Wednesday, 31 March 2021

'Keep up the good work Jason!' Water and Oil is Life - Nonviolence

Neutral, news picket sign 'Pipelines, Alberta United, a Nation Divided' and Democracy 'Get in the game!'
Democracy, Game Day Friday April 2, 2021

2021-03-31: 1 year ago today Justin Trudeau's #CBCLeakyNews broke wind: TC Energy to start work on #KeystoneXLpipeline after $1.1B US Alberta investment. Pipeline would transport up to 830,000 barrels of crude daily from Western Canada to U.S. Gulf Coast. November 2016 Jason Kenney holds my #KeystoneXL protest painting titled 'Water and oil is life #Nonviolence' President Joe Biden canceled the billion-dollar project first day in office and is currently being sued by US Attorneys general from 21 states...

Water and Oil is Life - Nonviolence 

January 22, 2021 NOTICE: Citizen #Freepress, Painters log, notes, videos, and photos from the 3 day prayer camp in solidarity to #StandingRock, staged by political activists, relating to my 'Water and Oil is Life - Nonviolence' paint project are currently closed to the public. Email Doug Brinkman at for inquiries.

Monday, 29 March 2021

China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, we are not as free to express in Canada

The history of my art...
'The Judge and the Poet, We First Nations, Métis & Inuit'
My First Art Show & Tell, March 30, 2015 YouTube

2021-03-30: Six years ago today, March 30, 2015, I took my new oil painting 'The Judge and the Poet, We First Nations, Métis & Inuit' out into the streets & public squares of Edmonton, and concluded my first art show in front of the Alberta Legislature steps that same day. I did this one year after the Truth and Reconciliation-Alberta National Event concluded its Canadian national tour across Canada outside the Shaw Conference Center, after the closing of the TRC. From there we all marched down along Jasper Avenue and 107th street, to the Alberta Legislature where Premier David Hancock, his wife, and Speaker Gene Zwozdesky greeted the marchers at Eastgate and marched onwards towards the steps of the Legislature. In my painting that scowling face to the right is Judge Murray Sinclair, standing behind the Poet, Elizabeth Potskin with the bull horn in one hand, her poem in the other...
Published on my Facebook page March 29, 2017. In Canada who decides who can freely express themselves with art and who cannot? Yesterday, Tuesday, March 28, 2017, Creative art was freely expressed by young people, covering Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on Treaty 6 Territory. Beginning last year January 2016, I started my own art project called Fire and Rain focusing my camera and canvases on the wildfires and floods of Alberta. I painted 24 paintings, published over 60 YouTubes, and displayed my work freely outdoors 160 times over the year from January to December 31, New Year's Eve in front of Edmonton City Hall. While displaying my artworks outdoors in public over the year, I was banned three times by Alberta Government officials and threatened with police action by a City employee during my final art show and tell on New Year's eve. I picketed both Governments over forty days defending my right as a Canadian to freely express myself with art on public property. I got an apology from the City of Edmonton after defending my Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to freely express art in public. I believe it is a responsibility for everyone who loves their rights and freedoms in Canada to defend it... CANADA turns 150 this year...

Published on my Facebook Monday April 3, 2017: NOT A BYSTANDER Day 2 painting the incomplete acrylic "She smiles after all that..."It's interesting that I had just ended my 38 day Art is Freedom - Picket against the City of Edmonton just a few weeks ago defending my right to freely express myself with art as a Canadian. With an agreement and an apology from the City I'm free express art anywhere in the City of Edmonton without a licence or a permit. Here I am in Sir Winston Churchill square surrounded with painted messages of free expression, expressed over the weekend by Canadians young and old...


'Climate Strike' Intuitive, outsider art.

