Tuesday, 28 February 2023

Skaters in January, February was Black History Month, Art Show & Listen

Black History Month

Violet King Henry plaza, no new normal


v.a. Red Zipper Tie d.b., Tribute to Vigil Abloh

Black history month, 2023, Point of order, 15, found a home in the office of the Minister of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction, the honourable Dale Nally, MLA for Morinville, St. Alberta. I’ll be wearing my Listen Lable wear T-shirt version of Dale's painting in the gallery.

2023, Point of Order, 15

2020-2023, Skaters on Ice


Back of Skaters on Ice, 2020-2023, Aliens at Tsusiat Falls
Alberta Legislature, Queen Elizabeth Building & City Hall 

Aliens at Tusuiat Falls

Black History Month, Circle, Square

2022, Eye on Red

2022, Eye on Red Dress

2023, Untitled

2022, Joey Bell Tower, Delux

My 2022 painting Joey Bell Tower, Delux found a new home at Joey Bell Tower, with Chef Triston (right), kitchen staff, and management. Thank you all, the food, service, and friendly staff score a big win-win for everyone in Edmonton's Ice Rink District. See YouTube My Listen Label, Joey Bell Tower, Delux T-Shirt are printed and ready to wear inside the Alberta Legislature assemby this spring session.

Main Gallery

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