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Chicago Exploring July 5-8, 2019, Virgil Abloh's figures of speech, MCA

Virgil Abloh


I'm not really into style. I'm more into confidence or having something to say. Virgil Abloh.

Sketch Studies while in Chicago
Chicago art found along the river walkway, under the N. Columbus drive bridge 

Designer's label used for my limited t-shirts, baseball caps, and winter toques of Alberta
Ironically the museum that hosted Virgil Abloh's figures of speech blocked me on Twitter...

2019, Banned Art, from the Legislature, until 2021

Chicago Exploring July 5-8, 2019, Virgil Abloh, Figures of Speech...

 Have you ever asked yourself where the world is inside the solar system?

Like, where are we?
Like, where does the planet sit amongst all the stars?
Who knows, it's a super brain freeze
But an easier question than that is to ask yourself
Where we sit in the sea of art history
Like, that's tangible, that's man-made
Man-made art, so the history of it, we fit in
Another like, sort of framework to dwell on is, like, where do we live?
You know, you live in a house
I guarantee the house that you grew up in is what you define as a house
But, for someone that grew up on the opposite side of the world
What they grew up in, they think of as a house
A kitchen, a living room, a roof, a door, et cetera
Just shit to think about, you know
Whole bullet point is, the world inside it is man-made
It's all metaphoric, man has flaws
Man loves power, everything is man-made
And, what's more dangerous than that?
But, as I digress
Virgil Abloh

2020, 2021 v.a. Red Zipper Tie d.b.
Completed November 30, 2021, on the Alberta legislature grounds, inside violet king Henry plaza. Titled red zipper tie. In memory of Virgil Abloh. The good news today is after 29 days, the union jack is back up on the Alberta legislature. #virgilablohRIP
The making of v.a. Red Zipper Tie d.b.
2021-12-01 Welfare cheques = alcohol & drug party for some homeless. What should have been a dinner celebration last night completing a painting was interrupted by another attack in our home lobby, no thanks to the City of Edmonton's Homeward Trust who has turned our building into a homeless shelter. High on adrenalin, he assaulted several of us last night and while we all called the police, they did not respond. Could it be they know our building like the destroyed Convention center is flagged as Edmonton's newest homeless drug & alcoholic shelters for homeless?

