Wednesday, 21 December 2022

2022, Abstracts of Light & Shadows, Good Dog, Bad Dog, Wolf, or Bear?

2023, Black Swan, Bad Dog
2023-01-05, Painter's notes, Cut and Paste: The black swan theory or theory of black swan events is a metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is often inappropriately rationalized after the fact with the benefit of hindsight.

Eye on Red #MMIWG, Art Show & Tell 2022
April Showers Brought May Flowers, Eyes on Red

2022-12-17, Painter's notes: I was able to hike about 5 kilometers today, bundled up with temperatures hovering in the minus 30s. Someone left a box of goodies in the box next to the John Howard Society. The John Howard Society is a Canadian non-profit organization that seeks to develop understanding and effective responses to the problem of crime and prison reform. I borrowed a Red Dress from the Society last spring and put on several art shows throughout the city to spotlight Murdered and Missing Indigenous women and girls. I returned the red dress after the show and gave the gift of art to society, my thanks and gratitude for the use of the red dress, and awesome work they do.

Eye on RED, Red Dress
Listen Label, Red Man Left for Dead T-Shirt

Red T-shirt Gift to the John Howard Society.
Listen Label, The Speakers Banned Speech & Wear

2022, Oilers Washed in Sunshine Yellow

Freedom Fighter Kyle Roy, No New Normal

2022, Ukraine, Russia War, Eye on Red Dress
Other artworks related to Indigenous added to shows.

2017, 2019, Trouble maker, the coming storm
Started by Premier Rachel Notley's office, in the fall of 2017.
Completed by Premier Jason Kenney's office summer 2019.

Trees do talk RESET (The Box)

Ten Commandments, Red Dress, Ukraine Monument

2022, Abstracts of Light and Shadows art project

2022-08-29 High-Level Bridge Streetcar: Gave away my second Old Strathcona project painting today to the high-level tram conductor Jim Stanley. I'll be wearing this 'Thanks for the ride' t-shirt inside the Alberta Legislature public gallery during fall session. Thanks for the ride!

Thanks for the ride, Gift to Jim Stanfield

6 months later, Listen Label, The Speakers Banned Speech & Wear 2023
Summer Days Outdoor Painting

2022-08-28, Painter's notes, All Flowers Matter: This is a UNIFOR union brother Garry Soholt, who worked in the printing industry for 23 years. He's an incredible painter and we are both happy to have crossed paths for the first time by the tobacco and flower gardens on the Alberta Legislature grounds.


All Flowers Matter Art Show and Tell
It's a humbling experience when a child teaches the painter how to paint… words like innocence, free from prejudices come to mind. This painting will be revealed on July 20, 2022, National Hot Dog Day during an art show and tell on the Alberta Legislature grounds. Tribute to the Alberta Legislature Press Gallery.


The Grindstone and Icebox Theatre and Bistro

2022-06-30, Last Day of Pride Month, I gave my first June painting 'Grindstone and Icebox, Pride' to these 2 ladies who volunteer for the Mustard Seed, across the street from the comedy theatre. They plan to hang it inside the Mustard Seed center where they offer multiple services to the local homeless folks in Old Strathcona.

Walterdale Theatre and Old Strathcona Busbarns

2022-08-16, Painter's notes: The man who sold me this Chicago-style hotdog yesterday next to Violet King Henry plaza, Alberta Legislature comes from my home town Scarborough Ontario. We followed similar paths & dreams of migrating to Alberta. I came in 1979 with everything I owned in my pickup truck with the promise of a job at the Edmonton Sun and he came in 1982. We both fell in love with Edmonton.

JUNO Award winner Maria Dunn showed me the roses I painted over the weekend after she completed her stage show. she sang my song 'Trouble Maker' at my request and I sang to her and her friends my song about my grandfather's roses, Howie's song.
Unity, Blue Trees

Back Ally, Art Show & Tell, Painting Giveaway

Wearing my Listen label wear, art on a t-shirt, 2022, Blue Tree, Unity, next to Wei Yew, creator of the Alberta Legislature Pillar of Strength holding my 2020, painting, Blue Tree, On Guard for Thee, my 4rth tribute painting since 2016, created in memory of the fallen Peace and Police officers in the Province of Alberta, killed in the Line of Duty. Remembered on the last Sunday of September each year on the  back lawns of the Alberta Legislature.


2022, Eye on Red.

Idle No More, One Heartbeat.

2022-12-23 Painter's notes, YouTube, I've completed the Joey Bell Tower, Delux Restaurant & Sports Bars, in downtown Edmonton's Ice Rink District. I'm making a t-shirt using this image for my Listen Label Wear 'Speakers Banned Speech and Wear' to wear inside the Alberta Legislature next spring session, expected to begin February 2023. I've given the kitchen staff my original sketch and will likely give the staff this painting, my appreciation for being good sports (for a sports bar) allowing me to draw the staff hard at work preparing delicious meals one early morning in this fall.