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Occupations, Dog, Bad Dog, Wolf. Abstracts of Light & Shadows

Dog, Bad Dog, Wolf.

An injured white wolf walking alongside the abandoned Keystone XL Pipeline Project, after US President Joe Biden canceled the project, losing billions invested by Alberta taxpayers. Graphic by Doug Brinkman, inspired by a dream...
2021-10-23: How many people this morning cannot stop fixating on the Alec Baldwin, Gun & Rust Movie shooting? I know I can't. It reminded me of a man, I met in 2019, for 20 minutes in front of the Alberta Legislature steps, with a concealed gun in his pocket, unaware he would shoot himself 40 minutes later. I'll remember that day forever since Sheriff Gerry and I were the first to discover Ken Chan, a veteran who served this country, Canada ended his life on the steps. I remember how many school kids were doing tours that day, and how many MLAs walked up those same stairs around the same time Ken shared with me the woes he saw in this world and how it was getting hard to make ends meet. I remember seeing members of the sixties scoop who came out of the Legislature front doors while I was with Ken, and saw my friend Marvin. I thanked Mr. Ken Chan for sharing his thoughts and went over to talk to Marvin...

Oct 9, 17 days OCCUPATION, 25, 2021 

2021-10-25 A few people are still occupying the teepees into the night. These pictures were taken around 6:40 tonight. Dozens of tents have been removed by sheriffs and police peacefully.
2021-10-25 Tweet: Outside the comforts of the #AbLeg, Alberta taxpayers, families, and the homeless still have no access to public washrooms, equipped with water, soap, hand cleaner, toilets during #COVID19AB. Welcome back #UCP #NDP & IND. Please don't lose sight of the people you work for...

2021-10-23 Alberta Sheriffs sets up roadblocks by the occupation.

2021-10-23 Noon hr. photo taken of the occupation. Pillar of Strength at the center.

What was the occupation about? No clue...

Marvin with his sister Anne, accept my gift of art.

Marvin last week outside the current occupation on the back lawns of the Legislature came running towards me with the sun light at his back and his fists raised yelling 'you get the hell out of here you son-of-a-bitch!" so without a second to waste, I responded "yes sir" turned and walked away slowly thinking was Marvin a dog, a bad dog or a wolf? Marvin and I have been friendly for years and I once gave him a painting from my 2016 (banned 3 times by the NDP Government) Fire & rain art project. As an activist, Marvin has been involved with labour disputes and in recent years, anti-pipeline protests. I news covered some of those protests and that’s how we met and became friends. Some of his activist friends were not as happy with me and my citizen free press work, and his associating with me up until now… I guess that friendship is over now.

2021-10-22: Today I learned from a reliable source that the local corporate news media tried to engage with the occupiers inside the camp on the back lawns of the Alberta Legislature. They were chased away by the campers, just as I was chased away by Marvin last week. I can’t help but wonder if there are any weapons hidden inside the camp. This must be nerve-racking for the Alberta Sheriffs and Edmonton Police service. I hope this ends peacefully soon. Lots of people and families in the area enjoy the grounds. No one seems to know why they are occupying the Legislature grounds other than the odd sign the reads freedom...

Introduction to Free Press, my kind of art 

All the NDP MLAs walked out of the assembly except for the Minister of Agriculture & Forestry
2021-10-21 (updated) Painters Log: It’s been a long time stepping foot inside the Alberta Legislature public gallery with my note & sketch pad, following the business of the day, and later publishing news stories online and creating political cartoons that originated from the public gallery for social media. In the meantime, and for the past 19 months with the Legislature in lockdown, practice, practice, practice... Thanks to weekly freedom rallies, protest occupation on the Legislature back lawn and the recent HBO filming the TV series The Last of Us, outside the doors of the Alberta Legislature. I have all the drama I need to keep me in practice. I've learned over the years studying the arts of the masters at local galleries, sketching helps hone my creativity, builds my confidence and helps me understand the world around me, better than just in passing without taking a long look at something important. I once sat alone for almost 2 hours drawing in the Legislature public gallery taking notes of Premier Jason Kenney's first speech to the Throne as a newly elected MLA. I learned so much about this great man and felt fortunate when he became Alberta's Premier. Sketching is a type of meditation, something that enlightens my sole somehow and protects me from doubting myself and the world around me. It gives me hope for humanity. In summer I often stop, get out my sketch pad and sketch my surroundings outside the Legislature...
SEE Fall & Summer 2021 Sketch Studies

The flush toilet, more than any single invention, has 'civilized' us in a way that religion and law could never accomplish. Thomas Lynch. Alberta Legislature, my gift of art to Teri, Black Lives Matter. The Alberta Legislature public washroom facilities remain in lockdown to Alberta taxpayers, families, and the homeless during a COVID19 pandemic. Doug Brinkman for Citizen Free News

Sketches of the Legislature Lawns Occupation

2021-10-09 Occupation, beech tree, & the pillar of strength.