Uh, yeah, uh

Been standin' in line since Thursday
I heard a rumor they might be droppin' them early
Should have 'em just in time for your birthday
Irrelevant holiday affair
Got one of those three-leg foldin' chairs
I am what you call prepared, for the campout
Evenin' brings the battery-powered lamps out
Warm clothes but blanket 'case it get cold
Corn chips and basic staples to hold
Hunger over 'til UberEats is ordered
Maybe pizza, or quesadillas and sopa
Got a little cooler with assorted waters and sodas
Cinnamon sugar-coated malassada, the odor
Makes me the envy of the line
If not the enemy, not my energy
I'll be spendin' plenty of time
Inside the books that I bought
Got audios and regulars
Quite the party goer and reveler
"So, on today's to-do list is to design a pair of runnin' shoes
The goal is as always in my work is to add emotion to inanimate objects, so"
Uh, release day is finally upon us
More celebratory than the former
But mixed with bittersweet vibes most certainly switched to different beats
More policed like Justinian's Byzantinian Christian beliefs
There's a risen rhythm you can feel it all in the streets
Like a marathon or a parade
Poets might wanna pull they pens out like grenades
Or, or that model for a year and a half
And write down all the tears and the laughs
A shot across the bow of the tyrannous class
Quote from man standin' on float
The whole event is just biggest-fan-channelin' dope
I mean, one just feels privileged and esteemed
Inwardly serene and spiritually clean
Even the line feels like a team
In stark opposition to a competition for things
"With that, these shoes that we are about to design with words
Starts with a sole
Not a sole, but a soul, you know, what touches you to earth
That's floating in nowhere, the soul"
Yeah, uh
With touchin' signs of equality to match
White kid at the front let me go first 'cause I was black
Said it was only right
He was used to havin' head starts his entire life
Maybe it was time to step aside like trilobites
Touchin', I never forget it like ridin' bikes
The ordeal starts to spring feelings like guidin' light
Permanent villains go about chillin' they psychic fights
Nice, and to a buyer's delight
You're limited to two so that means I'm buyin' them twice
One pair to wear, one pair on ice
Aftermarket speculation will surely hike up the price
Call that all in the plans
Feelin' like Mike with the ball in my hands
Swear to God, it's like the best game he ever played
I get to wear the first pair possibly ever made
"What does that sole look like
It's soft to run on
But tough enough to withstand the reality of the ground
Or the reality of the context we're livin' in
That's the soul
Let's just call it black"
Uh, yeah
I get applause as I step outside the pop-up
The shop resembles the unfinished house he was in before they shot us
We fell down, then we got up
Pick Pac up, pick Nip up
This is the type of trippin' that scuff kicks up
Traditionally creases was a style to refuse
But now they represent every mile in your shoes
Any mud on your sole gets toweled and removed
It's like I'm retracin' every trial, know it took strength
Giant steps flowers growin' out of the footprints
Liberation, here's your invitation
It's a relay race, continuation
Get the baton and keep bringin' it back
That string theory means we'll keep bein' attached
Last thing, this is somethin' of a sight
Even when you take 'em off they keep runnin' for your life
"You know, can withstand multiple beatings by the ground
But it's tough enough to continue on, that's the sole
Now there's an upper on top of that sole
The upper is made of leather
Or maybe knit, or maybe both, you know?
That sole and that upper combined by stitches
Leaves for a dynamic enclosure around the foot
There's a tongue, there's even shoelaces
You know, those shoelaces, they are literally as elastic as a rubber band
But as tough as links of steel, let's call it chain links
So, here we have the shoe taking shape
There's a logo on the side, fill in the blank of your favorite one
They're all man-made, it's all good
But this shoe, these Air Ahmauds or these Air Arberys
Are starting to take shape now, you know?
They connect man and earth, they allow you to run
That running is freedom, accelerated heart rate by design through design
Air Ahmaud, Air Arbery
What color are these shoes? The upper of these shoes
Maybe white, maybe black, pick your favorite
But, you know, the world's black and white anyways
So might as well limit the whole color palette to that
Signed, Virgil Abloh, in quotes of course
Oh yeah, there's a red zip-tie on this thing, it makes it our own
It's tied into a history of art that's now
Copyright 2020"
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Kaelin Ellis / Wasalu Jaco / Virgil Abloh
SHOES lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Redmen left for dead, Alberta Legislature rotunda.

Over 1500, outdoor public art shows & tell since 2013. Art is freedom, not for sale.

If it quacks like a magpie, it must be...
2021 Misty HeART project, Humanity, and Legacy

Flags, Poppies, He Said... 11 Days in November Picket. OVERTIME

11 Days of November, Flags, poppies 'he said...' In memory of the veteran Ken Chan who took his life, December 2, 2019, on the Legislature steps.
2021-11-17 updated: Beginning with 3 days of practice runs in October on the streets and during rallies inside Violet King Henry plaza, I officially began my annual 11 days in November, thanking veterans for the freedoms I enjoy on the first day of November. Last year's picket focus was on first Nations, M├ętis, and Inuit, their service to our Nation, in Canada’s military. This year's focus is on PTSD, with the late Ken Chan very much on my mind. Ken was a family man, a veteran who served his country but ended his life on the steps of the Alberta Legislature on December 2, 2019. I had spoken with Ken for 20 minutes that fateful day before he took his life 45 minutes later. Sheriff Gerry, a veteran himself, and I were the first to find him after hearing the gunshot from the guardhouse. He had put a bullet through his right side temple of his head. He laid on the steps, with his eyes and mouth wide open staring at the sky. His twitching body was all the life that remained as he laid at full attention, with the pistol laying across his chest, still gripped tightly in his right hand. Gerry made a call on his radio, while I checked for a pulse but he was gone. Dozen of police arrived within minutes, with machine guns, and the area was taped off. The Legislature was evacuated and police tried CPR in one final attempt to safe Kens life.

