Friday, 16 April 2021

White wolf dream #DoomsdayClock tick tock tick tock tick click... BOOM!

Violet King Henry plaza No New Normal
Day one painting Violet King Henry No New Normal
2021-04-16 Painters Log (Friday Climate Action) Sunshine and blue skies, temperatures plus 17 C. Day 1: On the 57th birthday, (Hon) Rachel Notley, former Premier, now leader of the Loyal Opposition, added a stroke of orange with my Dad's stolen putty knife, behind whats now appears to be the Alberta Legislature dome. History of ART: recycling, stealing & by chance, the first coat of paint was added to 'Violet King Henry plaza No New Normal' This abstract already had partially painted circles when it was found in a dumpster by my friend Ingrid, lucky for me is into recycling. Hours later, after doing a photoshoot of my new paint project by the Pillar of Strength, back lawns of the Alberta Legislature, a young shirtless lad, about 10 yrs of age ran up to me holding a paintbrush saying "I found your paintbrush in the grass..." Wow, "thank you," I said, while I could see his mom and dad off in the distance waving. I lost this brush weeks ago while painting 'George W, Bush and Jason Kenney' on the snow-covered grounds of the Legislature. History of Art Recycling, Stealing, and by Chance!
2021-04-16 Tweet: #AbLeg #ExtinctionRebellion P1. Rachel is #GretaThunbergExposed '100 seconds to midnight.' P2. George W. Bush #Terrorism & Jason Kenney #COVID19AB. #Pipelines is #ClimateAction & Alberta loves #Oilandgas.
#DoomsdayClock tick tock tick tock tick click... BOOM! 

White Wolf Dream
Injured white wolf limps along the abandoned pipeline worksite. My current Misty HeART project on Humanity & Legacy is opening up doors I did not expect. The project does not necessarily aim at Alberta politics, so much as it ventures into the dark rooms of myself. It's opening doors that have been locked for years. I've stopped drinking alcohol to keep my head clear during this creative adventure that is certain to have good lessons. #outsiderart #intuitiveart
Oil patch blue hat and wild rose face mask added to Premier Jason Kenney's face. 
You make a film (Painting) and always hope you're going make "Citizen Kane" or "The Bicycle Thief." You make the film, (Art) and for one reason or another, one clicks and one doesn't, but it's out of your control completely. Woody Allen 

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Painters log 2021-04-15 Misty HeART, Humanity & Legacy Masking up!

2021-04-15 #2 #Democracy 'Get in the game!' ALBERTA LEGISLATURE For the sake of safety & appearances during COVID 19, I'll be back on the Alberta Legislature grounds today painting a mask on the honourable Premier Jason Kenney (right) next to George W. Bush. His mask will bear a wildrose.

2021-04-15 Painters log: What's next? sunshine & blue skies all the way I guess! Yesterday I gave away my last 'Speakers Banned Speech & wear' Indian heads designer t-shirt to an employee who was permanently laid off from the Alberta Legislature's Sergeant at arms office. All Legislature tour guides were laid off last fall and are now permanently dismissed. Sarah has joined me on Saturdays watching freedom rallies and marches from a distance inside Violet King Henry plaza, wearing masks. Sarah will be starting a new book right away on the 911 truth movement that will include all the drama we both endured during the two petition drives I conducted from 2007-2013 to have the events of 911 investigated in Canada. She will be writing about the drama that includes me and colleagues working on the inside of the 911 truth movement, and Sarah alone on the outside of the conspiracy bubble looking in. During this week's anti-lockdown protest I met my long-time enemy in the 911 truth movement, Professor Anthony J. Hall (Tony), and his companion while at East Gate, of the Alberta Legislature promoting Bill 52, RECALL on my news picket line. Hall summarized while teaching inside the Lethbridge University Globalization studies department that Israel was somehow behind the terror attacks of 911. I publicly spoke out against this conclusion held by Tony and other academics, and he personally responded by making threats and creating conspiracies about me with others in the 911 truth movement. This week I ended our long-standing feud when I gave Antonious, another name he goes by, my last 'Speakers Banned Speech & Wear' toque of Alberta, that I was happened to be wearing on the picket line. He graciously accepted my peace offering, we shook hands and then I disinfected my hands with cleaner... Hall was later seen that night on City TV, Social media Twitter wearing the hat I gave him, disrupting the corporate news media from filming the protest with a placard that said ' Vaccines kills or something like that... Tony says he's writing a book.