2021-10-11, looking into the sun, shadows & light.
2021-10-13, dog, bad dog, wolf.
2021-10-15, Occupation abstract.
2021-10-18, The woodpile, and banner.
2021-10-19, A homeless woman setting up camp.
2021-10-21, the gun was cold.
2021-10-22, dog, bad dog, wolf
2021-10-24, Sootaanah, unity, one love. YouTube

Painting an Anti Pipeline, 3 Day Occupation
November, 2016. Jason Kenney holds 'Water and Oil is Life Non-violence, painted on location during a 3-day occupation inside Sir Winston Churchill Square, during an anti-Keystone XL pipeline protest. YouTube  Anti-Pipeline 2016, activists, occupies Edmonton Park continued...


HBO TV Series Occupation

Premier Jason Kenney Tweeted 'The largest TV production in Canada's history is filming right here at the Alberta Legislature this week. We’ve seen a flood of new production investment since our introduction of the Film and Television Tax Credit. Nearly $1B invested and 9,000 jobs created since last year' 
2021-10-09: Last Saturday, October 7th. after doing a beautiful 5k hike through the Edmonton River valley with my wife. We stopped so I could take this photo of 'The last of Us, HBO TV series film set' visible just outside the fenced area on the Alberta Legislature grounds. A young man, flanked by a second man approached my wife and me and said "Sir, could you please not take any photos" I responded, knowing all too well that this was crown land 'I have a right to take photos here, its open to the public.' The security guard responded, 'you don't have to be a dick about it, sir.' I told the young smart-ass security guard, who was old enough to be my grandson 'I have every right to take photos, and if you don't believe me, you need to call a Sheriff and learn the rules here, you are in Canada' and I left... The following day I came back without my wife to watch the production crew work on the set and was approached again by another HBO security guard who was just curious about why I was there... She said, "Hi, how's it going?' I responded 'Don't talk to me' still pissed from the day before. She again tried to interact with me and that’s when I told her about, her colleague calling me a dick, in front of my wife the day before. I reminded her too that this was not Hollywood, this is Canada, and if you are not willing to respect people's rights outside your movie set, then you can all fuck off back to the United States. I later apologized for getting sore and told her I was glad HBO saw value in Alberta's film industry that was creating jobs and helping Alberta's economy. She accepted my apology and left. Since HBO made contract agreements with both the City of Edmonton, and the Alberta Ministry of Infrastructure, giving them the exclusive rights to film at public locations around the city, I decided to honour their request of not taking photos outside the barriers of the sets, but sketch instead. That's what I did each day for the rest of the week, returning to each set location to sketch the mayhem of our downtown city streets. I quickly learned not all HBO security personal were jerkoffs like their Legislature team of clown performers. The 107th street set, 104th Street set, and the infamous Rice Howard Way set, security teams were friendly and receptive to my drawing the apocalyptic sets, while I respected their requests not to take photos. The joy of sketching and meeting friendly people from the production teams lasted all week for me, until Friday, October 8, 2021, when I returned outside the Alberta Legislature set, and proceeded to sketch my Dick TV Production picture. Not a word was spoken between me and the HBO security team until a Sheriff's cruiser pulled up beside me and a Sheriff jumped out saying "what's going on here Doug?' We are getting a lot of complaints about you' The conversation was short when I turned on my camera and began to record our conversation. I said I was not going to respect the new invisible fence, set up by the HBO security, and told my friend, the Sheriff, you will have to arrest me because I'm not going to leave this area. The Sheriff left, and the second Sheriff arrived, and we talked more about the situation. Eventually, I was allowed to continue sketching, but before I left, I told the Sheriff, I would not return to the Legislature HBO set location, to save the Sheriffs the hassle and grief of answering bogus complaints by HBO's security hate team.


The Last of Us is an upcoming American television series that is set to air on HBO. Based on the 2013 video game of the same name developed by Naughty Dog, the series will follow Joel, a smuggler tasked with escorting the teenage Ellie across a post-apocalyptic United States. Wikipedia.
 Security calls Alberta Sheriffs, claimed I was causing trouble

Rice Howard way film location

2021-10-07 University student, Kailey who is studying to be a music composer holds up my latest sketch study of the apocalypse.

