Sunday, 12 September 2021

Fall & Summer Outdoor, Indoor Sketch Studies, Photos & CorelDRAW

2021-09-12 Sunday 20-min sketch study of ANRI SALA video. I was alone on the 3rd-floor of the Art Gallery of Alberta this afternoon when an employee walked over to me, at least 25 feet where I was sketching to tell me that I was wearing my mask wrong. I kept the mask over my mouth but partially uncovered my nose so my glasses would not fog up. I said I can't sketch like this and she replied 'I know.' So I left and told the staff I won't return until this mask mandate is lifted.
2021-09-06: 3rd floor Art Gallery of Alberta 25 minute (Sharpie Pen Tip) sketch study, 25 minutes CorelDRAW. During membership week, I invited my wife for my one guest free pass. #outsiderart self-taught. Sketching builds my confidence, hones my creativity & observation skills to best understand my surroundings.

2021-08-28, Violet King Henry plaza, 20-minute sketch study, #nonewnormal rally.

Edmonton downtown 2021-08-27, 5PM 25 Minute Quickdraw with a Sharpie Chisel Point Marker. City Center Mall, 100a Street & 101 Avenue Edmonton, on Treaty 6.

#TGIF 2021-08-27, noon 1-hour quickdraw with a Sharpie Fine Point Pen inside Sir Winston Churchill Square, downtown Edmonton, on Treaty 6. #outsiderart. #FunkyTown #ElectricAvenue
40-minute sketch study on the back lawns of the Alberta Legislature grounds.
5-minute sketch with a thick tip sharpie. CorelDRAW 30-minutes,
2021-08-27 Mapping out my back and leg pain that began July 20, 2021

 Doug's Gallery

Canadian Abstract artist Jack Bush, sketch studies. #outsiderart

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