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Sketching hones my creativity & understanding of the world around me

March 23, 2014, Painter's notes: Sarah says I look like a big roasted ham in this picture - Happy birthday to my youngest son Aaron Brinkman who turned 24 today - I'm taking it easy today and drawing at the Art Gallery - Met up with a young university student at noon to share my video footage relating to Omar Khadr. She is majoring in English in her final year at Kings University and is writing a one-act play about Omar Khadr - Busy week ahead as I begin to learn business finances through Alberta Works - NDP leader Tom Mulcair will be in Edmonton Wednesday night at the Winspear Centre - and the much anticipated TRC begins Thursday - I plan on attending the 7:30 am fire ceremonies at the foot of the Shaw Conference center each morning. There will be a march and rally to videotape as well...Sarah says she loves her ham!

March 23, 2014, Painter's notes: BITS AND PIECES: Back from the gallery - I sketched between 2 floors the first and the third capturing some ideas and inspiration from Lorraine Gilbert's "Upon a forest" and some driftwood bits and pieces of Lyndal Osbourne's "Bowerbird: Life of Art". Next, I played with my new Corel Draw Paint shop... the whole process was relaxing.

AGA Boycott...

1924, 1978, Return to Maligne Lake 2014


Art Gallery of Alberta Sketch Studies
by Doug Brinkman

2020 Black History Month, 
Deconstructing The Gods of Gods

1-hour sketch study inside the Art Gallery of Alberta is of Norval Morrisseau's White Man's Curse 1969 - Conflicts between Native Spirituality and Christianity... Dots might represent smallpox disease.

January 30, 2017, Art Gallery of Alberta

Painter's notes January 30, 2014, Art Gallery of Alberta Sketch Study "The Boatmen's Wives" by Luigi da Rios oil painting over looking a canal in Venice, 1886. Pencils and CoralDRAW. Wednesday nights at the Art Gallery with my sweetheart, they are serving free drinks...

Tom Thomson is my mentor,
but it was never just his paintbrush you see
but like the wings of a dove, he rode me above
pinewood thickets he took me.
'The painter'

Looking back to February 18, 2016, Art Gallery of Alberta: Tom's Autumn by Doug Brinkman, next to Tom Thomson's 1912, Autumn Foliage found inside the AGA. I discovered a secret about Tom's painting that the gallery staff was not aware of and were surprised by my discovery. I hope the gallery staff keeps my discovery secret.
Painter's notes, Looking back, February 17, 2016: Tonight’s 10-minute pencil sketch study on flat board canvas inside the Art Gallery of Alberta and then 40 minutes more in my home studio of laying thick the primary paint to closely resemble Tom Thomson's painting Autumn Foliage. Tom's painting is currently on display at the AGA during the Out of the Woods: Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven exhibitions in Edmonton from February 13, 2016–April 17, 2016. This will get some final touches in the morning before I return back to the gallery to see just how close I got the feel on Tom's painting. This Photo shows Thomson's original painting on my computer screen that I took with my cell phone earlier tonight.

Quick Drawn Conclusions & Painter's Notes

2020, Take No Pictures Please, The Last of US

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