2019 #ClimateStrike by Doug Brinkman. The beast in the corner is the wind, next to the circle of rain, and shapes of #Wilfire. The 4 placards represent humanity from all directions on the planet. 2017 More Circles than Squares art project, Environment, Social and Political Climate Extremes. This image was added to my #AbLeg 2020 Speakers Banned Speech and Wear t-shirt collection. REPORT  A WILDFIRE TOLL FREE

March 30, 2021 Art Show & Tell 

2021-03-30: Misty HeART project, humanity & Legacy. News Picket 'Democracy Get in the game' This new picket placard I completed this morning, I regard as being neutral, as in not taking a side or a position with promoting either Alberta's Energy, or Climate Action, but somewhat promoting both at the same time. It reads "Pipelines, Alberta United, a Nation Divided" a slogan I used before during anti and pro-pipeline rallies. This Art Show & Tell took place in front of Eastgate, the entranceway into the Alberta Legislature grounds from 107th street. I've done since March 30, 2015 over 1500, art shows and demonstrations.


Saturday, 27 March 2021

What's in a dream? Last night I dreamt I saw a man jump off the Annex!

Freedom Fighters

Outside 'Circles, Hearts & Squares' Inside, Violet King Henry Plaza - #Freedom #nonviolent, beautiful art if truthful must also reflect decay.

2021-03-27 Sometimes late night and early morning dreams and nightmares are so bizarre, I have to pour myself a coffee and sketch them first thing in the morning just to try to make heads or tales out of them. The annex building on the Alberta Legislature grounds is slated to be demolished. This is sad for me because I might be the only one who loves the colour and structure of that old building and wish they would leave it alone. As always, I invite others, the eyes of the beholder to interpret my art, and find it interesting what others see. I'll add a few paragraphs to what I think my dreams might mean and post them here on my blog from time to time over the year. Sketch studies as far back as I remember are a fun, relaxing exercise I do for myself, to help hone my creative skills, build my confidence while learning more about the world I see around me. As a kid, I sketched neverending violence, world wars, battles of soldiers, tanks, guns, and explosions. The TV shows me and the neighborhood kids were into in the 60s, we acted out later in the playgrounds. Like Combat starring Vic Morrow as Sergent Sanders, (I was the Sargent) the Three Stooges Larry Curley and Moe (I was Moe) and Popeye the racist, sexist, violent sailor man. The shit our parents let us watch on TV. The media crap that was fed to us as kids might explain a lot about the racist, angry, violent, bullying attitudes we see everywhere in the workplace, in the streets, and on the 6 o'clock news each night.
2021-03-29 From a deck of cards, titled 'Dream of the Agamic King Henry Darger' Last week's nightmare becomes this week's #AbLeg Eastgate picket sign of the times. #AlbertaEnergy embraces #ClimateAction. Speaker Nathan Cooper became one of the first to see my new picket sign. #Intuitive #Democracy #Outsiderart

2021-03-26 Outdoor sketch study inspired by a dream I had last night. Henry Joseph Darger Jr. was an American writer, novelist, and artist who worked as a hospital custodian in Chicago, Illinois. Before going to bed I watched a documentary about Darger, on his sexuality that was debated by 3 so called experts who never interviewed or knew Henry Darger personally before his death. One expert said its hard to know about another person's sexuality when its hard to even know about our own. Violet King Henry plaza is where I drew this on the Alberta Legislature grounds so it was natural to title this 'King Henry Darger.' During the dream, it did not seem sexual to me as much as just being restricted and confined to another man. Leo (not his real name), my childhood friend was the dominant kid in our neighbourhood, playing the part of Leftenant Hanley in his combat role in the playground. Leo has all his life tried to maitain playing that comanding role over others all his adult life. I eventually unstrapped and freed myself from this strange entanglement, and moved out to Alberta in 1979 to play my own commanding role over my life. On location 'Dream of the Agamic King Henry Darger' YouTube
Intuitive, Outsider Art
January 19, 2021 Last night I dreamt of seeing an injured white wolf walking alongside an abandoned Keystone XL pipeline, somewhere in the northern USA. January 20, 2021 Joe Biden is inaugurated and becomes the 46th. President of the United States. I think the white wolf might be our Premier Jason Kenney.


Friday, 26 March 2021

Rally for Tigray inside Violet King Henry Plaza Alberta Legislature grounds

Tigray, like Oromo rallies for freedom and democracy inspires me
2021-03-24 Outside the Alberta Legislature's Federal Building inside Violet King Henry plaza, Albertans protested the Ethiopian Government, over claims of massive Rape and Genocide in Tigray. Inside the Alberta Legislature Assembly this week, the MLA for Calgary-East (Hon) #UCP Mr. Peter Singh's Bill 205 Genocide Remembrance, Condemnation and Prevention Month Act was debated.