Creators of Conspiracy Theroies 

Among others, Michelle Robinson who is listed in Professor Hall's Facebook post, was a 911 truther, anti-flouride and anti pipelines activist who worked alongside with Edmonton's anti-Keystone XL, activist, Taz Bouchier.  Ms Robinson ran in the last Provicial election under the banner of the Liberal Party of Alberta in Calgary. I questioned the Liberal party leader Mr Khan, of Michelle's affilliations with Professor Hall but his party refused to respond... 

Attica Prison Rioter John Hill, 

AKA, John Boncore, Splitting The Sky 

The Late, Great John Boncore to Professor Tony and the Corporate News Media 

Better times had with Tony!
Produced by John Duddy, Doug Brinkman and friends of Edmonton 911 Truth.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May reads our petition in Parliament.

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

The laughing planet on the backside of George W. Bush & Jason Kenney

2021-04-14 Completed 'The laughing planet' on the backside of 'George W. Bush and Jason Kenney' Art show & Tell. I met briefly with the (Hon) Ms. Savage, (Hon) Mr. Shandro, & Premier Jason Kenney. Jason asked “are you painting today?’ I said yes, ‘Blue skies and sunshine all the way mister Premier." Words that come to mind, Leduc oil rig #1, nuclear energy, Alberta loves oil and gas, northern lights, wildfire smoke, wildfires, oil patch, Alberta Legislature, Nature, spring, contruction and the joker...
George W. Bush and Jason Kenney, Misty HeART project signature painting.

Ambient reflective light changes everything!
2021-04-14: This morning I added Leduc #1 and a heart representing Alberta loves #oilandgas. Kitchen stovetop painting 'The laughing planet' on the backside of 'George W. Bush and Jason Kenney.' Two weeks ago, seven kids, boys, and girls were invited outside the Alberta Legislature, inside Violet King Henry plaza, and inside Sir Winston Churchill square to add paint to this painting. #IntuitiveArt #OutsiderArt 'The future is blue skies and sunshine all the way.' #outsiderartist d.b
Painters log 2021-04-11: Ambient reflective light changes everything with my man-made art, 2020 painting Covid19 pandemic next to January 2016 Alberta Wildfire. Nature, seems 🌎 to have the final say over how my outdoor art will look.


I often wear sunglasses when I paint... 
Light through my window blinds changes everything
Manmade art, Alberta Legislature tree where my wife Sarah and I married May 19th, 2016 under a beautiful smokey Alberta orange midday wildfire sky.

2021-04-15 Amazing what we take for granted. For more than two millennia we have lived in servitude, darkness and ignorance. Just when you think that we have broken the shackles of mind and body, history aims to repeat itself. Paul Oliver, Taiwan.

2021 Misty HeART project. Manmade art, I've painted this Alberta Legislature tree in spring & fall 4 times since 2014" YouTube The fall painting hangs in my sister's home, Kingston, Ontario. The tree with the heart star & bear face, was a gift to my wife Sarah.

Alberta Legislature Premier Jason Kenney light study, ambient reflective light changes everything. (Jason Kenney tossing an octagon shaped ball) 2021 Misty HeART project focuses on #Humanity #Legacy 'The laughing planet' on the backside of 'George W. Bush and Jason Kenney' Two conservative leaders, US President George W. Bush had the terror attacks of 911, 9 years later, the Alberta Premier Jason Kenney deals with the fallout of the #COVID19AB pandemic. Both events changed the world drastically. As a new normal emerged, individual rights and freedoms began to fade.

