Tuesday, 21 December 2021

2021, The Misty HeArt project, Humanity and Legacy Art Collection

2021, Red Zipper Tie, Tribute to Virgil Abloh.

If it Quacks like a Magpie, it must be...

Misty, She smiles after all that...

George W. Bush and Jason Kenney.

The Grande Theatre Democracy.

The Laughing Planet.

Skaters on Ice, Shadows.

Tress do Talk, RESET (the box).

Blue Tree, On Guard For Thee

Painter's notes to Red Zipper Tie

2017, 2021, The Legislature has no dome, Unity.

Mary Simon and the Orange Flower

Wearing my Legislature-inspired t-shirt, 4 Indian Heads left for dead
While holding my Virgil Abloh Tribute Painting, 2021, Red Zipper

The t-shirt ban was removed during Canada Day week 2021, and that Sergeant-at-arms has since retired. During this year's 2022, Spring Session, the Honourable Speaker Nathan Cooper introduced me to the assembly as a friend of the Legislature. I was very honounerd and humbled. The new Sergeant-at-arms Terry, on behalf of the King he represents sent me a note to the public, not empty press gallery, welcoming me back to the assembly. I'll be returning later this month on behalf of Citizen Free News, excited to watch our New Premier and her new Cabinet work hard for Albertans, and how the Loyal Opposition responds to Smith government. I expect good things on behalf of all Albertans from both the Alberta Government and the Loyal Oppostion.