Sunday 3 December 2023

Art is Freedom, Listen to my heArt Beat Project Ends December 19, 2023

The Grand Theatre Democracy

George W. Bush and Jason Kenney

The Laughing Planet, the backside of Bush & Kenney

The Cut-Up Technique

Painter's Notes, Using the Cut-up Technique, a method I learned inside the old Art Gallery of Alberta: I cut up recent and archived Citizen Free News stories, overlapped the sounds and images, and made a YouTube. It becomes a form of art, creating a new narrative similar to the cut-up technique (or découpé in French) in which a written text is cut up and rearranged to create a new reader. The concept can be traced to the Dadaists of the 1920s. Still, it was developed and popularized in the 1950s and early 1960s, primarily by writer William S. Burroughs.

The Painter, I Am Free

The Angry Man and the Politician, The King and the Laughing Peasant. 

Since 2020, Skaters On Ice, Each New Years Day I'll add something new...


2020-2023, Skaters on ice

On New Year's Day 2023, I added more Skaters on Ice.

On New Year's Day 2022, I added The Media at Tsusiat Falls.
On New Years Day 2021, I added more tree shadows to the front and Aliens at Tsusiat Falls on the back of Skaters on Ice.


Art Is Freedom, Skaters on ice.

September, 2013, Millcreek Ravine Trail.

2023-11-17, From my sister Kate Hatch: Hi Doug, I'm using your painting as a focus for my daily meditation. I feel connected to you when I do this. Thank you for your creativity.


September 16, 2013: 40 Lbs of a backpack full of easels, paint, water, canvases, brushes, and lunch, I hiked to the Millcreek ravine from downtown to paint my first acrylic painting in 13 years.
2023-08-09, The Painter, Doug Brinkman, 68: I started expressing my creativity as a kid with a box of crayons on my parents' basement walls and inside the pages of my grandfather's leather-bound encyclopedia collection. So, my parents began supplying me with a steady stream of paper and pencils to draw and expand my creativity. I studied commercial art and printing and took extra courses to learn photography and produce short video features. In my twenties, I learned to fly, earning a private pilot's license, and moved to Edmonton from Toronto. In my 40s, I hiked the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island 3 times and once to the Rose Spit on Haida Gwaii Island.


Living in Edmonton, I continued a career as a graphic arts craftsman operating mostly Goss high-speed web offset newspaper printing presses, first for the Edmonton and Toronto Suns and finally for the Edmonton Journal (YouTube, Printers Make Good Impressions). I volunteered at Walterdale Community Theatre, painting sets and doing public relations. I was laid off from my newspaper job in 2013 after 42 years and attempted to start a business Hawkeyi Media Inc, with a grant from Alberta Works. It failed after losses, so I retired and now work freely as a social artist in my 10th year and citizen news activist in my 16th year. I don't sell my art, it's a passion, so I keep them or give them to my wife, family, friends, and strangers. Sometimes I'll add to their stories by adding more paint or altogether painting over them, creating new art projects. Art is my freedom, my heArt is for you...

 Rare White Bird Gallery

2023 Paint Season March 21-October 30.

2019-2023, Tree Of Life.

They Sang Songs of Freedom, O'Canada

2023, Blood Tears, I can breathe


2020-2023, Grande Theatre Democracy 

 Kilroy Was Here. Trams Meet by the 109th St. Bridge.

Kilroy was here is a meme that became popular during World War II, typically seen in graffiti. Its origin is debated, but the phrase and the distinctive accompanying doodle became associated with GIs in the 1940s: a bald-headed man (sometimes having a few hairs) with a prominent nose peeking over a wall with his fingers clutching the wall.


2023-07-02, Sunday on the 2nd. floor, AGA

Kilroy was here, June 15-21Solstice-30

2 Trams meet before the 109Th St. Bridge


2023, Point of Order, 15

2023, Magpie, Circle, Square

2022-2023, untitled, Red Dress, Orange Shirt, Oilers

2022, Joey Bell Tower, Delux

2022 Joey Bell Tower, Delux found a new home inside Joey Bell Tower, with Chef Triston (right), kitchen staff, and management. Thank you for the meal, and friendly service.

2023, Summer Samplers, The Rosehip art project

Next Outdoor Paint Season Begins March 21, 2024