Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Pain is my friend I tell myself - Democracy, a special pain relief request

No pain, no democracy, get in the game! 

It's interesting to me that Jeremy Thompson of CTV Edmonton is the second person connected to CTV News who has asked me in so many days if I thought my back & leg spasms were possibly vaccine-related? I don't believe that to be true.

2021-08-03 updated 5 PM, When I arrived at the Alberta Legislature it became surreal for me during this noon hour anti-UCP Jason Kenney protest since everyone was wearing a mask except me. I kind of stood out... About 200 plus people in attendance made up of moms, dads, teachers, nurses, some doctors, and the regular political activists you would expect at any anti-conservative rally, such as union leaders, NDP politicians, and communist party leader and her members policing and working for the crowd. They all wanted the COVID19, lockdown measures to continue. A sharp contrast to the weekly Saturday anti-lockdown, anti-mask, and anti-vaccine rallies, marches, and protests I watched from a distance while wearing a mask. Like today's rally, they too wanted the UCP Jason Kenney Government fired. Feeling a bit out of place, I decided to ignore the science and put on a mask out of respect for the pro-maskers. The rally was peaceful and well organized with Alberta Federation of Labour Gil McGowan and Friends of Medicare Sandra Azocar taking the podium and almost half the NDP caucus and many public sector workers wearing id cards were in attendance during the noon hour rally. I stayed on the outskirts and listened to some of the speeches. I appreciated one speech by a UofA professor yesterday who trashed my former employer Postmedia, which owns the Edmonton Sun, and Edmonton Journal for as he put it, lying to the public. A common theme shared by both anti-mask-vaccine protesters of 16 months and today's pro-mask-vaccine keep the lockdown going protesters. Today CBC, CTV, Citytv & Global cameras, and reporters were out in full force covering today's rally. It amazes me how much fear and division the news media has instilled into Albertans' and Canadians as a whole over the handling of Covid19. Perhaps next time in the interest of public safety our democratically elected Government in Ottawa might consider using the Emergency act to blackout the corporate news media from talking about COVID19 like the way the NHL blackout Calgary/ Edmonton Oilers/ Flames hockey games on CBC & Sportsnet. I would also prefer they leave our social media alone intact, because the people, all Albertans do have a right to express their views about our democratically elected Governments. My motto of 14 years as a citizen news activist is 'Albertans have a voice, they will be heard!'  YouTube Lockdown, Democracy's Albert & Kyle

 Two Weeks

Pain on a scale of 1-10

Daytime 4 tolerable, Bedtime very little rest...

2021-08-03 Day 14, back & leg pain. During bedtime, the only time I get relief from the pain is when I sit up in a chair most of the night. In bed, there is no comfort, only pain. Many challenges have been addressed during the day with my walker. Last night I was able to do some extra chores, cleaning the bathroom, vacuum, and wash the kitchen floor with tolerable pain. Looking forward to seeing my sister and her husband this week. Yesterday I walked about 4 kilometers to the Legislature with the walker with little pain.

 Blog Post Introduction

Welcome! This blog acts as a diary for me, an account of my everyday experiences as a human being. The main theme of my current art project Misty HeART focuses on humanity and legacy and puts the spotlight on the world around me and on myself. I try to live my life at the moment since my thoughts are fluid and in constant change. Most blog posts on this site are in constant change with edits, added and deleted content, updates, spelling, and grammar corrections for the better or worse... On the topic of pain, I embrace it, and creativity is how I handle it, regardless of my pain is mentally or physically stressful I thrive towards and try to maintain a positive space. Currently, I'm dealing with some chronic, recurring back and leg pain, since July 20, 2021, and I'm unable to do some normal activities, such as hiking 10-15 kilometers a day, outdoor art shows at the Alberta Legislature, or setting up my easel and canvas along the river valley somewhere to paint. So for now I'll study my pain and see where it takes me.

