Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Citizen Free Press, Fund the Edmonton Police Service News Picket


On Guard for Thee

2021-01-26, painters notes: Another great day on the picket line, picketing along 109th street, 107th street, and Jasper Avenue for about 2 hours. The support I'm seeing #FundThePolice for our Edmonton Police service in the streets of Edmonton far outweighs those who want to #DeFundThePolice.

Jan 4, 2022, News Picket launched.
Fund the Edmonton Police Service

Edmonton Police Service, Duty & Sacrifice
Edmonton Police Service - Pillar of Strength

#FundThePolice Edmonton Police Service. This is my incomplete political cartoon that focuses on the leadership role of his Worship, Amarjeet Sohi at protecting Edmontonians from crime. The Mayor and city council by a narrow vote has defunded the Edmonton police service by 10 million. An unnamed source with the Edmonton Police Service claims its more like 20, million budget shortfalls. My hope with my #FundThePolice campaign is to convince Mayor Sohi and City Council to address the increases in crimes the City is experiencing and fund the EPS the funds required to best protect and serve citizens.
New Cambridge Lofts - Crime Hits Home
2022-01-27. URBAN ATTITUDE RENEWAL UPDATE: Our kitchen sink inside New Cambridge Lofts explodes twice a day with wastewater backing into our kitchen sink. Management was notified last year of this existing problem. I've tried to contact the management company since but I'm not getting responses. Sarah and I are not receiving any financial statements, notices pertaining to our building. Because I'm taking an active role addressing crime including my one-man #FundThePolice campaign, for the safety, security, and wellbeing of our community the doormen and board of directors have decided to cut me off from all communication of business pertaining to New Cambridge Lofts, to which I am a homeowner.


New Cambridge Lofts Chaos

Fund The Police

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Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Sketching by taking in the feel, sounds & images from my surroundings

2022-01-25 #Yeg City Hall, Day 2, 1-hour sketch study of the ambiance inside the City Chamber, sounds, lights, and shadows. Mayor Amarjeet Sohi briefly met with me on his way to chair today's meeting, open to the public. Thanks to City staff and security who were accommodating.


2022-01-25, Some observations I made inside Edmonton City Hall before the afternoon meeting.

2022-01-26 Painters Notes: Last week I was sketching a photo on the wall of his Worship, Amarjeet Sohi, next to his office. Former Mayor Jan Reimer in a controversial move refused to wear the city's ceremonial chain of office, which was made from a beaver pelt. This week, Mayor Sohi's picture was removed from the wall inside Edmonton City Hall and later replaced with a new photo yesterday void of Amarjeet's fur-bearing chain...
Sketch studies build my confidence, hone my creativity, and help me understand my surroundings better than... You get more from drawing things you see, hear and feel around you than just from taking a glimpse into the passing of your surroundings. I call this Intuitive Art.
Canadian fur products are exported to Europe, Asia and the USA. More than 25 Canadian wild fur species are listed for use in the trade, the most common are muskrat (28%), beaver (21%), marten (13%), squirrel (9%), and raccoon (5%).

COMMENT: People don't realize how much land beavers flood when they're overpopulated, which destroys woodlands. Then comes the "beaver disease" which knocks down their population the "natural" way. We might as well harvest the furs.


Snowy Monday morning in Edmonton
Edmonton City Hall, sketching table
2022-01-20, 30-minute study of Cree artist Wayne Ashley’s mosaic tile table and wall hangers. Coral Draw. Sketching builds my confidence, hones my creativity, and helps me understand... #FundThePolice

The Incompleted Political Cartoon -  Fund the Edmonton Police Service campaign.

Past Sketch Studies
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Ken Chan, Dec. 2, 2019 RIP

Jason Kenney

Chicago Hotel

Kingston Penitentiary 


Kingston Penitentiary cell 17  

No Dome

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