I came upon the rally for Tigray today while news picketing Bill 52, The Recall Act

Tigray, like Oromo rallies for freedom and democracy inspires me
to paint! 

Thursday, 25 March 2021

With sleeves rolled up Premier Jason Kenney addressed COVID19


One year ago today 2020-03-25


1 year ago today Premier Jason Kenney addressed COVID19. Minister Tyler Shandro enacted Bill 10, the Health Emergencies Act. Wks later Albertans began to gather outside the Alberta Legislature with weekly protests to the bill and other bills, they described as undemocratic & draconian. Rallies continue today, each Saturday inside Violet King Henry plaza. The corporate media has since demonized these Albertans as racists, anti-mask, anti-vaccine trouble makers.
1 yr ago this week, a friendly voice behind me said 'hey Doug", and then said 'stay healthy!' I answered 'good to see you Premier Kenney!' I took his picture, went home, and made this graphic. To date, I've stayed healthy. A promise made to my
wife, a promise kept.


#Freedomofexpression Oh, but I like my geese. Like cats, they can't be told what to do, and like dogs, they're loyal, and like people, they talk every chance they get. Shannon Hale #RuleOfLaw.

Continuing every Saturday inside Violet King Henry plaza Alberta #FreedomFighters have protested the Alberta Government since April 2020. During the year Alberta Legislature washroom facilities have been in #Lockdown for 8 weeks. Last weekend during warm weather, and a pandemic there were no facilities open to serve the general public in a 2-kilometer radius surrounding the Alberta Legislature. Continued...


Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Bill 52, Recall Act, will it strengthen Alberta's weakend democracy?

Great meeting folks on my daily news picket line outside the Alberta Legislature & sharing ideas to (Hon) Kaycee Madu's Bill 52, Recall Act. A bill that's certain to strengthen citizen Democracy. Staying COVID 19 safe, added bonus includes fresh air, exercise, averaging 10 k a day keeps the old man fit and the doctor away...
One evening, in the spring of 2020, in the Alberta Legislature assembly, the Honourable UCP Premier Jason Kenney made a promise to the NDP caucus 'Wait until the fall when we introduce the citizen referendum law.' It was put off till the next spring due to COVID19 pandemic, but since that spring of 2020, I took the initiative to get outside and learn what other Albertans thought anout recall.

Monday, 22 March 2021

'Reach inside and touch faith' Alberta Energy for wars & rumours of war?

Looking towards the Edmonton Skyline 

2021-03-22 Yesterday's on-location 10-minute sketch study, 1 hr Coreldraw has an apocalypse feel to it this Monday morning. The actual tree in the area where I sketched this drawing next to the North Saskatchewan River, for years I referred to the tree of peace & have stopped there along my hikes and prayed for peace in Afghanistan, Iraq & Syria to no avail... I do think The United States, along with other nations is going to lead us into wars like never before.


2021-03-21: 10 minute sketch study of the peace tree.


Winters thaw Springs demise

by Doug Brinkman March 1998 

Spazz that I am, nine twenty nine,

conversations bacteria, shrouds

and lympthnoads swell...

Baptized in caffeine , my ninth cup,

three pokes more in a wooden pipe bowl,

in a troubled world, and its all hype

Still I'm not a source in my pants,

shrouded in my dark personal grieve;

Nor will my shirt hold comfort in fade

my personal god who alienates me!

Lost... I'm tossed into bitter life's fire,

crying, cursing to solemn women & men.

Chaos, the planet nipping at my nerves

endless hopelessness of humans, no end.

Onward be dumb, blind and secure me.

Believe in the perfumes of forests and seas.

Move out from under corporate’s vampire teeth.

Searching for blue behind grey in skyward haze.

Exist by each breath and ingest victual fucks

Sponge up truths while cock suckers suck


Sketch study, Japanese Canadian Redress (1977-1988) Alberta Legislature Borealis Gallery


Winters thaw, Springs demise. Part 2.


