 2023, 711, Where Pigs Fly.

The Transit Hotel - 711, Where Pigs Fly

Painting on the Picket Line, the Transit Hotel, 711, Where Pigs Fly. Striking PSAC members were invited over the week to add paint.

Ernie the butcher sketch. Before I started my career as a graphic arts craftsman, I worked several jobs in the food industry in Toronto that included a meat processing and packaging factory. My night job in the plant was to put away the meat from the smoke ovens and clean up the bacon and hotdog processing machines from the day shift. 

Edmonton City Hall, Natasha of E4C Alberta Seeing People, Not Poverty, adds to the Transit Hotel, 711, Where Pigs Fly.

2023-04-18, 11 AM, First Coat of Paint on Location.

The Transit Hotel, 2023, 711, Where Pigs Fly

2023-04-18, 711 Where Pigs Fly, Cook'n up some early Tuesday Morning Stovetop Transit Hotel, Fort Road & Coffee for David Egan

Edmonton's Urban heART Renewal
2023-04-17, Painter's notes: Chef and co-owner Ray Pritlove and I inside the Transit Smokehouse & BBQ, getting a feel of the place before I start my next paint project for co-owner David Egan
2023-04-15, Painter's notes, David Egan's Grocery List: Selfie of me, the painter, in front of the Walterdale Playhouse community theater, where I spent 10 years as a public relations director and stage set painter. Today’s $180. art supplies funded by David Egan, co-owner of the transit hotel, Smokehouse, BBQ. Cost only, I don’t sell my heArt.
No sale, art supplies list & receipt for 2023 taxes 


Painter's Additional Notes

2022, Two rose painting & song for Maria Dunn
singing for me her Troublemaker song...

In 2022, Juno award-winning folk singer Maria Dunn found the history of Edmonton's Packingtown, a meatpacking district, an artistic gold mine.

Remembering The Gainers Strike, AGA sketch.

Transit Hotel - Smokehouse & BBQ 

QuickDraw at the Taste of Edmonton. I had Chef Ray Pritlove’s St. Louis Rib which was mouthwatering delicious, Thank you. Thank you, Transit Hotel Smokehouse & BBQ, David Egan, Chef Pretlove & Staff, for doing your part in making the Taste of Edmonton safe and inclusive, where everyone is welcome, making this festival a massive success for all to enjoy in my downtown Edmonton neighbourhood! Thank you, City of Edmonton, and to Signal Security, Volunteers & Taste of Edmonton, vendors Staff & Management. CTV Jeremy Thomson, the recipient of the All-Seeing Hotdog looking for a good news story/ National Hotdog Day earlier this month at City Hall.