I remind myself each day that there are many positives from my picket, such as giving back to my community the freedoms I enjoyed over the years, as a news activist of 15 years, and as a painter, who enjoys painting outdoors all year round on the Legislature grounds. The lifelong blessings of my family, my wife of 20 years, and father to 3 kids and 2 grandkids. Being a senior, and turning 67 during the month of my picket is also a good uptake for my physical and mental well-being, taking Dr. Hinshaw's advice, by exercising each day, and getting out in the fresh air. I average at least 10 kilometers a day during my picket. Meeting folks, listening, and sharing stories are the best returns to my daily efforts of marching through the streets and public squares in Edmonton, thanking veterans for the freedoms I enjoy.

2021-11-11 Today I remember all who served our country so we can be free. This includes my great uncle Albert Brinkman, who fought with the British Navy, killed in WW1 at age 19. Great grandfather Henry Brinkman in the army was injured by gas in WW1. Great uncles William, Abraham, and Sidney whom all fought with the army in WW2, and from my mother's side, my uncle Howard Pentland whp served as a reservist chaplain in the Navy. My grandfather Cyril Brinkman was an air raid warden serving in the Toronto area during the war. I almost joined the airforce myself in my 20s, and considered joining the reserves in my 40s... but thinking about it and actually doing it are 2 different things. I appreciate my Irish, English family backgrounds, their service to their country, and preserving our freedoms.

 Vimy April 9, 1917 – April 12, 1917

11 Days in November, thanking veterans for the freedoms I enjoy. The Honourable Laurie Hawn, joined me on Vimy 100 memorial day in Edmonton while I painted, 2017 Vimy, not a bystander, inside Winston Churchill Square. I remember apologizing to Laurie that morning for giving him such a hard time as an activist regarding residential schools and the war in Afghanistan. He responded "I wouldn't have expected less" Laurie Daniel Hawn PC CD is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Royal Canadian Air Force, businessman, and former federal politician from Edmonton, Alberta. He was the Member of Parliament for Edmonton Centre from 2006 until 2015.
Vimy, not a bystander, gift to Paul Franklin.

November 2, 2021, I marched down Jasper ave. to the Legislature and met 3 veterans, and expressed my thanks and gratitude. Today I learned from one veteran, Loraine, who told me about Can Praxis, where they help veterans, first responders, serving or retired, and their families living with operational stress injuries. I added that website address to the backside of my news picket placard along with veteran services contact numbers for employment, financial, housing, and crisis issues. Mr. R.J. Sigurdson of the United Conservative Party caucus, MLA for Highwood requested that I add his contact to the backside of my placard for any veteran I may meet during the 11 days, who need assistance.

Painted on location, 2018 'The ghost of a WW1 soldier stands by a tree and watches' my gift to a veteran who currently serves as a Alberta Sheriff. The ghost watches towards Violet King Henry plaza as the Government of Alberta prepares for the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day November 10, 2018.

11 Days of November, thanking veterans my way. 2019, 'Untitled' Painted outdoors on location west of the Alberta Legislature. On remembrance morning the cannons roared, poems were read, children played, and the adults reflected. The first coat of acrylic paint was added at 8 am in the morning in minus temperatures and before 11 AM, the final coat was added. I wore my Oilers colours over my winter clothes, that said Non-violence on the backside of the jersey, I was never in favour of any war.  