Spazz that I am,

nine twenty four.

Conversations, antibacteria soap,

Mushrooms shroons are on special,

and lympthnoads all swelling too.

We are baptized in caffeine,

while opening of the seven seals.

Three pokes in a wooden bowl,

in troubled worlds and all it's hype.

Still, I'm not a source in my pants.

Shrouded in dark, all hearts will grieve.

Faded echos, shirt hold comfort fade.

The loving god who's alien to us.


Lost that I am.

I'm tossed up in bitter lust for fire.

Cries and cursing from resolved men.

Chaos a planet nipping my nerve ends.



to human


Onward and be dumb my friends.

Blind yourself in false security.

Take in more of my perfumed crotch.

The musk of the forest, salt of the sea.

Move away from the vampire daze.

Thay suck on my nerve ends,

and wipe away my fears clean.

Search for blue behind gray haze,

existing on breath.

No to victual's fuck.

Sponge not the truths 

of cocksuckers,

suck, suck.

Suck on the 


W.T. F.


2021-03-22: Each day, I begin with prayer  '...give me the serenity to accept that I cannot fight racism and hate alone, the courage never to empower racism and hate beginning with myself, and the wisdom of knowing the difference between the two. (video) Painting before your eyes, 'Isreal and Palestine in harmony.' Gift to (Hon) Minister Leela Aheer.

 Doug's Gallery 

Sunday, 21 March 2021

42 years graphic arts craftsman, 4 kids, 2 grandkids, came to Alberta 1979

If it quacks like a magpie, it must be...! 2020, Posters, Paintings, Poems & Pickets