100A Street, Rice Howard Way Apocoliptic car pileup.
2021-10-07 The #apocalyptic Coffee is on... Cafe.'

Thank you, HBO, Neil Druckmann, Craig Mazin, Director, and all the Cast and Crew for finding value in Alberta's film industry, helping Alberta's economy, and Jobs for Albertans 

2021-10-07 In the real world wildfire smoke hung over downtown Edmonton early morning today, while HBOs fiction TV series The Last of Us was centered and beginning to take shapre on the Rice Howard Way.

2021-10-08: Rice Howard Way, Quickdraw HBO, the last of us TV series. 40 minutes sketch study using the chisel tip sharpie permanent marker, micron number one ink pen, and a smaller version of a sharpie, shadowed with graphite pencil.

Alberta Legislature Government Occupation 

Washrooms closed to the public during the pandemic

2021-10-21 Misty HeART Project Painters Log on Humanity & Legacy Photo: The Alberta Legislature has been in lockdown for 19 months due to the COVID19 pandemic. One year ago today, October 19, 2020, I marched alone around a mostly abandoned Legislature grounds in a snow storm holding a $2 Dollar Store placard picket sign that read 'No pee, No dignity, No freedom, Do democracy." Another news picket in a series of citizen free news pickets I did in front of Eastgate and surrounding areas on the Legislature grounds during the pandemic. My one man picket was a means to getting out of the house, getting some fresh air and exercise as recommended by Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta's top doctor while pitting myself against the mighty 50,000 WATTS of 630 CHED's broadcast of its daily socialist political agenda on public airwaves, one of many corporate news media outlets in Alberta who tell Albertans through TV, Radio, Newspapers and Social Media how we must walk, talk, think while being good little Canucks to where to shop, what to buy and who to vote for in the next election. The two dollar, one man picket in the photos provided told the story last year about the serious disconnect under the Queen's dome, The Legislature, between those housed inside, the news media, Alberta Government, Loyal Opposition, Ministry of Infrastructure, management, and AUPE union staff members failure to provide the basic, fundamental requirement need for Alberta taxpayers, families and the homeless... public washroom facilities equipped with soap, hot running water, toilets and hand cleaner giving a safe, secure place to freshen up with a bit of dignity during the COVID 19 pandemic. The UCP Government claims they have never resorted to lockdowns in the province during the pandemic, but weekly rallies since the start of the pandemic by Albertans would argue this is not the case. The Alberta Legislature is also home to the Corporate News Media with warm cozy offices in the basement of the Legislature, next to a full service cafe that dishes out hot food, coffee, sweet treats within meters to 2 public washrooms just down the hall. Eat, drink, shit and be merry, How convenient for Canadian Press Dean Bennett who has denied me the right to press access in the Legislature on behalf of a citizen free press, and that old hand CBC's Graham Thompson who has never had a nice thing to say about Conservatives, Jason Kenney and the current Alberta Government. In total, last winter I counted over 20 weeks of lockdown of Legislature public washrooms located around the 57 acres grounds, lock down to the general public. Lock down washrooms with hot running water, soap, and hand cleaner that are only available inside warm heated buildings for the Government, staff, and invited guests. Alberta Taxpayers, families and the homeless who live in the outdoor extremes in surrounding areas of the Legislature will have to find other ways of relief when nature calls.

2021-10-19 50 minute QuickDraw: The frame of her outdoor shelter is a grocery cart wrapped in blue plastic. A homeless woman sets up camp 30 yards from another camp of about 50 protesters, occupying the back lawns of the Alberta Legislature grounds. Sheriffs soon arrived and told the woman to take down her shelter. The occupation camp has been growing daily in size and has existed since Saturday October 9, 2021, 11 days of occupation of the grounds. Three porta-potties have been installed close by the encampment by protesters while local washrooms equipped with soap, toilets and running water are closed for the season.

October 20, 2020, Alberta Legislature public washrooms closed during a pandemic. 

BLM Camp Pekiwewin Occupation

Due to threats made against me by Antifa, my news work regarding Camp Pekiwewin is private. 

Melcor Park Occupation

October 2013, Occupy Edmonton, Photo by Doug Brinkman for Citizen Free Press 

 Citizen Doug, free press, my kind of art
One year ago today, 2020-10-23, Alberta sets COVID19 record as province reaches 300 deaths. CBCNews. Pandemic & Wear red as we go marching, Rome is burning by Doug Brinkman #intuitiveArt. Early this week Alberta broke 3000 deaths, 3,026 as of today 2021-10-23.
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