Blisters & Bliss

Journey along the West Coast Trail,
1996, 1997 & 2000

2021-07-20 to 27 PAIN IN THE BUTT: For 6 days of sleepless nights, knife cutting back & leg pain with no relief in sight. Ice, & extra strength Tylenol don't help but I still got around with a hiking stick and lots of stops to rest. I visited the chiropractor Friday who rendered himself useless to me when he refused to tell me if he got vaccinated. All this BS over a simple walk last Tuesday.
Pain is my friend, I kept telling myself...
LOOKING BACK TO BLISTERS & BLISS/ It took 7 days on average 3 times to complete 79 kilometers of the West Coast Trail in my 40s, a painful experience I jumped into with both feet, perfectly willing. Here I am today at 66 and my doctor recently ruled out any heart problem I may have had, with a blood test and EKG. This after last Wednesday when the stabbing pain jumped from my back and legs to my chest area with jabs of electricity taking my breath away momentarily. The doctor thought it may have been an anomaly brought on by the stress of my pain. this after 3 hours waiting in pain inside a downtown Edmonton Clinic for 5 minutes with a doctor, who had a huge back log of paitents waiting out front.

2021-07-26 Pain on a scale of 1 to 10/ 9, Bitchy on a scale of 1 to 10/ 9, Sleepless in Edmonton Day 6 of lower back pain that started from a simple walk last Tuesday. Early morning 4AM, I scared our cat into hiding, after I gave my right leg a self-inflicted beating with a shoe, to compare how real pain feels to the week-long phantom pain caused by a complicated lower back nerve system issue. I'll see my chiropractor one last time this morning. I thought over the weekend how he shamed me during our first visit for not taking care of my back as most do with teeth, brushing after every meal, flossing, and visiting the dentist twice a year. He also refused to tell me if he got his 2 vaccines, saying that was a private matter, so this will be my last visit today with the doctor since I did not spend 16 months protecting myself, my wife, family, and my community from COVID19. Afterall, I don't know this guy, he might be one of those anti-masker, anti-vacciner guys who could be COVID19 variant infected. The reality with the pain is I'm old, and my back like most of my body is noticable failing my young spirit, that lives inside this old house, my body. This morning I developed a resentment and disconnect to my body, which was known once to run marathons as a teen, hiking the West Coast Trail 3 times in my 40s, and most recent, walking 10-15 kilometers a day, now in my late 60s. Getting old might be the next chapter to this 2021 Misty HeART project that focuses on humanity and legacy including my own. So I'm going to paint about it, but I'm not sure what just yet. The tinnitus that lives in my head has been screaming bloody f@%king hell ever since this back pain started, it screams like that everytime the weather changes. I got the ringing in my ears from 42 years working in the newspaper industry. Thankfully for WCB, I've got hearing aids that help reduce the tinnitus. Not going to cut that ringing out of my head with a knife for the purpose of my art project like Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh did, cutting off his ear. I'm sure my back pain will one day end soon one way or another. I'll enjoy my week regardless, because pain is still my friend...
Art is freedom from pain
🔴🟥 November 6, 1954 - I was born. I began to crawl and soon learned to walk. In 1979, I drove from Toronto in a Ford F-100 pickup, made a right turn off Highway 1, towards Edmonton my home. I gave up driving and e-biking 5 years ago. Nowadays I walk, with a walking stick right up until I purchased a walker, a walker generally used by my Dad, who had stroke some years ago. He'll be celebrating his 90th birthday next month in August. He worked as a Ford parts manager all his life.

Want to see pain? Say hello to my AKA Semi-Automatic Leki.
My response to a University student who thought my stick was a weapon.

On the 6th day, I traded in my Leki stick for a walker with wheels
Special thanks to the friendly ETS bus driver and staff at Aspen Healthcare.
$500. Walkers: Check out my new wheels boys, by the way, got any more beer? Doug McKenzie says my new wheels are okay but he would rather be cruising around Edmonton in a flatbed Ford pickup truck. Bob says those hog town Globe & Mail guys are all hosers... #Ableg #Yeg Citizen #FreePress.

2021-07-26 Pickup Trucks: The Toronto Globe & Mail is having a temper tantrum about pickup trucks. I’m happy to say that ~40% of the vehicles on Alberta roads are pickups. Maybe Toronto columnists should try getting around this province during a prairie blizzard in a Smart Car. - Premier Jason Kenney.

On the 7th day, I found rest...