11 Days in November, thanking veterans for the freedoms I enjoy. Remember National Aboriginal Veterans Day, Monday, November. 8, 2021. Two years ago today, November 7, 2019, was one of the last times I found myself inside the Legislature, taking photos for Citizen Free News, following National Aboriginal Veterans Day speeches that Speaker (Hon) Nathan Cooper emceed. The Legislature has been in lockdown, with washrooms closed to the taxpayer public for almost 18 months since due to the pandemic.

CTV: Why the poppy? Poppies are an international symbol of remembrance. In Canada, poppies are commonly worn on the left side, or displayed on a wreath, to honour Canadian veterans who lost their lives in service to the country.

2. When should the poppy be worn? Poppies are traditionally worn during the Remembrance period, between the last Friday in October until the end of the day on Nov. 11. Alternatively, poppies may be worn until the conclusion of a remembrance ceremony on Nov. 11, at which point the poppy may be placed on a cenotaph or wreath as a sign of respect. Poppies can also be worn at commemorative events through the year, such as memorial services commemorating the Battle of the Atlantic and the Battle of Britain for example, or during funeral services for veterans or ordinary members of the Legion.

3. How should I wear my poppy? The poppy should be worn respectfully on the left breast, near to the heart. It can be fixed on the left lapel of a jacket or directly onto the left side of a shirt or blouse, with the pin placed directly in the centre. The Royal Canadian Legion advises that the poppy should not be defaced in any way, including being worn with a pin other than the one provided.

4. When I place a donation in a poppy box, where does it go? The Royal Canadian Legion’s Poppy Fund donations are used to support Canadian veterans and their families, as well as members of the Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP. This includes grants for medication, food, care facilities, housing, and emergency shelter. CTV News
RCMP who served in Canada's wars are veterans too.
2021-11-11, 11 AM, The Alberta government took down the #UnionJack flag on November 1 and it's been missing ever since that date. My great uncle Albert Brinkman died serving his country, under that flag in WW1. He was 19.

2021-11-12: 11 days in November, picket, thanking veterans for the freedoms I enjoy. The benefits are numerous from practicing my freedoms such as averaging 10k a day marching around Edmonton.

2021-11-18, Thursday, today was my final day, 11 days in November, thanking veterans for the freedoms I enjoy. Altogether 21 days since late October, over 200 kilometers marched through the streets and public squares of Edmonton. Art Show & Tell at the same location where the canons fired a 21 gun salute 8 days ago. Quite the privilege, our freedoms in Canada.
Esenti, is a verb, defined in Italian as free. This is a retrospect of 15 yrs of doing Civil Information Activism, Citizen FreePress. Beginning with my own questioning the terror attacks of 911 to exploring current events adding art to my toolbox of news work in my community that includes faith, hard work, commitment, cameras, social media, posters, news pickets, art shows, and word of mouth.
2021-11-21 Alberta Legislature, tomorrow on Monday, I'll begin a new picket outside the Alberta Legislature. The Union Jack flag and its rope have all flown away according to one worker, since November 1, and no one seems to know where it is? It has been missing in action during #RemembranceDay2021 month of November, from the same location where #TheLastofUS film set was located. See OCCUPATIONS
Thanks to City Staff for your support!

In Memory of Albert Brinkman, 19, WW1
Flag, Rope cut and removed from the Alberta Legislature and never replaced by the Alberta Government through the month of November, and during remembrance day...

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Sunday, 28 November 2021

Edmonton Snow Angels HeARTS, Quick Draws & Pain Management

 City of Edmonton

...November, Nonviolence, Democracy, Free Press...

