Monday, 5 April 2021

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Honoured to have #FreedomFighter Josh 'The angry Albertan', and his children join & help me paint the backside of 'George W. Bush & Jason Kenney'. Special thanks to #AUPE Alberta Sheriffs & Edmonton Police Service for keeping the peace inside Violet King Henry plaza, Saturday. #Democracy 'Get in the game!'
Behind every mask is a face, Gift of art to anti-lockdown activists Jeff and Jerry

Two weeks ago 2021-03-27, I wore a mask and stood behind the anti lockdown rally inside Violet King Henry plaza, north of the Alberta Legislature when the emcee of the rally asked about 100 Albertans in attendance. "who here knows someone who died because of covid19?" The maskless crowd stood silent while I was the only one who raised my hand behind the emcee on behalf of Sarah, my wife's grandmother. She died alone in the hospital. The emcee did not see me raise my hand and said "see, no one here knows anyone who died from COVID19!" Everyone on the front row pointed towards me and said "he raised his hand!' the emcee turned and looked at me and said oh...? Sarah plans to join me with a mask, socially distanced from next Saturday's rally to observe and report with a blog post. I have watched these protests since they began 1 year ago last spring. I support their right to protest because I believe democracy should never be in lockdown. All the while I have worked hard all year making sure public washrooms remain open on the Alberta Legislature grounds, equipped with hand cleaner for the protesters, homeless folks, and all Albertans who enjoy the grounds. Albertans who attend these freedom rallies, unlike the corporate news media, some have considered me a trusted news source since the anti-lockdown protests began last April 2020.

April 3, 2016 Sunday Afternoon 1 hour Sketch study of Mary Annora Brown who was born in Fort Macleod, Alberta. Drawn from a pillar inside the Alberta Legislature's gallery featuring a 1945 photo of Annora sketching in the mountains of Alberta.

Sketching hones my creativity, builds confidence and understanding - Doug

Mary Annora Brown was born in Fort Macleod, Alberta, in 1899. As a young woman she attended the Ontario College of Art where she studied with the Group of Seven members Arthur Lismer and J.E.H. MacDonald. After completing her studies she began teaching at Mount Royal College, Calgary, in 1929 and returned to Fort MacLeod in 1931. There she did fieldwork in handicrafts for the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta. Between 1945 and 1950, Brown taught at the Banff School of Fine Arts. Influenced by her studies with members of the Group of Seven at the Ontario College of Art, Brown broke with the conservative nature of art in the region. Working in Fort MacLeod and throughout the foothills, she was influenced by the landscape, people and flowers, that surrounded her. In 1955 Brown published “Old Man’s Garden,” which recorded the legends of the Old Man River and she also illustrated a number of childrens books. As a result of her extensive knowledge of floral life in Alberta, Brown was commissioned by the Glenbow Foundation to create two hundred flower paintings. Throughout her career she exhibited with the Art Association of Montreal, the Canadian Society of Artists, and the Ontario Society of Artists, she was also the first female member of the Alberta Society of Artists. Annora Brown passed away in 1987. Canadian Women Artists History InitiativeArtist Database


2021-04-08 Beginning March 2020, 13 months ago just as the #Covid19AB pandemic began its indiscriminate path of death and destruction to people's lives #Economy #Jobs. I added to my citizen #FreePress news picket, my personal thanks to all #Yeg city staff who kept our city of Edmonton running. My picket of thanks continues today... #Democracy

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