2021-07-27 Some people think that to be strong is to never feel pain. In reality, the strongest people are the ones who feel it, understand it, and accept it.-Unknown. #outsiderart #artisfreedom from pain...
2021-07-29, Pain on a scale of 1 to 10/ 7, Bitchy on a scale of 1 to 10/ 6, Day 9, 5 am the back leg & pain has gone from severe knife-like pain a week ago (the worst day) to a mid-grade pain I'll describe as uncomfortable and annoying. I laid on my side on 3 pillows deep to ease my pain and was reminded how my mother was like this in an easy chair for weeks when she had painful spasms in her feet and could not sleep in a normal bed. Seems to be a Brinkman thing with our odd-looking feet and painful phantom spasms. Been thinking about my dad lately who has described similar pain affecting his right arm. Hope he's okay.
I love them both.
NDP era Quickdraw, Alberta Legislature public gallery. Alberta health care wait times.
2021-07-30 Pain on a scale of 1 to 10/ 6, Bitchy on a scale of 1 to 10/ 4, Day 10, Taking charge of my back pain, less reliance on the Alberta Health Services, more on private health care: I began my new pain management treatment yesterday with a highly competent massage therapist who was okay at first telling me she got fully vaccinated before we started our treatment together. A trust was established and we both felt safer. Earlier I did my part with friendly front desk staff, by filling in a COVID19 questionnaire. Early this week I let my chiropractor go after 2 visits because he did not want to share his personal information about vaccinations. I respect his privacy but a mutual trust could not be established. After today's treatment, I visited my most trusted health care worker in the health care industry, my Shopper's Drug Mart pharmacist. He helped me choose an over the counter anti-spasm pain medication that has since lowered the pain and helped me sleep better at night. My Shopper' Drug Mart in our downtown Edmonton neighbourhood. long before the COVID19 pandemic was already a trusted reliable source of healthcare in comparison to most of my experences with government-run healthcare systems, where long wait times is the norm, doctors, nurses, and union leaders band together to play politician demanding raises while over taxed Albertans pay off the interest on healthcare debt. Bankers are getting richer, laughing all the way to the bank, while Albertans get poorer health care as a result from greed.

I attended the Art Gallery, while my body repaired

11 Days of back pain. The best investment I have made so far with my pain management is my walker. It has kept me mobile, moving to places I can take my mind off the pain like walks in the evening with my best friend, wife and soul mate Sarah. During the day while she works, another place that helps me get my mind off pain is the Art Gallery of Alberta. The art gallery is where I staged my first protest picket against the NDP Government after the Ministry of Infrastructure banned me in January 2016, from painting and showing my art anywhere on the 57 acres of Legislature grounds. They refused to believe me when I said my art was not for sale. According to the Government, they were concerned someone might be injured by my art and they did not want to be held responsible financially if sued. The art gallery acts as my second art studio, away from my home studio, the Alberta Legislature that acts as my gallery, studio, and home office for my citizen free press work inside the Legislature. Both beautiful locations are public, paid for by Alberta taxpayers, equipped with washroom facilities surrounded by beautiful inspiration and beautiful people. Two perfect locations for an outsider artist to practice creativity and connect with others. Today I studied 4 paintings and created a sketch study combining all 4 into one drawing of Judy BL Robinson's abstracts with themes that include God, fire, sunshine, the history of capitalism, and the slave trade. The name of the 2nd-floor gallery show is called Black every day. Afterward, I would take my sketch home and use CorelDRAW to turn my sketches into a colourful graphic displayed on this mock-up of a t-shirt. Perhaps an idea for another speaker Banned Speech & Wear. See more sketches studied on this blog.
My Speakers Banned Speech and Wear was created to respond to the Alberta Government's 4th ban, this time the ban was over the art I created and wore on a t-shirt while sitting in the public gallery of the Alberta Legislature, June 2019. The idea came to me when my wife and I explored the art galleries in Chicago July 5-8, 2019 where I saw the works of the famous American designer, entrepreneur Virgil Abloh's 'Figure of Speech' inside the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. Abloh is also the chief executive officer of the Milan-based label Off-White, a fashion house he founded in 2012. For two years I created my own designer line of t-shirts, baseball caps and toques of Alberta winter wear to challenge the Alberta Government's hate towards the arts by nonestablishment artists like myself. It was in Chicago I learned that I was an outsider artist who is regarded as scum by some in Canada's arts establishment, big governments, bankers and corporate elite, I fondly regard as 'The Man.' See outsider artists as described by Chicago's Intuit art center of outsider artists.

