Monday, 23 August 2021

Alberta Legislature public facilities lock out taxpayers during COVID19

2021-08-23 Alberta Legislature Federal building washrooms are closed Monday & Tuesday to the public, leaving families with children with 1 washroom with 1 toilet, 1 kilometer away from Violet King Henry plaza on 57 acres of Alberta Legislature back lawns. The disconnect between the AUPE union, Legislature management, and the UCP had resulted in 9 wks of total lockdown of washroom facilities during the COVID19 pandemic. 4 porta-potties were set ablaze during the 18 month pandemic costing Alberta taxpayers over 140,000 damage.

Public washroom facilities were locked to the public, 9 weeks total during the pandemic

The Honourable Speaker Nathan Cooper, 
CEO of the Federal Building gift Shop, theatres, and galleries,
where the single toilet stall washrooms are located.

Why the Disconnect between this UCP Government
and The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, AUPE?

2020-02-25: A picture of U.S. President Calvin Coolidge was seen hung on a window to the office of the Honourable Speaker Nathan Cooper on the day of the first Throne Speech by the newly elected  UCP Government. Spotted on the second floor window of the Alberta Legislature north west wing. What was the message behind this picture?
Gainers Strike, Art Gallery of Alberta sketch study

Union Buster Calvin Coolidge
Boston Police Strike From Wikipedia Governor Calvin Coolidge inspects the militia during the Boston Police Strike of 1919. In the Boston Police Strike, Boston police officers went on strike on September 9, 1919. They sought recognition for their trade union and improvements in wages and working conditions. Police Commissioner Edwin Upton Curtis denied that police officers had any right to form a union, much less one affiliated with a larger organization like the American Federation of Labor (AFL). Attempts at reconciliation between the Commissioner and the police officers, particularly on the part of Boston's Mayor Andrew James Peters, failed. During the strike, Boston experienced several nights of lawlessness. Several thousand members of the Massachusetts State Guard, supported by volunteers, restored order by force. Press reaction both locally and nationally described the strike as Bolshevik-inspired and directed at the destruction of civil society. The strikers were called "deserters" and "agents of Lenin."[1] Samuel Gompers of the AFL recognized that the strike was damaging the cause of labor in the public mind and advised the strikers to return to work. Commissioner Curtis refused to re-hire the striking policemen. He was supported by Massachusetts Governor Calvin Coolidge, whose rebuke of Gompers earned him a national reputation. Nine were killed in several days of civil unrest and the threat of a general strike. Eight of the nine were fatally shot by members of the State Guard. The police strike ended on September 13, when Commissioner Curtis announced the replacement of all striking workers with 1,500 new officers, given higher wages. The strike proved a setback for labor unions. The AFL discontinued its attempts to organize police officers for another two decades. Coolidge won the Republican nomination for vice president of the U.S. in the 1920 presidential election. 
Painting 'Wear red as we go marching, Rome is Burning' inspired by the anger expressed by public sector unions and other unions including teachers and nurses against the UCP Government's proposed budget cuts just before the COVID19 pandemic.

2021-08-25: I enjoyed meeting folks including the cultural Minister Ron Orr UCP MLA who said to me there was no lockdown. I have to admit my 2-day Alberta Legislature news picket to try to convince the CEO, UCP Speaker Nathan Cooper to open the washrooms to Alberta taxpayers inside the Federal Building 7 days a week was aces!


Sunday, 22 August 2021

Citizen Free Press 2021-08-22, Alberta Legislature noon hour rally

We escaped the warlords in South Sudan only to die from the druglords here in Edmonton. Fabek Chol Gorjok, may he rests in peace.
2021-08-20 Alberta Legislature MSM, MLAs joined Edmonton Center David Shepherd and #UCP Minister Rajan Sawhney during a noon-hour rally by Edmonton’s South Sudanese community. They listened, shared concerns about recent deaths in the community due to opioids. #Ableg Citizen #freepress. Legislature grounds, 1 hour tree sketch study. I got one of the protesters to write the name of the man who recently died from an overdose, on the back of my drawing. His name was Fabek Chol Gorjok... YouTube.

Fabek Gorjok CTV News: Police Seek Help, 2015-02-04 

On Guard for thee, where is the love?

2021-08-23, Four years ago today August 23, 2017, I completed my 145th outdoor art show & tell this year on the Alberta Legislature grounds next to Prospects Point inside Viole King Henry plaza. That day I gave the gift of art 'Saskatchewan town' practice painting, to a lawyer named Jeremiah who works for The Bronx Defenders, in New York City. A law firm where he says it's not surprising finding bullet holes in the walls the next day. This was a practice painting I did inside the Art Gallery of Alberta. I don't sell my art, but give my work away or paint over it with new art projects

Black Everyday 

I attended the Art Gallery, while my body repaired itself...

