Sunday, 25 September 2022

September 25, 2022, Alberta Police and Peace Officers’ Memorial Day


RCMP & Lone Sheriff in front of the Tobacco Gardens
September 19, 2022, In Memory of Queen Elizabeth II, God Save the King.

September 2016, I am a man, on guard for thee 

2016, On Guard for Thee

2018, Abstracts of Strength

2019, On Guard for Thee

Looking back, September 24, 2020, on the Legislature grounds, with Kerry James, who works as a front-line worker. Kerry aspires to become a photographer. He did a photo shoot of me with my painting ‘On guard for thee’ tribute to Peace and Peace Officers' Memorial Day, last Sunday, of September each yr. I gave this painting to the Solicitor General, Justice Minister Kaycee Madu's family for his public service. Other paintings were given to the Veterans, Edmonton Police Service, and Alberta Sheriffs over the years.

All that was left was a flame to add to the Pillar of Strength. I invited a young black woman and her friend from an outdoor church service on the grounds back lawns to add paint and light the flame. This painting becomes community art and 2 black lives helped made it happen.

2021, Blue tree, on guard for thee

Alberta Police and Peace Officers’ Memorial Day. Participate in the annual ceremony to remember and honour Alberta’s fallen officers.


Indoor Art Show and Tell, I am a man 

2022, I am a man wearing 2022, Unity, blue treed t-shirt next to my 2021, Blue tree on guard for thee, painting inside the Queen Elizabeth II building, main floor men's washroom. Virgil Abloh, Figures of Speech.
I am a man wearing my O'Canada t-shirt inside the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, basement men's washroom, the first 2019, Speakers Banned Speech and Wear. LISTEN label. Art is Freedom.

Chicago Exploring, July 4-8, 2019 sketch studies

A black man lies bleeding outside our Chicago hotel

2019, Chicago, MCA, and INTUIT Art Center

2022, I am a man, On Guard for Thee

Alberta Police and Peace Officers' Memorial Day
Several police officers fainted while standing at attention for an hour under a hot sun. Thankfully Saint John's First Aid was on duty.
This year. 2022, the RCMP led the march for the Alberta Police and Peace Officers' Memorial Day.
World-renowned designer Wei Yew created the Pillar of Strength memorial 16 years ago. I interviewed Wei in 2016 when I created my first of four On Guard for Thee painting series as my tribute to the Police and Peace officers memorial, each year, last Sunday of September on the back lawns of the Alberta Legislature grounds.
The first 3 paintings of the On Guard for Thee series were given away. This painting will be a gift to my wife Sarah and Its image will be used to create a new LISTEN label t-shirt not to sell, but to be worn inside the Alberta Legislature public gallery during session sittings to maintain my right to freedom of expression and free press as a citizen inside Canaian Government buildings. I'll give them away freely as a gift by the artist. Art is Freedom.


Main Art Gallery

RCMP PSD Echo (retired and loving it)

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