Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Misty HeART Project Collection, Humanity & Legacy First 6 Months

2021 Misty HeArt project
Skaters on ice, started January 1, 2020, completed January 1, 2021
Alien News Media on the backside of Skaters on Ice. Painted by the press gallery door, February.
I am, red dress, pained by the front door of the Federal Building, March
Voltage Structure on the backside of 2016 (damaged) Wildfire, Legislature ice rink, March.
'George W. Bush and Jason Kenney' Misty HeART project's signature painting. 2020 -April 2021 
The Laughing planet on the backside of George W. Bush & Jason Kenney is the signature painting of this project. The momentous Violet King Henry plaza 4 painting collection follows and reflects upon the next 6 week period beginning late April, of humanity and the legacy of humankind's ailing social, physical, and mental state around the world affected by COVID19, economy, and war as I see it from here in Edmonton. It begins first with 'Violet King Henry #nonewnormal,' anti lockdown protests on the Alberta Legislature grounds and around the world, 'Worship' Oilers hockey superstar Connor McDavid, versus Jesus, Christ, religion, and sports, 'Hineni (Hebrew) I am here, refects the Palestinian, Israeli conflict and finally 'Life is a river' good times, bad times always changing. The first part of my project completed on May 27, 2021. June is the month of the summer solstice and when the second half of my art project begins...
The 'Laughing planet' on the backside of 'George W. Bush and Jason Kenney' April


Violet King Henry #NoNewNormal, Painted in the plaza. April 
The Honourable Leader of the Loyal Opposition Rachel Notley adds NDP orange to Violet King Henry #nonewnormal
2021-04-30 Alberta legislature thrilled a mom and her daughter added flowers ­čî║ to the legislature has no dome, at the top of the noon hour. Staying safe from Covid19, we socially distanced wore a mask and I offered hand cleaner. I first painted 'The Legislature has no dome' next to the Service of Christ next to the Alberta Legislature on the day of the Cath├ędrale Notre-Dame de Paris fire,15 April 2019. Flowers have been added along the base of the painting by children & parents each year in spring ever since.
Hineni, 'I am here'
Life is a river
Albert, wish you were here on the backside of the Legislature has no dome
UNITY, The Gods of Gods, Freedom' formerly 'The Alberta Legislature has no dome', painted on the day of the Cath├ędrale Notre-Dame de Paris fire, next to the Service Through Christ statute, April 15, 2019. Completed June 9, 2021, next to the Kamloops Residential School 215, children temporary memorial by the same statute. #outsiderart #communityart #intuitiveart
Trees do talk, RESET (thebox)
Art is made for people to react. Having a position means what you are doing is needed and it is creating change. In the long term, a lot of people are going to appreciate it.-Venezuelan woman, Alberta Legislature art show.

6 years ago today Canada Day 2015, I had another successful art show & networking opportunity inside the Legislature grounds. I met up with lots of interesting folks celebrating Canada Day. Several wanted to buy my paintings but I did not have a vendor's permit for the Legislature grounds. That same year I had given up my business, Hawkeyi media inc. after posting losses and after the City of Edmonton would only allow me to show my art in the streets and public squares of Edmonton once I obtained a food truck permit and liability insurance. I would also need to follow strict City of Edmonton guidelines where and when I could do my outdoor art shows. All public parks and the river valley were off-limits to painting and showing my art in public. In January 2016 the Alberta Government would no longer allow me to paint or show my art on the grounds because of similar restrictions. Because I no longer sold my paintings, I protested both the Alberta Government, and the City of Edmonton well into 2017, defending my right as any Canadian could, freely express art in public.

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