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The Recall Act, All Flowers Matter, Fund the Edmonton Police Service


Respect People, Property, and Rule of Law.
Citizen Free Press - All Flowers Matter News Picket.

Many Albertans are unaware this law exists in Alberta since the corporate news media kept it hidden. It's a law that passed in Alberta late fall of 2021. Here is the link: Holding elected officials accountable.

2022-09-13, Painter's notes: From January 13 to September 13, 2022 today, I put Kaycee Madu's Bill 52, the Recall Act to the test. Today I ended my All Flowers Matter news picket and surrendered my picket sign with my thanks to Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi. I thanked City Staff & Security for their patience. This City supports the Edmonton Police Service so it's very important to always #FundThePolice so they can do the best job protecting and serving Edmonton.


Recall Sohi & Janz, January-September 2022

2022-09-09, Painter's notes: My Recall Picket began in January 2022, and was prompted when the disorder began to noticeably rise around Edmonton before Christmas, including inside our downtown Edmonton New Cambridge Lofts. Edmonton Police Service were defunded by City Council and police were not responding to several of my 911 calls after I was attacked last November by a man high on drugs. One constable who seemed demoralized after the defunding of the police said it's going to be a gong show everywhere in the city. Since my picket began in January it has been confirmed by many in law enforcement that our police are weakened and demoralized as a whole by the actions of this City council led by Mayor Sohi. The disorder inside New Cambridge Lofts is not unique to our building, as Edmonton's police say the problem of crime and disorder is up and exist everywhere in the city.

Today's Final Recall Mayor Amarjeet Sohi and Michal Janz's 'All Flowers Matter' information news picket was in memory of another unprovoked killing of a man Wednesday and serious injuries to others that took place in the suburbs of Edmonton. Picket responses have been positive as this City clearly supports our City staff, Edmonton Police Service, ETS bus and LRT drivers and Alberta's EMS.

Unprovoked attacker pushes senior onto LRT tracks.
I think if you're behind the times, you've failed. I think the only way to measure success is being right on time with what people want. Chuck Barris, creator of the Gong Show.

Painter's notes from the Edmonton City Hall Gallery
2022-09-07. Congratulations to the Administration for exceeding housing goals for homelessness. More work needs to be done on Good Neighbour Plan for 2023. 
City Hall sketch studies & Wayne Ashley's artworks

Labour Day Monday - Thanks for the Ride

2022-09-05: Happy Labour Day News Picket, City Staff, Thanks for the Ride and Service. Doug Brinkman, Honourary UNIFOR Retiree, 27 years, former union executive, organizer, health and safety.

To Edmonton Police Constable Richard Moore 3954
From Doug Brinkman of New Cambridge Lofts, December 3, 2021. Police File 21152861, Regarding the incident on November 30th Cambridge Lofts

At approximately 5:35 -55 PM, on November 30, 2021, I came into the front lobby of Cambridge lofts and signaled for an elevator. The end elevator door opened, and a man was inside leaning up facing the wall was pressing all the buttons. I immediately got off the elevator because I did not feel comfortable inside with a man who was acting erratically. Erratic behavior is a common sight in and outside our building by intoxicated people.

The man came out of the elevator towards me in an aggressive way and started yelling ‘GET ON THE ELEVATOR!’ and “I WANT TO KNOW YOUR NAME?” and “WHERE DO YOU LIVE?” I backed away and he continued insisting I get on the elevator. With him out, I reentered the elevator and I heard him say, I’m going to find out where you live, what floor you get off. After the doors closed, I pressed several floor buttons so he would not see the floor I got on.

I returned to the lobby 15-20 minutes later to take out the garbage and he was still in the lobby. He yelled again from the front doors of the lobby “So you are now going out the back door?” and came after me again. I ran through the garbage room door and exited the building and ran to the front of the building, across the street to watch for him. My goal was to get safely back into the building and back to my unit. As a result, of my running, my sciatica back and leg pain returned and continue to be sore to this date as I write this report. Over the summer months, I was restricted to a walker and later a walking stick. I returned a 3rd time to the lobby using my walker to talk to the doorman about the incident. At this point, the doorman said he too was attacked by the same man, and he could see the man on the cameras that he was on my floor, the 10th floor. My wife later confirmed she could hear him rambling outside our resident's door.

The man wore a long gray coat and a gray cap. He wore lots of ear jewelry, approx. 6 feet. I’ve seen the man many times before. He seemed quiet and kept to himself, sometimes wearing headphones and wearing a Calgary flames jersey. He did not wear his jersey during the incident.

The following day I came out of the basement liquor store after learning the night before the liquor store owner was attacked by the same man, stealing the owner’s glasses. When I exited the liquor store, he was about to enter. I stopped him to say that he caused me and others a lot of trouble the night before. He denied it was him and claimed I was mistaken. He was calmer at this point compared to the night before looking wide-eyed, like a crazy man. The owners of the liquor store recognized him too as I chatted with him and said they were glad he did not come into the store.

I have not seen him since...

Best Regards
Doug Brinkman

Going Forward by Looking Back and Learning 

Not All Treated Equal - Free Speech - Make Noise

September 28, 2017 Painter's Notes: NOT ALL TREATED EQUAL - MAKE NOISE - FREE SPEECH - THE ART OF NOISE. Art was used to helping defeat City Hall's proposed noise bylaw that would have cost Edmontonians $200 if they expressed themselves by shouting in the city streets of Edmonton. 'NOT ALL TREATED EQUAL ar project was used to defend the free speech of lousd street preachers and buskers on the city streets of Edmonton. 


WE FOUGHT EDMONTON CITY HALL AND WON! When Edmonton City Council considered enacting a similar noise bylaw passed in Calgary that can be used to prevent citizens from using loudspeakers, bull-horns and shouting citizens organized and filled up city chambers. In Calgary, Albertans can be fined $200 for shouting in public whereas in Edmonton the current noise bylaw allows for creating noise in public within the permissible time and decibel range as prescribed in the bylaw. City councilor Scott McKeen who likes to call me the troublemaker congratulated me for using art to help stop Michael Oshry's proposed noise bylaw. 


Recall Act News Picket Sept. 2019- Sept. 2022
One-man, Thank you City Staff news picket
March 2020 - September 2022

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