Friday, 2 April 2021

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2016 Banned Fire and Rain art project, painter's blog

'We sink, we swim, we rise, we fall, we meet our fate, together'-Joe Clark. #Alberta 'The Crumpling Umbrella' by Doug Brinkman, this is the signature painting to my 2016 Fire & Rain art project on Alberta #wildfires & #floods. ALBERTA REPORT A #WILDFIRE TOLL-FREE 310-FIRE (3473)

I began planning my 2016 Fire & Rain art project, Alberta #wildfires #floods after an Aug 26, 2015 Globe and Mail news story that headlined 'Alberta Air Quality Worse than Beijing and New Delhi' 'Fort McMurray, The Beast' #OutsiderArt #AbLeg banned art.


My first painting and interview took place by the ice rink at Edmonton City Hall in January with a man who described his experience escaping the flames from the Slave Lake wildfire. #AbLeg banned 2016 Fire & Rain art project, Alberta #wildfires #floods.
'Wildfire' by Doug Brinkman January, 2016. 


2020, On guard for thee, where is the love?
2021-03-31 Facebook message from Doug Brinkman to the (Hon) Kaycee Madu: Proud of the good work you are accomplishing in Alberta for Albertans. Your journey from Nigeria to Alberta Minister is an inspiration for me and many others. Keep up the good work, and send my thanks to your family, for your public service in office. #Democracy