2021-07-31 Pain on a scale of 1 to 10/ 4 tolerable, Bitchy on a scale of 1 to 10/ 1, Saturday date inside the Art Gallery of Alberta, I did a 20 minute sketch study of Judy BL Robinson’s MAAFA 2012, Art Gallery of Alberta. MAAFA is Swahili for Holocaust, terrible occurrences. Studying MAAFA, seemed to take my mind off my own pain. There was a film crew inside the gallery that was filming a promo for an upcomming vertual Carawest Festival.Tomorrow my wife and I are considering a hike in the river valley, using my walker. Perhaps being out on the trails in nature will deflect my pain like Judy's MAAFA did for me.

13 days back & leg pain, meet my new walker Hal
2021-08-01, Pain on a scale of 1 to 10/ 4 tolerable, Bitchy on a scale of 1 to 10/ 0, Day 13, A much happier Sunday was enjoyed by me and my wife Sarah who is also nursing a sore foot with phantom pain. We completed over 12 kilometers today while using my new walker. Temperatures were hot, so we brought lots of water for our trek. We started down the funicular, across the river into Millcreek ravine. Sarah did some shopping in Old Strathcona at the Antique Mall and I picked up some donuts for later. After crossing the High-Level bridge, we entered onto the Alberta Legislature grounds and had just missed a protest. Protesters plan to rally each day at noon until the 18th of August when the Alberta Government plans on lifting all the pandemic restrictions. Protesters want the restrictions left in place for fear of another COVID19 wave.

Local painful memories linger

The plaque of Oliver remains covered in red paint in a small park in our downtown neighborhood. No one has touched it for weeks. Photo by Doug Brinkman, Citizen Free Press.

August 1, 2021 Today CBC reported Edmonton's Oliver Square has changed its name after community consultation to Unity Square. A member of Parliament and federal minister first elected to office in 1883, Oliver is known for drafting discriminatory legislation, including policies that pushed Indigenous people off their traditional lands. He also wrote an order-in-council to bar Black immigrants fleeing persecution in the American South from entering Canada.

Democracy, The future looks bright for Alberta
with the leadership of the people like Albert & Kyle

A special pain relief request
to Daryl Katz for the City of Edmonton
A request from Daniel John Kornak to Mr. Daryl Katz, owner of the Edmonton Oilers

Monday, 26 July 2021

Mary Simon and the yellow flower, next to the Service Through Christ


Painted from the backside of Herman Poulin's Service Through Christ statute, facing Lieutenant Governor Salma Lakhani's office.

2021-07-23 Alberta Legislature: I completed the final backside painting on three mountain abstracts I did in the summer of 2015 by adding Mary Simon next to Herman Poulin's statute, Service Through Christ. The first 11 days of November each year I'm reminded of indigenous veterans of Canada who gave their lives defending our freedoms. Mary Simon has been nominated and could be Canada's first Indigenous Governor-General. The style of painting I used was inspired by a local Cree contemporary artist Brenda Draney, whose work I have studied over the years inside the Art Gallery of Alberta. The following YouTube, cover page was created inside the Milner Library, from a 20-minute sketch study I did of Edmonton First Nations artist Dawn Marie Marchand's 'Prayers for my sister', and later altered using CorelDRAW.


Mary Simon and the yellow flower

Painters Log 2021-07-26: I cannot be happier to see Canada's new Governor-General Indigenous. Thank you, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, welcome Mary Simon, and God Save the Queen. 'Mary Simon and the yellow flower' By Doug Brinkman and friends. #FreePress. #outsiderart #artisfreedom

2021-07-20 Stanley Milner sketch study of Dawn Marie Marchand's 'Prayers for my sisters'

The Speakers Banned Speech & Wear t-shirts, design by d.b
2021, Head of the class
2021-07-23 First Nations Mary Simon is nominated to be Canada's first indigenous Governor-General. Yesterday the Globe & Mail reported hundreds of complaints have been received, mostly from Quebec that Mary Simon is not fluent in French. The Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages has announced it is investigating the process for nominating governors-general in Canada.
2021, Optic Illusion
2020, Poster Speakers Banned Speech & Wear Teddy Bears