My football field snow angel medicine wheel. Together we can cross this bridge YouTube http://youtu.be/i2O5J68Yxew inspires hope for folks on the high-level bridge. #SuicidePrevention 1-800-273-8255
2021-11-23 Edmonton: Compared to the dark uptight atmosphere in the Alberta legislature public gallery, Edmonton city hall’s public gallery is bright, relaxed, and comfortable. No decorum blues here, I enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere. Great job Mayor AmarjeetSohiYEG, councillors, security and staff.
2021-11-24 Edmonton: I appreciate Edmonton's new city council & staff led by Mayor Amarjeet Sohi, creating a working relationship with the #UCP Alberta Government to help alleviate homelessness in Edmonton. I hope the one veteran City councilor Andrew Knack will put his political prejudices against Conservatives aside because we need his leadership too.
2021-11-25 Edmonton: It was on the day of the Holodomor in November 2016, I met Jason Kenney for the first time in front of Sorrentino's restaurant. I had just completed 3 days of 'citizen free news reporting,' following an anti-pipeline protest inside Sir Winston Churchill Square and Jason Kenney had just attended the Holodomor candlelight vigil next to City Hall. Jason told me activists disrupted the vigil and as it turned out it was anti-pipeline protesters who crashed the vigil. I gave the painting I completed that day of the protest titled 'Water and Oil is Life-nonviolence' to Jason Kenney and he went on to become Alberta's 18th Premier. The leader of the Communist Party of Alberta Naomi Rankin admitted to me months later during an interview I did during the Women's March that it was she and her friends who disrupted the Holodomor vigil, a disruption former Mayor Don Ivesen described as an act of hate.

Pain Management 

Pandemics, Global Warming, and Failing Health Care Systems
2021-11-25 Edmonton: After ending my 21 days, 200 kilometers march around Edmonton, thanking veterans for the freedoms I enjoy (11 days in November) I added another 12 k building a football field size (Snow Angel heART) medicine wheel in the Kinsmen football field so all can see from the high-level bridge. This, and my weekend hikes with Sarah and recent pickets at the Legislature over lockdown washrooms and missing union jack flags have all caught up to me after 3 knife-like attacks in my ankle knocking me on my ass. The pain came from the Tarsal Tunnel nerve that's connected to my Posterior Tibial nerve, that's connected to my Sciatica nerve... Time for some rest and ibuprofen.

November 25, 2021: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women #ViolenceAgainstWomen. 2017, She smiles after all that... by Doug Brinkman. As per our conversation from my picket line at East Gate earlier this week with the Honourable Leela Aheer, her colleagues #UCP David Hanson (Crow) & #NDP Rod Loyola (Yellow Star) had given me input to add to this 2017, community painting... I invited dozens of Albertans to add ideas and paint to this painting that relates to the topics of anger, violence, and bullying. 2017 Not a Bystander art project. More http://ciactivist.org

November 25, 2014 Protest for Justice for Mike Brown and the Injustices caused by Racism

2021-11-27 Still denied citizen #FreePress access into the Legislature by the UCP Government, NDP Opposition & Corporate News Media. It was 2 yrs ago today I received support on the picket line from award-winning human rights documentary filmmaker (top photo) Giselle Portenier. Winner of numerous accolades & 2 Peabodys. The President of the Kings Christian University, Dr. Melanie Humphreys (bottom photo) who knows me for work on Omar Khadr, also added her support for my right as citizen #FreePress, access into the Legislature. My picket for a press pass into the Alberta Legislature continues today although I hung up my news camera, covering protests outside the Legislature last March 2021. My last protest covered was the No New Normal, anti-lockdown freedom rallies staged every Saturday @ 1:30 inside Violet King Henry plaza, by Kyle Roy and Josh the Angry Albertan.
My 2021 Misty HeART project on #Humanity & #Legacy, my 8th art project since I started to learn how to paint again in 2013, will be completed on Dec. 19, 2021. Please feel welcome to visit my website & blogs while my 2022 #IntuitiveArt Abstracts of light & shadows project begins. http://www.ciactivist.org/
2021-11-27 Seven days and my snow angel HeART, medicine wheel has lasted the test of time, sunshine, and snowfall. It’s amazing how this can be seen so clearly from the top of the High-Level Bridge. Edmonton #SuicidePrevention call 1-780-482-4357 (HELP) There are 911 phones located on the bridge at both ends.

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