The Joker, news picket placard

Individual freedoms. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls

drastically changed the world...


Josh The angry Albertan sings O'Canada 

Individual Freedoms clash with Government
March 2017, celebrating the verbal apology I received from Edmonton City Hall management, after the threats of police action by a City Manager who did not want me to show my "Fort McMurray, the great escape" wildfire painting in front of Edmonton City hall on New Years Eve 2016. BANNED Fire and Rain art project.

 Fenced Off, GraceLife Church

2021-04-09 If no one man or woman who serves in public office can be found to defend Albertan's rights & freedoms then I welcome the (Hon) MP Derek Sloan from Ontario. Sorry Premier Kenney, all Honourable #AbLeg #UCP #NDP MLAs, I love #Democracy, the rule of #Law but I love #Freedom more... News item/ Ontario MP Derek Sloan is here in Alberta with a petition to remove the fences the RCMP put up around GraceLife Church west of Edmonton and allow the church to reopen.
Fenced Off BLM Pekiwewin Encampment
Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope. Maya Angelou

Fenced Off City Sidewalks
2020, during a pandemic, the City of Edmonton force pedestrians off the public sidewalks into the road. An elderly senior falls off the curb, injures his back to make way for another food and alcoholic beverage outdoor sidewalk cafe. Me calling 911, no one from the cafe offers help, I stayed with the man until help arrived.
Sister Kate enjoys her freedom, walk in the woods.

#Democracy Get in the game! #ArtIsFreedom
Support your local starving artist!
Alberta taxpayers don't owe Alberta artists a living or are subjected to pay bar owners and venues to remain open, empty for months, to wait for artists to once again earn a living after the pandemic. The party is over, time to get a real job, or a more realistic business plan. I sold my last painting in 2015 after the City of Edmonton banned me from painting inside city parks. This included the river valley. Their argument, while I had possessed a business license to sell art, 'I would be promoting my art in public parks, if we allowed you to do that, then we'll have to let McDonald's promote their hamburgers in public parks, how would that be fair?' I tore up my business license and said 'eat fudge REDmonton', and promised myself I would never sell another painting again. Okay, so I did sell one painting for $30 to a cafe owner to help me buy more paints... so sue me City of Edmonton for your cut in taxes from my $30. Special thanks to my friend Ingrid, ❤ who gave me canvases last week she fished out of the garbage while dumpster diving. #Democracy Get in the game! #ArtIsFreedom 'Support #Nonviolence art.'

Reach inside and touch faith

2007 Civil Information Actions 2021
Call police if you know the identity of this man. He ran my wife and I off a downtown Edmonton sidewalk, stalked and taunted us for several blocks before I called 911. 780-423-4567

  Doug's Main Gallery

Monday, 5 April 2021

Art Galleries in Lockdown, Sketch Studies, Art, Pickets Keeps Me Busy!


Honoured to have #FreedomFighter Josh 'The angry Albertan', and his children join & help me paint the backside of 'George W. Bush & Jason Kenney'. Special thanks to #AUPE Alberta Sheriffs & Edmonton Police Service for keeping the peace inside Violet King Henry plaza, Saturday. #Democracy 'Get in the game!'
Behind every mask is a face, Gift of art to anti-lockdown activists Jeff and Jerry

