Tuesday, 13 December 2022

RED, Zipper Tie, Water and Oil is Life, Nonviolence, Art is Freedom

Bridging The Gap
Walterdale Bridge, 2021, V.A. Red Zipper Tie, DB
The Speakers Banned Speech & Wear, 'Listen' Label T-shirts, Hats & Toques of Alberta

2019, Chicago, Virgil Abloh, Figures of Speech

2019, While inside the Chicago Museum of Contemporary art wearing my black
t-shirt with O'Canada, I created Listen Label, Speakers Banned Speech and Wear

Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art

2016, I am a man, on guard for thee

2016, Water and Oil is Life, Nonviolence
Fire and Rain art project, Alberta wildfires and floods.

Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, Treaty 6

Painter's notes, backside V.A. Red Zipper Tie D.B.

2019 -2021, The Legislature has no dome, Unity

2021, Trees do talk RESET (the Box)

2015, Water, we have a responsibility to our children
Starbucks Coffee Cup art series

2017, 2019, Trouble maker, the coming storm

During a Freedom Rally inside Violet King Henry Plaza, a young boy
adds paint to my 2020, I Am Red Dress, next to the Alberta Legislature's Red Dress,
on the other side of the window inside the Queen Elizabeth II building,

2016, The Crumpling Umbrella, Fire and Rain

Shame the Man with Love, Totem

2019-2021, The Legislature has no dome, Unity

Hands muddy the circle, Herman Poulin's Service Through Christ

2019, The Legislature has no dome. The first coat of acrylic
paint was added behind Herman Poulin's Service Through Christ,
while facing the Alberta Legislature day of the Notre-Dame Fire

Extinction, protesters by the Alberta Legislature Reflection pool

RIP, Virgil Abloh

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