Sunday, 21 November 2021

Alberta Edition Quick Draw, $2 News Picket Signs, & Sketch Studies

QuickDraw, Alberta Politics
Two Dollar News Picket Signs
"My hair doesn't look that bad?" Rachel Notley

11 Days in November, Thanking veterans for the freedoms I enjoy.

Citizen Free Press, 
my kind of art engages with people

Free press, my kind of art
Outsider, Community, Self-taught ART.
Sketch Studies, hones my confidence & understanding
'Orville Strawberry Henson' by Doug Brinkman
2005, sketch, the winter gathering of homeless - pen and ink, CorelDRAW. I sketched this for a poster for a one-time community program in old Strathcona called "Out of the cold." Several Churchs in area shared their basements to feed and shelter the homeless during cold winters. The program lasted a year after homeowners and businesses close to these shelters rallied City Hall to shut them down over concerns of attracting too many homeless to the area, and hurting property values.

Nov. 12, 2011, Tree and shoreline - pen and ink by Doug Brinkman

Citizen, become the media
Quick Draw on Alberta Politics, $2 News Picket Signs, & Sketch Studies. This is what keeps me active as one Canadian citizen, retired senior, by getting involved in our democracy full time, rather than just for 30 seconds in a voting booth every 4 years. Putting my life's talents on the table serves and contributes to my community as any citizen can. Activists and politicians are showing an interest and seeing the value in citizens' civil informing the community by becoming the news media. Freedom of the press in our Canadian Charter was never intended only for the corporate hacks who dominate the Alberta Legislature like CBC, CTV, and Global news..., but for all Canadians who want to get involved and influence change in their community. For me, this is what it means to live in a free and open democracy, enjoyed by all Canadians, and not limited to corporations.

Current News Pickets 

Hey 630CHED news radion "Hallsy!" What can my $2 picket sign & oilers jersey do for my 15-year strong citizen free news, compared to your 50,000 watts of public air space do under the watchful eye of your corporate masters, the gatekeeps of democracy? I don't know yet... stay tuned!

2021-11-22 Political Graphic: The Union Jack Flag that many Canadians have served under in past wars was removed along with its rope from on top of the Alberta Legislature's west wing, November 1, 2021. No one seems to know why. My news picket begins today, sharing its disappearance and looking for some answers from the Kenney, fragmented UCP Alberta Government.

2021-11-23 Citizen Brinkman. My current Alberta Legislature news picket. The Alberta UCP Government, Ministry of Infrastructure, and AUPE union employees continue its lockdown of all public washrooms facilities, in all buildings on 57 acres surrounding the Legislature. During the 19 months of the Covid19 pandemic, washrooms with hot water, toilets, hand cleaner are restricted to UCP and NDP MLAs and Legislature staff and closed to Alberta taxpayers, families with kids & the homeless. The LRT public pedways are also in lockdown to the public.

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