Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Painting on the rich 57 acres of Alberta Legislature grounds beats...

living in our crime-infested downtown (SICKO) Edmonton.


Is that a good dog, a bad dog, a wolf, or a bear?


Blue Tree, On Guard for Thee

She smiles after all that..., 2017 Not a Bystander art project to anger, violence & bullying.


2017, 2019 Trouble maker, the coming storm

Is that a good dog, a bad dog, a wolf, or a bear?

The Last of US, HBO TV series filmmakers used (SICKO)
Edmonton as a backdrop for their apocalyptic game series.



While HBO OCCUPIED the (SICKO) City of Edmonton,
protesters OCCUPIED the Alberta Legislature grounds.

Alberta Sheriffs responded peacefully...

Homeless woman sets up a tent next to the Legislature bandshell, Alberta Sheriffs responded!

December 2021, Mayor, City Council votes
to Defund the Edmonton Police Service...

Everything is Politics, Everything is Art - Ai Wei Wei

New Cambridge Lofts Doorman Mitch has said that it's me who's the coward. Mitch a longtime doorman employed by the New Cambridge Lofts corporation believes that violence should be used to address civil disorder and had once offered me self-defense lessons being a senior. Self defence, so what happens if I kick a drug dealer in the nuts and miss? Why does this doorman still have a job with New Cambridge Lofts corporation that I'm a shareholder owner with?
Central LRT/ New Cambridge Lofts Gaffitti
2022-06-22, Painter's notes: A fucking lemon is how one longtime owner described our downtown mismanaged, debt-ridden, crime-infested (SICKO) Edmonton New Cambridge Lofts from last night's first general condo meeting in years. Time for the City of Edmonton, and the Alberta Government to step in. Life is too short to be making lemonade.


One re-elected New Cambridge Lofts Board Member who is a award winning decorated Edmonton police officer wants the City of Edmonton to have the Edmonton Police Service open an office inside New Cambridge Lofts, equipped with a washroom, computers, and coffee maker. His answer to downtown Edmonton's civil disorder of community policing was recently echoed by Premier Jason Kenney.


I'm not a villain, I'm a painter and my gift comes from my HeART and my Press is my Freedom.
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My painting is a hobby and not for sale.

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