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Forward in the Moment. Looking Back Wearing my HeART in September

Sept. 2022, 'Capo, my first golden retriever, so loved to swim she once jumped off a cliff to get into Lake Superior' Sara Paretsky, American author. Corel DRAW scan & altering my 25 min. Art Gallery of Alberta sketch study of Lawren Harris, 1921-1926, North Shore Lake Superior.

Looking back 7 years ago September 28, 2015, I tried something very different today during my outdoor art show and tell demonstration on the Alberta Legislature grounds. I invited a Buddhist monk, a jogger, and Legislature staff member on his lunch hour to add flowers to my painting project,  2015, The Fire Hydrant. They loved it!

Community, Intuitive, Outsider Art - Art is Freedom

All Flowers Matter - Democracy, Get In The Game!

Everything is Politics, Everything is Art - Ai Weiwei

2022-09-26, Painter's notes from yesterday's sketch of the Alberta Police and Peace Officers’ Memorial Day Sunday, September 25, 2022, on the back lawns of the Alberta Legislature grounds. Sketch Studies 
September 24, 2021, Abstracts of fear. located on the backside of my 2017-2021 'The Flower Harvest SCREAM' I completed this painting Friday on location inside Violet King Henry plaza, by prospects point during an Extinction Rebellion protest on climate change, attended by about 100 people including the news media. If you can imagine several news media camera's in the area following the protest with me off to the side slapping on the paint while folks sat on the grass behind me listening to the speeches.

Points of Interest surround my outdoor art show & tell

2022-09-22, From a painter's point of view: Art show & tell, at prospect point, inside Violet King Henry plaza. A plaza, named after Canada's first black female lawyer, who got her law degree from the University of Alberta. The newly named Queen Elizabeth II building sits behind me. Featured today are 3 paintings, including beside me is my 2021, Blue Tree On Guard for Thee, painting. A tribute to Alberta police and peace officers who died in the line of duty. From my view facing southwards into the beautiful sunshine, my lunch hour 20-minute sketch study of the Alberta Legislature dome where the last of the scaffolding was removed today after 2 years of repair work by masonry craftsmen. 

Photo, 2018, winter art show and tell by the Legislature reflection pool. Prospect point is one of my favorite summertime locations to put on an art show. The Alberta Legislature grounds cover 57 acres and I've done over 1500 public art shows and demonstrations on the Legislature grounds, in the river valley, next to City Hall, and on busy downtown city street corners since 2013. I don't sell my paintings, but give them away, or paint over them for future art projects. In past I have sold paintings privately but that's very rare because I don't rely on my art for income. I have never sold over 10 paintings since moving to Alberta from Ontario in 1979. It's a hobby that inspires conversation and brings me great joy in meeting others and exchanging ideas, talking politics and sharing stories. These days I don't paint or do shows as much in winter unless temeratures are above zero. I've used my paintings for protests and pickets. I've given away hundreds of paintings to family, friends and strangers over a lifetime. It's my gift of sharing.


2022-09-22, Painter's notes, Art is Freedom: It was 4 yrs ago today September. 22, 2018, a busload of Calgarians joined Edmontonians at the Alberta Legislature to rally for ASL LSQ Recognition in Accessibility Canada Act. The organizers invited the News Media but I was the only one available. Five years to date, Corporate News Media and Alberta Government under the UCP and NDP 2017 have denied me free press pass access into the Alberta Legislature regardless of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees a free press for all Canadians. I paint about the news stories I've published Citizen Free News on YouTube over the years earning over a half million views on my not-for-profit channel. I've deleted hundreds of those news stories from YouTube, published since 2007 and maintain a modest YouTube channel today featuring a select few news stories and painting projects. I worked 42 years in the newspaper industry as a Graphic Arts Craftsman. I retired in 2013. Art Is Freedom, continued...

Tweet: "We were very encouraged by the constructive tone of our conversation with Minister Milliken, and the minister’s positive response to our concerns and our future plans," Jacek Malec, the centre's executive director” Harcourt House, Edmonton.

