Sunday, 31 July 2022

Pay the Devil Brang Brang! January, February & July #RECALLSohi

RECALLSohi & Janz. His worship Amarjeet Sohi is not a villain, he's a good man with good intentions. He can restore my faith in his leadership if he does his job, Funds The Police & allows the Alberta Government to do its job with respect to Education and Healthcare.
Everything is Politics, Everything is Art - Ai Wei Wei
Newspaper Printers Make Good Impressions (YouTube)
YouTube Comment: Always surreal to see how one's job appears far removed from the premises and condensed into a YouTube video. Worked with Metroliners for about 18 years at the Toronto Sun. The in-house pressroom was mothballed in 2007 and the (5) Goss'es were ground up and sold for scrap -- another casualty of the digital age.

Life after the Edmonton Journal, $2 News Picket Sign

Shame TheMan Amarjeet Sohi with Love

Special Thanks to Chicago's Virgil Abloh, RIP
All Flowers Matter
Is that a good dog, a bad dog, a wolf or a bear?

 #AllFlowersMatter #FundThePolice #RECALL Sohi & Janz

deflating my mind's eye sketch exercise after ending a very successful July month of promoting #FundThePolice #AllFlowersMatter #Yeg #RECALLSohi & Janz. This is a scrapbook of thoughts at the moment on the 3 rd floor of the Art Gallery of Alberta, 4:30 PM, July 31, 2022, MST. Currently Sketch Studying Haitian and Comic Art.

January, February & July Quick Drawn Conclusions
...get out of that Kitchen & Rattle those Pots and Pans.
QuickDrawn Conclusions from the public, not empty press gallery
2022-07-27 RECALL Sohi & Janz #FundThePolice News Picket: Bad start Wednesday morning. Sarah's number 5 bus was at the red light some 70 feet away so I ran and got the bus driver to open his door. Sarah stayed behind and said I'll take the next bus. Now late she went and bought 2 Tim Horton's coffee a block away. When she returned a second number 5 arrived. She left her coffee and I didn't drink mine. I soon apologized for getting mad with I love you and hope you have a good day via messenger... she responded its okay sweetie, I love you!

Recall Amarjeet Sohi and Janz one-man news picket
Versus Black Lives Matter 15000 Protesters in 2020
2020, Black Lives Matter, 15000 protest, protesters sets fire to Alberta Legislature porta-potties, costing Alberta Taxpayers $140,000.00.
Special Thanks to the Art Gallery of Alberta Staff

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