Sunday, 31 July 2022

July Art Shows & Tell, Painting, Sketching & News Pickets around the City

2020, 2021, RESET (TheBox) The trees do talk

2017, She smiles after all that...

2019-2021, The Legislature has no dome, Unity

2021, Mary Simon and the Orange Flower, Art Show & Tell by Herman Poulin's Service Through Christ statue and the Tobacco Gardens.
It's a humbling experience when a child teaches the painter how to paint… words like innocence, free from prejudices come to mind. This painting will be revealed on July 20, 2022, National Hot Dog Day during an art show and tell on the Alberta Legislature grounds. Tribute to the Alberta Legislature Press Gallery.
...first time I got to see and hug my granddaughter in over 2 years, thanks to my daughter doing a surprise visit to Edmonton today. I can see it's going to take some time to get used to kids again... Today's QuickDraw at the Starbucks after our hike.

JUNO Award winner Maria Dunn showed me the roses I painted over the weekend after she completed her stage show. she sang my song TROUBLE MAKER at my request and I sang to her and her friends my song about my grandfather's roses, Howie's song.

Heat Wave 2022 -  Alberta Wildfire Status
2022-07-29: TGIF Looking back during my All Flowers Matter News Picket during the Taste of Edmonton. It was great meeting #Yeg Police Chief Dale McFee & Mayor Amarjeet Sohi YEG during my Citizen RECALL Sohi & Janz & Fund The Police civil information picket.  
2022-07-30 Rath Yatra 2022 Community Art QuickDrawn
#QuickDrawn conclusions are like first instincts.

Pay the Devil Brang Brang! January, February & July #RECALLSohi

RECALLSohi & Janz. His worship Amarjeet Sohi is not a villain, he's a good man with good intentions. He can restore my faith in his leadership if he does his job, Funds The Police & allows the Alberta Government to do its job with respect to Education and Healthcare.
Everything is Politics, Everything is Art - Ai Wei Wei
Newspaper Printers Make Good Impressions (YouTube)
YouTube Comment: Always surreal to see how one's job appears far removed from the premises and condensed into a YouTube video. Worked with Metroliners for about 18 years at the Toronto Sun. The in-house pressroom was mothballed in 2007 and the (5) Goss'es were ground up and sold for scrap -- another casualty of the digital age.

Life after the Edmonton Journal, $2 News Picket Sign

Shame TheMan Amarjeet Sohi with Love

Special Thanks to Chicago's Virgil Abloh, RIP
All Flowers Matter
Is that a good dog, a bad dog, a wolf or a bear?

 #AllFlowersMatter #FundThePolice #RECALL Sohi & Janz

deflating my mind's eye sketch exercise after ending a very successful July month of promoting #FundThePolice #AllFlowersMatter #Yeg #RECALLSohi & Janz. This is a scrapbook of thoughts at the moment on the 3 rd floor of the Art Gallery of Alberta, 4:30 PM, July 31, 2022, MST. Currently Sketch Studying Haitian and Comic Art.

January, February & July Quick Drawn Conclusions
...get out of that Kitchen & Rattle those Pots and Pans.
QuickDrawn Conclusions from the public, not empty press gallery
2022-07-27 RECALL Sohi & Janz #FundThePolice News Picket: Bad start Wednesday morning. Sarah's number 5 bus was at the red light some 70 feet away so I ran and got the bus driver to open his door. Sarah stayed behind and said I'll take the next bus. Now late she went and bought 2 Tim Horton's coffee a block away. When she returned a second number 5 arrived. She left her coffee and I didn't drink mine. I soon apologized for getting mad with I love you and hope you have a good day via messenger... she responded its okay sweetie, I love you!

Recall Amarjeet Sohi and Janz one-man news picket
Versus Black Lives Matter 15000 Protesters in 2020
2020, Black Lives Matter, 15000 protest, protesters sets fire to Alberta Legislature porta-potties, costing Alberta Taxpayers $140,000.00.
Special Thanks to the Art Gallery of Alberta Staff