Thursday, 19 May 2022

Under the Legislature Tree, Robins appear when loved ones are near.

2022, brother Zach and father Lenni, R.I.P.
2022-12-27 'Robins appear when loved ones are near'. A common interpretation is that when you notice a robin, especially if you spot it when you wouldn't expect to, it's an angel messenger letting you know that a loved one who's passed away is okay... 

Sarah and I married under this Legislature tree, on May 19, 2016, shrouded in wildfire smoke. Celebrating our 21st years as companions today, 6 years married this year in 2022.

2020, 2021, Alberta Legislature Tree

Celebrating our 21st year together 

For 21 years together we celebrated on May Long Weekend

Sarah's Blog, Swallowing The Camel
Facts + Logic = Truth
My beloved, I call the bear walks along the banks of a rocky creek. Jasper National Park. 13 Th. anniversary.

2022-06-09, 9 years ago today, QuickDraw of me and my wife hiking on the outskirts of Jasper National Park... always keep a sketch pad handy in my backpack.

2022-10-11, The town of Banff is trending on Twitter tonight. Oh, how my heart longs for the mountain cool air, full moon, starry night, and that warm fire pit behind the Fairmont. They were some good times there for Sarah and me.


A memorable anniversary trip after 2 years of COVID19 Lockdown and a year's worth of marriage counseling, adding more tools to our marriage. This winter I'll be doing less painting outdoors and more nude studies of Sarah indoors. Of course this will be a private collection for us to enjoy together.


2022, Summer Solstice River Valley Walk 

Facing east by our river valley family tamarack tree, we take the time to remember Betty and Marvin who have moved on to another place in the sky. On this solstice day, on this national indigenous peoples' day, we take the time to remember those before us and pay their memory with our love and respect.

Remembering those who have passed on with a ceremony in the river valley, in particular my three grandparents. SME

Remembering Jimbo, on the solstice day James Howard Brinkman. Who lives forever in my heart and helps me get through the highways and byways of life. Sister Kate, a front-line worker responded 'Thank you for honoring our brother. I think of him often. Actually, was telling friends yesterday a story about him. He must be near.'


2022-06-22, 21 years later, the location where we first kissed under a tree, during a light rain in the Edmonton River Valley.

The original tree that we kissed under 21 years ago has fallen years ago and has returned back to mother earth to make way for a new generation of trees. Today we picked a new tree in the area where we went on our first date 21 years ago. A tin can rusted away between the limbs serves as a marker of the tree that has since grown some 30 feet from the ground. We’ll call this the can can tree, named after the first movie date we saw together, the Moulin Rouge. It has a song titled The can can can.

After our summer solstice walk, we had lunch in the High-Level diner. As we took our seats we could hear they were playing our song, Elton John's Your Song. Also a song from our first movie date Moulin Rouge. My gift is my song and this song is for you... 

My Beloved in Summer 2022, Millcreek Ravine

My Beloved in Fall 2022, Millcreek Ravine

Quick Draw, November 2016

Howard Pentland

Howie's Song by Doug Brinkman

Recorded by MLA Ms. Leela Aheer
Fear God, & Love your Wife,
Pride your Family
Just Like Me.

Sarah points to where she spotted a coyote just walking by.