Wednesday, 31 August 2022

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2019, Sideways, All Flowers Matter

2022-08-29 High-Level Bridge Streetcar: Gave away my second Old Strathcona project painting today to the high-level tram conductor Jim Stanley. I'll be wearing this 'Thanks for the ride' t-shirt inside the Alberta Legislature public gallery during fall session. Thanks for the ride!
2022-08-28, Painter's notes, All Flowers Matter: This is a UNIFOR union brother Garry Soholt, who worked in the printing industry for 23 years. He's an incredible painter and we are both happy to have crossed paths for the first time by the tobacco and flower gardens on the Alberta Legislature grounds.
1924, painted by Doug Brinkman on location by Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park August 28, 2014. Painted from the shoreline facing towards Opal Hills and Leah Peak. YouTube
Four years ago today August 23, 2017, I completed another art show & tell on the Alberta Legislature grounds inside Violet King Henry plaza. That day I gave the gift of art 'Saskatchewan town' practice painting, to a lawyer named Jeremiah who works for The Bronx Defenders, in New York City. A law firm where he says it's not surprising finding bullet holes in the walls the next day. This was a practice painting I did inside the Art Gallery of Alberta. This September my wife Sarah begins her journey chasing her dream of one day becoming a lawyer too.
7 years ago August 2, 2015, Art Show & Tell on crown land inside Violet King Henry plaza, named after Canada's first black female lawyer.

2016, Fort McMurray, The Beast

On August 17, 2018, instintively I knew before I got to the Alberta Legislature today I was going to give away a painting during my 649th outdoor Art Show & Tell. This is Rob, Pam, and son Tristan from Fort McMurray. They shared their experiences evacuating from the wildfire that engulfed their hometown. 2016 Fire & Rain art project.

August 2022, Community Painting

Violet King Henry plaza Art Shows & Tell

2022-08-16, Painter's notes: The man who sold me this Chicago-style hotdog yesterday next to Violet King Henry plaza, Alberta Legislature comes from my home town Scarborough Ontario. We followed similar paths & dreams of migrating to Alberta. I came in 1979 with everything I owned in my pickup truck with the promise of a job at the Edmonton Sun and he came in 1982. We both fell in love with Edmonton.

August 2022, The Beech Tree and the Totem

All Flowers Matter Art Show and Tell

2021, Trees Do Talk RESET (The Box)

2021, Mary Simon & the Yellow Flower, 

2019-2021, The Legislature has no dome, Unity