11 Days of back pain. The best investment I have made so far with my pain management is my walker. It has kept me mobile, moving to places I can take my mind off the pain like walks in the evening with my best friend, wife and soul mate Sarah. During the day while she works, another place that helps me get my mind off pain is the Art Gallery of Alberta. The art gallery is where I staged my first protest picket against the NDP Government after the Ministry of Infrastructure banned me in January 2016, from painting and showing my art anywhere on the 57 acres of Legislature grounds. They refused to believe me when I said my art was not for sale. According to the Government, they were concerned someone might be injured by my art and they did not want to be held responsible financially if sued. The art gallery acts as my second art studio, away from my home studio, the Alberta Legislature that acts as my gallery, studio, and home office for my citizen free press work inside the Legislature. Both beautiful locations are public, paid for by Alberta taxpayers, equipped with washroom facilities surrounded by beautiful inspiration and beautiful people. Two perfect locations for an outsider artist to practice creativity and connect with others. Today I studied 4 paintings and created a sketch study combining all 4 into one drawing of Judy BL Robinson's abstracts with themes that include God, fire, sunshine, the history of capitalism, and the slave trade. The name of the 2nd-floor gallery show is called Black every day. Afterward, I would take my sketch home and use CorelDRAW to turn my sketches into a colourful graphic displayed on this mock-up of a t-shirt. Perhaps an idea for another Speakers Banned Speech & Wear. See more sketches studied on this blog.
My Speakers Banned Speech and Wear was created to respond to the Alberta Government's 4th ban, this time the ban was over the art I created and wore on a t-shirt while sitting in the public gallery of the Alberta Legislature, June 2019. The idea came to me when my wife and I explored the art galleries in Chicago July 5-8, 2019 where I saw the works of the famous American designer, entrepreneur Virgil Abloh's 'Figure of Speech' inside the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. Abloh is also the chief executive officer of the Milan-based label Off-White, a fashion house he founded in 2012. For two years I created my own designer line of t-shirts, baseball caps and toques of Alberta winter wear to challenge the Alberta Government's hate towards the arts by nonestablishment artists like myself. It was in Chicago I learned that I was an outsider artist who is regarded as scum by some in Canada's arts establishment, big governments, bankers and corporate elite, I fondly regard as 'The Man.' See outsider artists as described by Chicago's Intuit art center of outsider artists.

2021-07-31 Saturday date with my wife Sarah, inside the Art Gallery of Alberta, I did a 20 minute sketch study of Judy BL Robinson’s MAAFA 2012, Art Gallery of Alberta. MAAFA is Swahili for Holocaust, terrible occurrences. Studying MAAFA, seemed to take my mind off my own pain. There was a film crew inside the gallery that was filming a promo for an upcomming vertual Carawest Festival. Tomorrow my wife and I are considering a hike in the river valley, using my walker. Perhaps being out on the trails in nature will help deflect my pain like Judy's MAAFA did for me...
Sketching while my wife Sarah takes a closer look,
Back & leg pain, meet my new friend HELP!
Wearing my Speakers Banned Speech & Wear, 
O'Canada, inside Millcreek Ravine, 12 k hike.

 Doug's Gallery 


Saturday, 14 August 2021

Sketch studies play an important role with my kind of art...

Self-taught naïve art

Sketch studies build confidence & hone creativity. It helps me understand the world around me, like Lawren Harris' 1929 Tumbling Glacier, Berg Lake, Athabasca, Jasper National Park. #mykindofart #artisfreedom #outsiderart 3, 2014-2021 Rocky Mountain abstracts. Artist palette#ableg grounds.

Sketch studies Alberta Politics
2015-08-12, 80-minute sketch study of Jusepe de Ribera's Saint Joseph 1635 - Last week I buggered up the eyes so I decided to try doing this sketch again - Much better, big improvement! 🙂 Happy! #mykindofart #artisfreedom #outsiderart, Jason Kenney, #UCP #Ableg.
Joseph is the patron saint of the Universal Church, families, fathers, expectant mothers, travelers, immigrants, house sellers and buyers, craftsmen, engineers and working people, among others. 
This image of Rachel Notley and Jason Kenney holding a pipeline while wearing boxing gloves was banned by UCP Speaker Nathan Cooper from June 2019 to August 2021 after receiving a complaint from the press gallery. I could not wear this image with my website address anywhere inside the Alberta Legislature on my t-shirt. The ban was lifted by the Alberta Government during my 13 days until Canada Day, art show & tell inside Violet King Henry plaza. In past, the NDP Government attempted to ban me from painting and showing my art in 2016 on the Alberta Legislature grounds because of my news reporting for citizen free press. That ban lasted 6 days in total. Speaker Robert Wanner put it in writing and promised I would be free to paint and show my art without any further harassment from his office.

Sketch Studying Jason Kenney

Misty HeART Project, 2020, 2021 
George W. Bush, and Jason Kenney