Two weeks ago 2021-03-27, I wore a mask and stood behind the anti lockdown rally inside Violet King Henry plaza, north of the Alberta Legislature when the emcee of the rally asked about 100 Albertans in attendance. "who here knows someone who died because of covid19?" The maskless crowd stood silent while I was the only one who raised my hand behind the emcee on behalf of Sarah, my wife's grandmother. She died alone in the hospital. The emcee did not see me raise my hand and said "see, no one here knows anyone who died from COVID19!" Everyone on the front row pointed towards me and said "he raised his hand!' the emcee turned and looked at me and said oh...? Sarah plans to join me with a mask, socially distanced from next Saturday's rally to observe and report with a blog post. I have watched these protests since they began 1 year ago last spring. I support their right to protest because I believe democracy should never be in lockdown. All the while I have worked hard all year making sure public washrooms remain open on the Alberta Legislature grounds, equipped with hand cleaner for the protesters, homeless folks, and all Albertans who enjoy the grounds. Albertans who attend these freedom rallies, unlike the corporate news media, some have considered me a trusted news source since the anti-lockdown protests began last April 2020.

April 3, 2016 Sunday Afternoon 1 hour Sketch study of Mary Annora Brown who was born in Fort Macleod, Alberta. Drawn from a pillar inside the Alberta Legislature's gallery featuring a 1945 photo of Annora sketching in the mountains of Alberta.

Sketching hones my creativity, builds confidence and understanding - Doug

Mary Annora Brown was born in Fort Macleod, Alberta, in 1899. As a young woman she attended the Ontario College of Art where she studied with the Group of Seven members Arthur Lismer and J.E.H. MacDonald. After completing her studies she began teaching at Mount Royal College, Calgary, in 1929 and returned to Fort MacLeod in 1931. There she did fieldwork in handicrafts for the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta. Between 1945 and 1950, Brown taught at the Banff School of Fine Arts. Influenced by her studies with members of the Group of Seven at the Ontario College of Art, Brown broke with the conservative nature of art in the region. Working in Fort MacLeod and throughout the foothills, she was influenced by the landscape, people and flowers, that surrounded her. In 1955 Brown published “Old Man’s Garden,” which recorded the legends of the Old Man River and she also illustrated a number of childrens books. As a result of her extensive knowledge of floral life in Alberta, Brown was commissioned by the Glenbow Foundation to create two hundred flower paintings. Throughout her career she exhibited with the Art Association of Montreal, the Canadian Society of Artists, and the Ontario Society of Artists, she was also the first female member of the Alberta Society of Artists. Annora Brown passed away in 1987. Canadian Women Artists History InitiativeArtist Database


2021-04-08 Beginning March 2020, 13 months ago just as the #Covid19AB pandemic began its indiscriminate path of death and destruction to people's lives #Economy #Jobs. I added to my citizen #FreePress news picket, my personal thanks to all #Yeg city staff who kept our city of Edmonton running. My picket of thanks continues today... #Democracy

Friday, 2 April 2021

Art is freedom, Outsider Art, Nonviolence Art, Outsider Artist, self taught

2016 Banned Fire and Rain art project, painter's blog

'We sink, we swim, we rise, we fall, we meet our fate, together'-Joe Clark. #Alberta 'The Crumpling Umbrella' by Doug Brinkman, this is the signature painting to my 2016 Fire & Rain art project on Alberta #wildfires & #floods. ALBERTA REPORT A #WILDFIRE TOLL-FREE 310-FIRE (3473)

I began planning my 2016 Fire & Rain art project, Alberta #wildfires #floods after an Aug 26, 2015 Globe and Mail news story that headlined 'Alberta Air Quality Worse than Beijing and New Delhi' 'Fort McMurray, The Beast' #OutsiderArt #AbLeg banned art.


My first painting and interview took place by the ice rink at Edmonton City Hall in January with a man who described his experience escaping the flames from the Slave Lake wildfire. #AbLeg banned 2016 Fire & Rain art project, Alberta #wildfires #floods.
'Wildfire' by Doug Brinkman January, 2016. 


2020, On guard for thee, where is the love?
2021-03-31 Facebook message from Doug Brinkman to the (Hon) Kaycee Madu: Proud of the good work you are accomplishing in Alberta for Albertans. Your journey from Nigeria to Alberta Minister is an inspiration for me and many others. Keep up the good work, and send my thanks to your family, for your public service in office. #Democracy