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Edmonton Snow Angels HeARTS, Quick Draws & Pain Management

 City of Edmonton

...November, Nonviolence, Democracy, Free Press...

My football field snow angel medicine wheel. Together we can cross this bridge YouTube inspires hope for folks on the high-level bridge. #SuicidePrevention 1-800-273-8255
2021-11-23 Edmonton: Compared to the dark uptight atmosphere in the Alberta legislature public gallery, Edmonton city hall’s public gallery is bright, relaxed, and comfortable. No decorum blues here, I enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere. Great job Mayor AmarjeetSohiYEG, councillors, security and staff.
2021-11-24 Edmonton: I appreciate Edmonton's new city council & staff led by Mayor Amarjeet Sohi, creating a working relationship with the #UCP Alberta Government to help alleviate homelessness in Edmonton. I hope the one veteran City councilor Andrew Knack will put his political prejudices against Conservatives aside because we need his leadership too.
2021-11-25 Edmonton: It was on the day of the Holodomor in November 2016, I met Jason Kenney for the first time in front of Sorrentino's restaurant. I had just completed 3 days of 'citizen free news reporting,' following an anti-pipeline protest inside Sir Winston Churchill Square and Jason Kenney had just attended the Holodomor candlelight vigil next to City Hall. Jason told me activists disrupted the vigil and as it turned out it was anti-pipeline protesters who crashed the vigil. I gave the painting I completed that day of the protest titled 'Water and Oil is Life-nonviolence' to Jason Kenney and he went on to become Alberta's 18th Premier. The leader of the Communist Party of Alberta Naomi Rankin admitted to me months later during an interview I did during the Women's March that it was she and her friends who disrupted the Holodomor vigil, a disruption former Mayor Don Ivesen described as an act of hate.

Pain Management 

Pandemics, Global Warming, and Failing Health Care Systems
2021-11-25 Edmonton: After ending my 21 days, 200 kilometers march around Edmonton, thanking veterans for the freedoms I enjoy (11 days in November) I added another 12 k building a football field size (Snow Angel heART) medicine wheel in the Kinsmen football field so all can see from the high-level bridge. This, and my weekend hikes with Sarah and recent pickets at the Legislature over lockdown washrooms and missing union jack flags have all caught up to me after 3 knife-like attacks in my ankle knocking me on my ass. The pain came from the Tarsal Tunnel nerve that's connected to my Posterior Tibial nerve, that's connected to my Sciatica nerve... Time for some rest and ibuprofen.

November 25, 2021: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women #ViolenceAgainstWomen. 2017, She smiles after all that... by Doug Brinkman. As per our conversation from my picket line at East Gate earlier this week with the Honourable Leela Aheer, her colleagues #UCP David Hanson (Crow) & #NDP Rod Loyola (Yellow Star) had given me input to add to this 2017, community painting... I invited dozens of Albertans to add ideas and paint to this painting that relates to the topics of anger, violence, and bullying. 2017 Not a Bystander art project. More

November 25, 2014 Protest for Justice for Mike Brown and the Injustices caused by Racism

2021-11-27 Still denied citizen #FreePress access into the Legislature by the UCP Government, NDP Opposition & Corporate News Media. It was 2 yrs ago today I received support on the picket line from award-winning human rights documentary filmmaker (top photo) Giselle Portenier. Winner of numerous accolades & 2 Peabodys. The President of the Kings Christian University, Dr. Melanie Humphreys (bottom photo) who knows me for work on Omar Khadr, also added her support for my right as citizen #FreePress, access into the Legislature. My picket for a press pass into the Alberta Legislature continues today although I hung up my news camera, covering protests outside the Legislature last March 2021. My last protest covered was the No New Normal, anti-lockdown freedom rallies staged every Saturday @ 1:30 inside Violet King Henry plaza, by Kyle Roy and Josh the Angry Albertan.
My 2021 Misty HeART project on #Humanity & #Legacy, my 8th art project since I started to learn how to paint again in 2013, will be completed on Dec. 19, 2021. Please feel welcome to visit my website & blogs while my 2022 #IntuitiveArt Abstracts of light & shadows project begins.
2021-11-27 Seven days and my snow angel HeART, medicine wheel has lasted the test of time, sunshine, and snowfall. It’s amazing how this can be seen so clearly from the top of the High-Level Bridge. Edmonton #SuicidePrevention call 1-780-482-4357 (HELP) There are 911 phones located on the bridge at both ends.

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