Saturday, 20 May 2023

First responders put their own lives on the line everyday for others

May 20, 2015, Art Gallery of Alberta, Quick Drawn Conclusion

2016, On Guard for Thee, art project, 2023

2021, Blue Tree, On Guard for Thee

2019, On Guard for Thee, Where is the Love?

 2018, Pillar of Strength, On Guard for Thee

2016, I am a man, On Guard for Thee

My Gift is My Art - My Art is Freedom


God Save the King. On Guard for Thee

2017, She smiles after all that...

2023-04-20, Painter's notes: First, the cat threw up the BIGGEST hairball next to her dinner dish at 4AM, followed by puking up her breakfast at 7AM onto our Cuban-made engagement gift carpet followed by 7:30 crashing out in the hall of New Cambridge Lofts, hearing a man yelling and a woman crying inside one of the suites. 911 call, put on hold... Police arrived at 8:20AM, Thank You.
2023-05-21, Painter's notes, On Guard for Thee, All Flowers Matter, We Are All Emeralds: Special Thanks, Love & Respect to Saturday's Downtown Edmonton's EMS and the Hope Mission. Politicians and the Corporate News Media make claims at City Hall and Alberta Legislature that Civility is returning in the City of Disorder, but we know as a Community this is far from true. Art is Freedom, Free Press.
Second trip to city hall on Mother’s Day. Grocery carts are used as battering rams causing vandalism in front of our building and breaking out windows and doors including next-door/ basement businesses.
2023-05-21, Mom's Facebook Response: Sorry for this happening in your neighbourhood. Seems they are everywhere. Those that have not and those who decide to destroy everyone's lives.
The name of the painting inside the grocery cart is titled, The Legislature has no Dome, Unity. Thank you Mom sharing your thoughts, love you forvever. The Civil Information Activist, Free Press.

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