Outsider Artist Now Accepted in Edmonton

2021-07-21: From the 4 paintings shown here, the 1st. painting was the only painting I sold in 2015 from a total of 6 mountain abstract painting series, 5 of which were painted outdoors on the Alberta Legislature grounds, and the original that was painted on location, Maligne Lake inside Jasper National Park. The only abstract from the series was sold for $200, to a school teacher outside a 109th street cafe, where she paid cash. I stopped selling my paintings after that sale and just before the NDP Government & the City of Edmonton tried to stop and discourage me from painting and showing my art on Alberta wildfires and floods outdoors in public. The Alberta Government failed to ban me 3 times resulting from 6-day protests against the NDP Government in 2016, and once again for 2 years against the UCP Government from 2019- 2021, after I was banned from wearing a t-shirt bearing my art inside the Alberta Legislature. The City has since apologized in 2017 after a City Manager threatened me with police action for showing a single Fort McMurray wildfire painting on new years eve, 2016 in front of City Hall. This year before Canada day the Alberta Government has lifted the ban on the art I wear on my t-shirts but has never apologized for the bullying I endured in June 2019 inside the Legislature for wearing my art on a t-shirt. The method I used to win back my freedom, was to shame both the City of Edmonton and the Alberta Government with love and kindness by using civil actions, that respects people, property and the rule of law. This ultimately helped the Government to see the errors of their ways. This year the leader of the Loyal Oppostion, the (Hon) Rachel Notley honoured me by accepting my invitation to paint, adding NDP orange to Violet King Henry plaza #NoNewNormal, A painting of the plaza recently named in honour of the first black woman lawyer in Canada, who was educated here in Edmonton, earning her law degree at the University of Alberta. A young law student who saw me picketing one day outside the Legislature for a press pass into the press gallery (picket continues, now into my 4th year) He learned about all the bans I endured by Governments, and began visiting me from time to time on my picket line while on his way to his university. One day he gave me a rolled up copy of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and encouraged me to never give up my fight for my freedoms. I have since passed that charter onto Kyle, who is also a civil information activist, responsible in part for staging freedon, anti lockdown protests, rallies and marches each Saturday inside the same Violet King Henry plaza.

Paintings are not for sale, retired it's my hobby. I give them away freely.
'Outsider Art is Free Press'
2021-07-23 Social Media Tweet to former Premier Rachel Notley: If you tweet 'it's all Kenney's fault' again and again, does it make it true? The truth is the #NDP got the ball rolling, increasing Alberta's debt and the #UCP has maintained and increased it since. As a result, both #AbLeg parties have failed taxpayers while bankers got richer.

Painter's Log: What's important for me today using my citizen Free Press graphic in response to NDP Rachel Notley's constant criticisms on social media of Jason Kenney UCP is the Legislature banned image of Kenney/Notley holding a Pipeline shown here was recently lifted by the Sergeant-at-Arms Chris and Tom after 2 years banned. Just cover it up with a sweater or a jacket next time. This image is used as one of many labels for my designer line of Speakers Banned Speech and Wear t-shirts, summer caps, and winter toques of Alberta freely given away to friends, activists, and politicians when I began my line of wear after Chicago exploring Virgil Abloh *figures of speech and the INTUIT center for outsider art, intuitive art *Henry Darger July 5-8, 2019. A civil action I used against the Alberta Government for banning my art at the Legislature, 4 times since January 2016, beginning with my Fire and Rain art project on Alberta wildfires and floods. The press gallery continues to deny my Canadian Charter right to a free press inside the Alberta Legislature. My protest against the Alberta Government began in June 2017 after the Sergeant-at-Arms banned my art from the Legislature grounds, claiming my news stories were inaccurate, hurting the Alberta Government and his claims the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms don't apply at the Legislature when he is in charge on behalf of the Queen of England... My quest for a press pass continues today...

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Disturbing, frightening, sobering my outsider & Intuitive Art #ClimateStrike

Fire & Rain, Circles & Squares 

by Doug Brinkman

2021-07-21 Today Aljazeera reported today China's President Xi Jinping says the situation is ‘severe’ after the city of Zhengzhou saw a year’s worth of rain in just three days.
2019 More Circles than Squares & 2016 Fire and Rain art project paintings 'Climate strike' & The crumpling umbrella. My online art gallery often gets visitors from the city of Zhengzhou, so this is distressing for me to learn about this news. #outsiderart #Intuitiveart

2021 Ode to Lytton, British Columbia
2021-07-19 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: It was easier for me to stay healthy, exercise, and be outdoors in the fresh air over the past 16 months, following the Alberta Government, and Dr. Deena Hinshaw's day-to-day advice on COVID19. Not as easy with the wildfire smoke in Edmonton over the past few days☹️ Painting Ode to Lytton, B.C.

