Saturday, 16 October 2021

2021, Mary Simon and the orange flower, Truth and Reconciliation (TRC)

Painted from the backside of Herman Poulin's Service Through Christ statute, facing Lieutenant Governor Salma Lakhani's office.

2021-07-23 Alberta Legislature: I completed the final backside painting on three mountain abstracts I did in the summer of 2015 by adding Mary Simon next to Herman Poulin's statute, Service Through Christ. The first 11 days of November each year I'm reminded of indigenous veterans of Canada who gave their lives defending our freedoms. Mary Simon has been nominated and could be Canada's first Indigenous Governor-General. The style of painting I used was inspired by a local Cree contemporary artist Brenda Draney, whose work I have studied over the years inside the Art Gallery of Alberta. The following YouTube, cover page was created inside the Milner Library, from a 20-minute sketch study I did of Edmonton First Nations artist Dawn Marie Marchand's 'Prayers for my sister', and later altered using CorelDRAW.


Mary Simon and the orange flower

Painters Log 2021-07-26: I cannot be happier to see Canada's new Governor-General is Indigenous.


2021-07-20 Stanley Milner sketch study of Dawn Marie Marchand's 'Prayers for my sisters'

The Speakers Banned Speech & Wear t-shirts, design by d.b
2021, Head of the class
2021-07-23 First Nations Mary Simon is nominated to be Canada's first indigenous Governor-General. Yesterday the Globe & Mail reported hundreds of complaints have been received, mostly from Quebec that Mary Simon is not fluent in French. The Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages has announced it is investigating the process for nominating governors-general in Canada.
2021, Optic Illusion
2020, Poster Speakers Banned Speech & Wear Teddy Bears

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