2022-09-21, Painter's Notes Very encouraging news, thank you, Minister Milliken and staff. There was an art graduate who once had a studio inside Harcourt House. She used my art and other artists' art to create an art magazine exhibition inside her studio. As an #outsiderartist I was honoured she did this. Doug Brinkman.

My Art was featured in this Magazine Exhibition inside Harcourt House

2022-09-20, Painter's notes: 11th-hour painting, art shows, and tell on the Alberta Legislature grounds continue for me for the remainder of the month. Easel set up by Eastgate, I tried out some pearl blue luminous acrylic paint on sm canvas. All Flowers Matter.

 2017-2021, The Flower Harvest, SCREAM!

9 years ago September 18, 2013, Learning how to paint again after 13 years not... Millcreek 16x20  Acrylic on canvas painted mostly on location yesterday, finished on my kitchen stove 10 AM this morning - Time to clean up my brushes and return my artist loft into a respectable cabin in the sky again before Sarah gets home. Some afternoon artwork/ photography planned outdoors. Life after the Edmonton Journal. Later that night I went to the candidate debates and totally embarrassed myself by asking the first question when is the city going address the human deification in our downtown back allies, and why not build 24 hour toilets and showers for the homeless?

Inside the Art Gallery of Alberta where I spend a lot of my time sketching. Drawing with yours truly, never really get off the ground in 2014. It wasn't until I moved my easel, canvas and paints to the Alberta Legislature grounds that I started giving free art lessons.

Art is Freedom - Outdoor Art Show & Tell

Looking back, 6 years ago today, September 18, 2016, Art Show & Tell next to the Alberta Legislature across from Premier Rachel Notley's office, featuring my 2016 Fire and Rain art project on Alberta

Looking Back, 5 Years ago Today, September 18, 2017 #167 Art Is Freedom Picket/ Art Show & Tell: Not a Bystander art project: This morning I conducted a civil information action/ information picket outside in front of City Hall and met with 3 Mayor Candidates, several City Council Candidates, and School Trustee Candidates. The reactions were very positive and my website is now abuzz. Several candidates expressed support for defending free speech and freedom of expression on city public property. Photo: Afterwards I met up with Kevon Lyons, The The Poet of Churchill Square. Kevan wrote on my placard picket sign "Art is a way to express ourselves as an artist, and it's not something that others can simply take it away from us"
September 18, 2017, #168 Not a Bystander
Day two painting sunflower on location #AbLeg
This may be finished or maybe...
One year ago today September 17, 2021, during an Art Show & Tell on the Alberta Legislature grounds, Leonard, a critic of my art said my painting looks cliché, and reminded him of the famous painting Scream with the hands added. A cliché is an element of an artistic work, that has become overused to the point of losing its original meaning or effect, even to the point of being trite or irritating.

Leonard being irritating said he liked the backside of my painting better.

This is Ed Beaver of Treaty 8. Ed gave me these velcro leather gloves in a swap for newly bought cowhide gloves from Work Warehouse. His gloves give me much better protection while I’m outdoors news picketing downtown Edmonton. If I have to deal with someone who wants to punch me in the face or try to stab me with a knife, I can better defend myself and have a better chance of survival as these gloves cannot be pulled off easily. Since l moved downtown 17 years ago, I’ve been attacked 7 times. Almost all caught on camera, I found alternate peaceful resolve each time rather than laying any police charges.

My smell has returned after my recent bout with COVID-19. I truly enjoy the strong aromatic smell tobacco gives me. Ladies are here on the Alberta Legislature grounds harvesting the good that comes from tobacco for its healing and spiritual power in indigenous culture.
In many teachings, the smoke from burned tobacco has the purpose of carrying thoughts and prayers to the spirit world or to the Creator. 

