Friday 19 May 2023

Married under the Legislature Willow Tree, Shrouded by a Wildfire Smoke.

Sarah relaxed while watching Over The Garden Wall.
It was Halloween, her brother, Zach, recommended it.

2023-05-19, 7 years married, best of friends, 22 years strong!


Mom & Dad, 70 Years, August 25, 2023

Kingston October 4, 2023

August 12, 2023, 3:33, A Marriage Infused with Love


Ms. Sarah Marie Elliott, The Bear

Sarah Elliott, English Assignment, from the September, 2023, 1 Million March for Kids, in one sentence: We begin by forming a circle on an open patch of grass, slowly expanding the circle as people toting signs and banners and flags arrow towards us from all directions, their careful smiles lengthening into grins as the circle stretches to accommodate them and they know they are no longer “them” but “we”, our eyes shifting periodically to our doppelgängers across the street who also carry signs and banners and flags and wear the same cautiously welcoming expressions we do; everyone on either side of the street has been told, “don’t engage”, “don’t give them the courtesy”, “they don’t matter – just do what you came here to do and ignore them,” and on a deep level this feels wrong because the entire idea of being here is to engage, extend courtesy, and let everyone know that we all matter, but “our” side and “their” side oblige the organizers and maintain watchful distances, pretending that the people on the other side of the road don’t have anything to do with what we’re/they’re doing, though of course not one of us would be standing here on patches of grass along a street if the people on the other side of the street weren’t also here on other patches of grass, their circles expanding just as rapidly as our circles, until circles are no longer circular but more like rectangles with rounded edges, and we notice with some alarm that the edges of their rectangle are beginning to spike out into the street as children disengage from their parents and lean forward to get a closer look at the people with whom they are never to engage, though they certainly will when they are older and the world is much larger than any rectangle.   

The Day Sarah Proposed Marriage to me, during Leap Year. 

Newlyweds Honeymoon, in Jasper, May Long Weekend

The first year in Jasper, we hiked 9k. to the top of Whistlers Mountain.

2001, Sarah Elliott & Doug Brinkman, top of the Mountain.

Painter's notes: Quick Draws on the Trail of Life: Sarah and I hiking with our walking sticks along the outskirts of Jasper National Park. As always I keep a sketch pad handy in my backpack everywhere I go.

2022-10-11, The town of Banff was trending on Twitter tonight. Oh, how my heart longs for the mountain cool air, full moon, starry night, and that warm fire pit behind the Fairmont. They were good times had.


Sarah and our Minnesota Family Roots, Quick Draws

Painter's notes, Christmas 2022, Lenni & Zach, R.I.P.: On a Legislature Tree, A Robin Sang To Me, All My Beloved Ones Were Near... Quick Draw, Christmas, 2021, Kathy, Lenni & Zach via Skype.

Summer Solstice City River Valley Walk, 2022 

Next to a river valley tamarack tree, we take the time to remember family members and friends who have moved on from this life.

2022, Solstice Day, Painter's notes: The original tree where we first kissed under in the rain 22 years ago has fallen, decayed and has returned back to earth to make way for a new generation of trees. We selected a new tree as a marker where we went on our first date and kissed in the rain, a rusty tin can wedged between the limbs of a tree. We’ll call this tree the can can tree, named after the first movie we saw together The Moulin Rouge that had a song titled 'the can can can'.

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