"I started expressing my creative self as a kid with a box of crayons on my parents' basement walls and inside the pages of my grandfather's leather-bound encyclopedia collection. So my parents began to supply me with a steady stream of paper and pencils with which to draw and expand my creativity. In secondary school I studied commercial art and printing, and took extra courses to learn photography and produce short video features. In my twenties I learned to fly, earning a private pilot's licence, and moved to Edmonton from Toronto. In my 40s I hiked the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island 3 times and once to the Rose Spit on Haida Gwaii Island. Living in Edmonton I continued a career as a graphic arts craftsman operating mostly Goss high speed web offset newspaper printing presses, first for the Edmonton and Toronto Suns and finally with the Edmonton Journal (Video). I volunteered at Walterdale Community Theatre, painting sets and doing public relations. I was laid off from my newspaper job in 2013 after 42 years and attempted starting a business Hawkeyi Media Inc with a grant from Alberta Works. It failed after losses, so I retired and now work freely as a social artist and citizen news activist now in my 13th year.
She smiles after all that... 
The 2021 Misty HeART project was named after my friend Misty so I could better remember her name next time we crossed paths. She told me to paint a heart on the bottom of the jacket on the painting at a time she was at a crossroads in her life 2016. Today she works as a Chef. 
 42 years graphic arts craftsman
July 1972, the newspaper periodical Electrical Business was the first printing job I set up the colour and register for as an apprentice at age 17. Looking back, I am very thankful to my first employer Bob Chittick who was the original owner of Web Offset Publications, Don Mills, Ontario. Mr. Chittick’s accountant, Leo Boucher got some of us boys from our neighbourhood jobs at the newspaper printing plant where his boss Mr. Chittick paid his employees fair wages, excellent benefits, and treated everyone like we were his family with dignity and respect. As an apprentice I earned $5 an hour. Mr. Chittick brought in graphic arts instructors from George Brown College to help with our apprenticeship training and he would often send his pressman away on field trips to pulp and paper plants to experience firsthand how newsprint was produced. After completing my 4 years apprenticeship program I earned a certificate that recognized me as a Graphics Arts Craftsman by the Ontario Government. I became (MIC) man in charge of my own press crew doing shifts, printing newspapers and maintaining and repairing the presses. In the summer of 1979, I took some time off from printing to try my hand with a sign making business and did some art shows on the weekends throughout Ontario inside shopping malls. It didn’t work out so well financially, so I took over my brother Jim’s trucking job he was leaving and drove a 5-ton truck doing deliveries downtown Toronto between printing jobs. My brother Jim, a trucker moved on to bigger dreams with his life driving the big semi-trailer trucks all over North America and Canada. I didn’t do so well as a trucker either, hitting parked cars on sharp turns and one time hitting a bump on the MacDonald Cartier Freeway, dumping creosote oil for miles on to the highway. One day, on my lunch break I answered an ad in the Toronto Sun, where they were looking for newspaper pressmen in Edmonton. I called from a phone booth and was hired over the phone, "how soon do you need me out there in Edmonton" I asked and they answered, "2 weeks ago!" So, I loaded up my 1979 Ford pick-up truck with everything I owned and drove out to Alberta to a job that was waiting for me at the Edmonton Sun. At first some in my family, friends didn’t think I was serious about a move out west but my Irish grandfather Howard Pentland knew I was serious and encouraged me to, "Go west young man", and said Edmonton is the best City in the country to live in." My Grandfather immigrated from poverty in Ireland to Canada alone as a young man and made a life for himself and his family as designer of needle and stitching. While making a life for myself in Edmonton, my former employer Bob Chittick would call me from Toronto from time to time to ask how my family and I were managing in Edmonton and one time he called to offer me a job to work as a head pressman for the North Hill News in Calgary. One of his former employees was now managing his own plant, printing the Globe and Mail, satellite edition on a Goss Community press. Bob Chittick's employees never considered unionizing as Bob always paid his staff fair, competitive wages just as good as any union shop in Toronto. One year there was a miscalculated shortage supply of newsprint because the pulp and paper producers went over it's Canadian allowable quota of tree harvesting. We could not print most of our regular monthly and weekly newspaper editions but had enough paper stored away to print the Toronto Sun daily and Sunday Sun on the night shift. He never laid any of us off during that slowdown, but instead kept us working, painting, cleaning up the pressroom and maintaining the presses while paying us full wages and benefits. The following year when a new pulp and paper quota was set by the Canadian Government, we worked 3 shifts around the clock, seven days a week. During that slowdown in work, I remember Mr. Chittick allowing his staff extended lunch breaks, to play euchre competitions with nickel and dime pots. On Friday nights it was poker night at the accountant Leo's house where drank his beers and sometimes wagered and lost our week's pay. One Christmas party Bob, knowing my interests in painting, gave me a coffee table book titled "Between Friends." A commemorative account of US and Canadian border relations in pictures. From this book I painted my first Alberta foothills scene in oils in 1979, and titled it...

Newspaper Printers Make Good Impressions
Nice artwork on your website. I've been a pressman for over 40 years also. Currently working for Gannett Co USA. Goss colorliner. It's been spinning for 30 years. Talk about a work horse!! 5 daily papers every night. Including The New York Times. Akron Beacon Journal Canton Repository. Ellwood Courier. Beaver County Ledger. Canton Ohio USA. Mike Kuhns • January 7, 2021

“If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed.” ― Mark Twain. Famous Printers: Benjamin Franklin, Orville Wright, Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville, Wilbur Wright, Johannes Gutenberg, Johanna Drucker, Léo Ferré, Samuel Richardson, Agustín V. Zamorano...

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Saturday, 20 March 2021

'Reach inside and touch faith' Alberta's energy for climate action


On record today, Spring Equinox supporting our Government's war room, defending Alberta's oil & gas energy sector. The war is on misinformation and the enemy is #FakeNewsMedia, not Albertans. I want to see UCP MLAs send olive branches to local Climate Strikers like Michael. Michael picketed, while I painted "The Laughing Planet" backside of 'George W. Bush & Jason Kenney" Any chance of saving our planet needs to include Alberta Energy & pipelines to deliver on climate action.

George W. Bush & Jason Kenney 

2021 Misty HeART project signature painting 
2021-03-20 Personal Savior #SpringEquinox Reach out and touch faith, Alberta's energy is #ClimateAction. #JoeBiden #extinction is a real... 'We sink, we swim, we rise, we fall, we meet our fate together.' Joe Clark #BridgingTheGap

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