Women Harvesting Alberta Legislature tobacco


Six years ago today, September 10, 2016, Art Show & Tell, featuring my Fire and Rain art project on Alberta wildfires and floods. A little splash of colour added to that overcast fall day inside Beaver Hills House Park, Amiskwaskahegan.

Completed September 13, 2021. Inspired by our weekend hikes along the North Saskatchewan River. Painted on the Alberta Legislature grounds. I'll wear this and other 'LISTEN' label fall wear inside the Alberta Legislature public gallery when the fall session begins.

 Democracy, Get In The Game, Free Press

2021, Beech Tree, September Orange Shirt Day

Mystery Monument Under Plastic Cover

2022-09-14: Herman Poulin's mystery monument, his 3rd of 3 installed on the 57 acres of Alberta Legislature grounds remained under a plastic tarp during Alberta Day, weekend celebrations and continues today. I followed the construction of the concreate slab by craftsmen installed at the start of August, taking notes and drawing sketches trying to imagine what Poulin's mystery monument would look like. After this weekend's Alberta Day celebrations I'm left with questions.
Briefly uncovered Aug. 21th during a Treaty 6 event.

Photo 2022-09-14 obtained from CBC News Edmonton

Legislature Monuments by Herman Poulin

Second Guessing Poulin's Secret Sculpture

It seems that my intuitive drawing on August 10, a sketch I imagined of what sculptor Herman Poulin's secret monument might reveal was almost bang on, at least temporarily. My drawing of a buffalo draped in a blanket is what I imagined Poulin's secret art might be for its concrete base footing. The monument was revealed to the public, but only for a day in late August, and has remained hidden under a blanket of plastic wrap due to a design flaw in the mounts. Taxpayers might be on the hook for repairing the mounts for this already expensive sculpture.
The two-faced copper coin-like sculpture currently blanketed in plastic wrap and facing East depicts early Alberta capitalism of trade between Indigenous people and European traders. Queen Victoria faces West.

2020-09-04, Painter's notes: 'Mom got her voice, listen' republished for Alberta Day weekend, recognizing Orange Shirt Day month, September 30, 2022. Features TRC Chair, Judge Murray Sinclair,  Poet Elizabeth Potskin, filmed during the Truth and Reconciliation, Alberta National Event, March 2014, and Canada Day 2014, during the WORKS art and design festival. Interviews include Edmonton Cree and Metis Artist Dawn Marie Marchand and Alberta Premier Dave Hancock.

1992, Two Indigenous Girls on a Rock, Gift to Janet Blonde.

2021, Mary Simon and the Yellow Flower 
Painter's notes on my 2021, Misty HeART project on humanity and legacy finished on August 13, 2021, completing 11 paintings, ending with 'Mary Simon and the yellow flower' The project began in March 20, 2021, with a partially finished painting 'George W. Bush & Jason Kenney' from the 2020 Freedom to Express and LISTEN art project. Two Conservative leaders, George W. Bush, America's President in 2001 (now a retired painter today) had to deal with the events of September 11, 2001 while Alberta's Premier Jason Kenney had COVID19, Pipelines, Oil and Gas on his watch. All events affected Albertans, and everyone, everywhere on the planet. Painting/ Gift to Kenney's right hand man, the Honourable Jason Nixon.


2021, George W. Bush and Jason Kenney

Citizen Free News, Unlisted YouTube: Omar Khadr, more to the story republished September 1, 2022, by request of Alberta Sheriffs. Features U.S Defence Attorney Samuel Morison at Kings University, (retired) Brigadier General, Dr. Stephen Xenakis, at the University of Alberta. Interviews outside the Alberta Legislature and citizen free press assaulted during picket outside the Edmonton Court House.


2022-09-03 Millcreek Ravine Hike

2018, Smokey Low-Level Bridge

All Flowers Matter - Brittany Sings

On the first day of September, my 2 grandkids were in school, my wife went shopping for school supplies while I spent my day taking pictures of Legislature flowers and listening to a wonderful opera song by Brittany.#AllFlowerMatter. Happy Alberta Day!

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