Thursday, 25 May 2023

2023,🌻Doug's Art Shows, Tell and Listen, 10 years of Social Art Projects

Shame the Man with Love Totem

Love will win, but it requires action' Stephen, May 19, 2023. 


Looking Back - All Flowers Matter 🌻 Going Forward

Disorder removes the Civility from Alberta's Democracy.

2019-2021, The Legislature has no dome. Unity.

Alberta Political, Social & Environmental Extremes

The Grande Theatre Democracy, on the back of The Legislature, has no dome.
2023-05-16 Painter's notes: My website continued with a one time record-breaking visits since yesterday's art show, tell and listen next to Eastgate at the Alberta Legislature. Visitors from across Canada, the United States, Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania), and Russia are seeing my 2019-2021 painting, The Legislature has no dome, Unity. Over the 3 years of painting, I invited dozens of children and adults (including socialist and conservative political activists) to add flowers representing the renewal of Alberta's Government house. The second painting featured, having law enforcement input, is titled Trouble Maker the Coming Storm (2017-2019).

Two fathers proud of our kid's accomplishments

In this photo I'm holding Trouble Maker the Coming Storm (2017-2019), depicting a homeless person shaped like an eagle sleeping under a tree during a storm. This painting was started on the day of the Notre Dame Fire in Paris, on an easel facing Herman Poulin's statue The Service Through Christ. It was painted on location during protests and counter-protests and next to Premier Rachel Notley's office and completed next to Premier Kenney's office in the summer of 2019, months before the COVID-19 pandemic. Both Governments attempted to ban my art at the Alberta Legislature 4 times between January 2016 and Canada Day week of 2021, when the last ban on my art was lifted by employees under Queen Elizabeth II.

 2020, Nathan painting, wearing my Listen Label wear...
...from Chicago's MCA, 2019, Virgil Abloh, Figures of Speech Inspired Speaker's Banned Speech & Wear baseball caps, t-shirts, hoodies & toques of Alberta. 2020, Freedom to Express & Listen art project.


2017-2019, Trouble maker the coming storm

I'm amazed at the fun my son Paul Oliver enjoys while teaching in China. As the semester winds down he posts photos, "It's time to play Bball and take part in random activities including water balloons.
Alberta Legislature Art Shows, Tell & Listen continues.

"Your activism work has left a positive impression on me. Your dedication and persistence in this regard have been a source of inspiration for me always. Thank you, my friend!" -Manwar Khan, Government Employee, Advocate Against Violence.

10 Art Projects
2001-2012, PR, Posters & Theatre Sets
2013, 9 Afghan boys gathering firewood, 911
2014, Return to Jasper, Lake Maligne 1924, (1979)
2015, The Judge and Poet We First Nations Metis and Inuit
2016, Fire and Rain art project, Alberta Wildfires and Flooding
2017, Not a Bystander art project to Anger, Violence, and Bullying
2018, The Status versus Motion art project, Alberta Politics, and Media
2019, More Circles than Squares, Political, Social & Environmental Extremes
2020, Freedom to Express and Listen, Defending my Individual Rights & Freedoms
2021, The Misty HeArt project, Art Show and Tell, Share and Listen
2022, Abstracts of Light & Shadows, Good Dog, Bad Dog, Wolf or Bear?
Listen to my heArt beat... 2023

2023-05-25, My gift is my heArt, and my Art is for you. Two new Speakers Banned Speech & Wear, Listening labeled t-shirts, celebrating my autumn years, accomplishing 10 years, of learning how to paint again after 13 years not as a Social Artist combined with my 16 years of Civil Information Activism. Thanks to my talented grandson Thomas, Papa has a new Listening label wearing T-shirt Mario, to wear inside the King's house, Alberta Legislature. #ArtIsFreedom

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