Saturday, 17 October 2020

Porta-Potty-News Picket - No Legislature public facilities during COVID19

2020-10-17 Doug Brinkman's Porta-Potty-Picket Civil Action begins. Closed for the season, there are no public facilities available anywhere on the Alberta Legislature grounds...

2020-10-24 PORTA POTTY PICKET DURING A COVID19 PANDEDEMIC UPDATE now into the second week, Friday, the City of Edmonton, installed 2 porta-potties with no wheelchair access at Government Transit Center. This is the only facility available servicing 57 acres of Legislature grounds, and surrounding neighborhoods used by Alberta taxpayers after the Government closed public washrooms last week. Pedways to the LRT mainline a kilometer away remain closed. What's interesting about my photo is it shows Premier Jason Kenney luxury high-rise condominium towering over the porta-potties. Camp Pekiwewin is behind the Premier's condo a block away, where hundreds of homeless Albertans currently live in a tent city during frigid cold temperatures. Homeless Albertans who do not want to be part of Camp Pekiwewin's political agenda to defund the police have resorted to setting up camps, closer to the Alberta Legislature grounds but have been evicted by Alberta Sheriffs. Many homeless in the area rely on Alberta Legislature facilities, but like Alberta taxpayers, homeless folks are left to come up with alternative solutions when nature calls. Starbucks is one of several businesses in the area that have reopened their washrooms a kilometer away from the Legislature but most businesses reserve washroom facilities equipped with hot water, soap, and hand cleaner for customers only. Wednesday, the Honourable Prasad Panda, MLA for Calgary-Edgemont and Mrs. Angela Pitt, Deputy Speaker, Chair of Committees, MLA for Airdrie-East told me they will look into the matter. Premier Kenney is currently isolating due to possible COVID19 exposure. 
Doug Brinkman has worked freely as a civil information activist, citizen news reporting from the Alberta Legislature and Edmonton area since 2007. Online Gallery  Enjoy your freedoms, thank a veteran.

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