Sunday, 12 September 2021

2021 Misty HeART project, 21 Paintings by Doug Brinkman, not for sale

2019, 2021 UNITY, The Legislature has no dome
2021-09-03 My new smaller version of the Alberta legislature painting sits in front of my 2019-2021 UNITY, the legislature has no dome. Inspired by the Notre-Dame de Paris fire and the fabled story The emperor wears new clothes.
January 1, 2020, Skaters on Ice, completed January 1, 2021

George W. Bush and Jason Kenney
The Laughing Planet on the backside of George W. Bush and Jason Kenney

Violet King Henry plaza #nonewnormal
2021-09-06 If the #LoyalPhotoOp Leader, (Hon) Rachel Notley becomes Premier and her party the #NDP forms the next Alberta Government. I'll surrender my painting from the Misty HeART project 'Violet King Henry plaza #NoNewNormal' to her party. Rachel and #nonewnormal #freedomfighters added paint to this canvas that was retrieved out of a dumpster by my friend Ingrid Kottke. If Rachel loses the election I'll give this painting to a freedom fighter of my choice. #outsiderart #intuitiveart #communityart.


One of Many Freedom Fighters, shares her art

Inside Violet King Henry plaza, Alberta

Rachel Notley adds NDP Orange to the canvas where it laters becomes the dome of the Legislature.

UNITY, Formerly The Legislature has no dome

Trees Do Talk

Ode to Lytton, BC Wildfire 2021

Mary Simon and the yellow flower

The Grand Theatre Democracy, on the backside of Unity
September 2021, Tend to Tobacco and Flowers
September 13, 2021, Forest, River, Broken Tree

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