Monday, 29 March 2021

China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, we are not as free to express in Canada

The history of my art...
'The Judge and the Poet, We First Nations, Métis & Inuit'
My First Art Show & Tell, March 30, 2015 YouTube

2021-03-30: Six years ago today, March 30, 2015, I took my new oil painting 'The Judge and the Poet, We First Nations, Métis & Inuit' out into the streets & public squares of Edmonton, and concluded my first art show in front of the Alberta Legislature steps that same day. I did this one year after the Truth and Reconciliation-Alberta National Event concluded its Canadian national tour across Canada outside the Shaw Conference Center, after the closing of the TRC. From there we all marched down along Jasper Avenue and 107th street, to the Alberta Legislature where Premier David Hancock, his wife, and Speaker Gene Zwozdesky greeted the marchers at Eastgate and marched onwards towards the steps of the Legislature. In my painting that scowling face to the right is Judge Murray Sinclair, standing behind the Poet, Elizabeth Potskin with the bull horn in one hand, her poem in the other...
Published on my Facebook page March 29, 2017. In Canada who decides who can freely express themselves with art and who cannot? Yesterday, Tuesday, March 28, 2017, Creative art was freely expressed by young people, covering Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on Treaty 6 Territory. Beginning last year January 2016, I started my own art project called Fire and Rain focusing my camera and canvases on the wildfires and floods of Alberta. I painted 24 paintings, published over 60 YouTubes, and displayed my work freely outdoors 160 times over the year from January to December 31, New Year's Eve in front of Edmonton City Hall. While displaying my artworks outdoors in public over the year, I was banned three times by Alberta Government officials and threatened with police action by a City employee during my final art show and tell on New Year's eve. I picketed both Governments over forty days defending my right as a Canadian to freely express myself with art on public property. I got an apology from the City of Edmonton after defending my Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to freely express art in public. I believe it is a responsibility for everyone who loves their rights and freedoms in Canada to defend it... CANADA turns 150 this year...

Published on my Facebook Monday April 3, 2017: NOT A BYSTANDER Day 2 painting the incomplete acrylic "She smiles after all that..."It's interesting that I had just ended my 38 day Art is Freedom - Picket against the City of Edmonton just a few weeks ago defending my right to freely express myself with art as a Canadian. With an agreement and an apology from the City I'm free express art anywhere in the City of Edmonton without a licence or a permit. Here I am in Sir Winston Churchill square surrounded with painted messages of free expression, expressed over the weekend by Canadians young and old...


'Climate Strike' Intuitive, outsider art.

2019 #ClimateStrike by Doug Brinkman. The beast in the corner is the wind, next to the circle of rain, and shapes of #Wilfire. The 4 placards represent humanity from all directions on the planet. 2017 More Circles than Squares art project, Environment, Social and Political Climate Extremes. This image was added to my #AbLeg 2020 Speakers Banned Speech and Wear t-shirt collection. REPORT  A WILDFIRE TOLL FREE

March 30, 2021 Art Show & Tell 

2021-03-30: Misty HeART project, humanity & Legacy. News Picket 'Democracy Get in the game' This new picket placard I completed this morning, I regard as being neutral, as in not taking a side or a position with promoting either Alberta's Energy, or Climate Action, but somewhat promoting both at the same time. It reads "Pipelines, Alberta United, a Nation Divided" a slogan I used before during anti and pro-pipeline rallies. This Art Show & Tell took place in front of Eastgate, the entranceway into the Alberta Legislature grounds from 107th street. I've done since March 30, 2015 over 1500, art shows and demonstrations.


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