Smokey Silence - You are here

Smokey silence, feature under a sky filled with wildfire smoke 

Saturday, 17 July 2021

The 2021 Misty heART project, humanity and legacy final six months

2021-07-17 This Blog post may have content added and edits made in the coming days... Enjoy!
Wear red as we go marching Rome is burning, spring 2020, By Doug Brinkman

The Former NDP Minister of Energy responded to this painting saying "When I first looked at it, it reminded me of Notre Dame Cathedral burning. It also reminds me also of some of Van Gogh’s paintings. If we are burning now, like Notre Dame, we will rise better and stronger." - Marg McCuaig-Boyd, 2020 

The backside of Wear red as we go marching, Rome is burning

2021 Misty HeART Project

With Alberta's COVID19 numbers dropping and the USA pulling troops out of Afganistan, It's time now for me to conclude my current Misty HeART project on Humanity & Legacy with the painting that got my art project started in the summer of 2020. The laughing planet on the backside of George W. Bush & Jason Kenney. From my 1994 poem, 'The Painter' I'll share its first stanza that seems appropriate to start this blog post.

Swirl N' Splash, 1994
(Circles & Squares) 2021
Oil (Acrylic) meets up on canvas,
of inspirations, that fill my head,
dark images that mirror my soul
Colour spreading danger,
a new creation is born...
can you see the holy fragments
of a coming celestial storm?
Lovers wrestle territory
eyes so real like soul,
flesh tones look so eerie
do not fear, come take hold
Have I caught your attention?
Have I taken you someplace else?
Do my images seduce your boundaries?
are you feeling any doubt?

 George W. Bush and Jason Kenney, Fall 2020, spring 2021, by Doug Brinkman

Former US President George W. Bush (retired painter today) had the terror attacks of 911 during his legacy and answered with 911 retribution in Afganistan killing multitudes of civilians, women, and children, caught in the crossfire during their battles with the enemy the Taliban. Jason Kenney was a Minister with the Stephen Harper cabinet, at the time Canada committed its troops in Afghanistan, also described as a war of 911 retribution in Afghanistan by Jason's colleague the Minister of defense Gordon O'Connor.. For the past 16 months the Honourable Premier dealt with the crippling pandemic, oil prices dropping and Alberta's failing economy. Both men Conservatives, Both men dealing with events that changed the world. See 911 Retribution/ RESET (the box) 2021

The Laughing planet on the backside of George W. Bush & Jason Kenney, spring 2021

The laughing planet on the backside of George W. Bush and Jason Kenney, Spring 2021, by Doug Brinkman. Nine people helped me paint this picture. Beginning with one Christian man named Joshua and his children. Josh was known by hundreds of viewers as they tuned into a weekly Saturday telecast of anti lockdown rallies at the Alberta Legislature. Known to viewers as Josh the Angry Albertan, Josh and our mutual friend Kyle, another civil information activist, led the Saturday rallies featuring several speaking guests inside Violet King Henry plaza. I news covered several rallies over the year since they began spring of 2020. The remaining children with their moms, and grandparents, added paint to The Laughing Planet inside Winston Churchill Square this past spring. Some of the kids were indigenous and some were not, they were all grateful to participate in my painting.
 Outsider, Intuitive Art 
Troublemaker, the coming storm, fall 2017- summer 2019, by Doug Brinkman. Painted on the Alberta Legislature grounds next to the Premiers Notley/Kenney's office. A homeless person wearing a multicoloured robe, sleeps unter a tree, outdoors in the elements. The homeless person later turned into an eagle's head, broken away from it's totem. The snow-like orbs represent the pandemic. The camp fire represents the yellow vest political right movement.
2021-07-17 Painter's log: I woke up at 2:30 am, after having some inspirational revealing dreams relating to my current Misty HeART project, which focuses on humanity and legacy. Kitty, our cat kept a watchful eye on me the whole time while I updated this blog post with content relating to my dream. This picture was taken at 4:40 am after I published the first draft...

Enjoy freedom!