Sunday, 28 May 2023

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2023-05-28, Painter's notes, time out after the Alberta election, in the Edmonton River Valley: This would be a nice spot to set up my easel and paint this... My paint season ends the last Sunday, September.

2021, Trees do talk, RESET (The Box)

Listening to indigenous Cree tunes, enjoying the afternoon with Sarah

...and the roses they will grow, and the day will come to pass. So until then let’s love each other... Howie’s song. Art Show & Sing, by d.b.

All Wild and Free Flowers Matter!

Friday, 26 May 2023

2021-2023, COVID19, The Dumpster Diving Eastgate Art Collection

NDP Leader, Rachel Notley, 57, added Orange behind the dome.

A peregrine falcon flew frantically around the dome of the Legislature

Freedom activist Suzanne Daley added musical notes to the painting.

The Eastgate dumpster diving art project collection.

2020, Worship Hare Krishna, Jesus Christ, Edmonton Oilers (YouTube) 

2020, Hinei, I am here (Unity, The Bridge YouTube)

Community art, our gift to Palestinian artist Hanny Al Khoury

2020, In China life is like a river

2023-05-24, Painter's notes, Violet King Henry, No New Normal: Rachel Notley was invited on her 57th birthday to add NDP orange before the dome was added on April 16, 2021. The following day an artist, and political activist named Suzanne Daley painted musical notes by a Canadian Flag I added, and on the third day, I added the abstract figure of a Peregrine Falcon who cried out loudly, circling scaffolders workers on the Legislature dome. I picked up my paintbrush early this year and added below the Canadian flag "They Sang Songs of Freedom, O'Canada" Today a graphic artist and musician Germain added a musical note along the base and I added more. Next, a political activist, street preacher, and politician Artur Pawlowski added 'for such a time as this, Esther 4:14.' Finally a young man named Chase, simply wrote Jesus is King with a black magic marker. 7 people added colour to this painting including myself and the unknown person who threw it along with 3 other canvases into a garbage dumpster in 2021 during COVID19. I call this social art collection The dumpster diving Eastgate art project, completed May 24, 2023 where it began over 2 years ago inside Violet King Henry Plaza, named after Canada's first black female lawyer, educated at the University of Alberta. Thank you Ingrid Kottke for the 4 canvases you found in a dumpster, and dropping it off for me by Eastgate. 

2021-2023, Violet King Henry Plaza, No New Normal
2023-05-28 Painter's notes: YouTube removed Pastor Artur Pawlowski's full address I filmed last week to the corporate news media outside the Alberta Legislature. YouTube also closed my Youtube channel for a week as punishment with a strike against my account for publishing the Pastor's speech. I will upload a new version later this week after the Provicial election and mute out portions of the Pastor's references to Government COVID19 mandates and vaccines.

Thursday, 25 May 2023

Alberta Wildfires and Flooding, 2016, Fire and Rain art project, 2023

2016, Fire and Rain art project logo 2023 Art Show & Tell, Listen

Wednesday, May 4, 2016: Tonight's sketch study inside the Art Gallery of Alberta is of Frederick Arthur Verner's 1882 Buffalo Stampede. Practice sketch for my 2016 Fire and Rain art project that focused my news camera and canvases on Alberta wildfires & flooding, ie The Fort McMurray wildfire, and eventually defended my individual rights and freedoms to freely express my art in public after being banned.

Slave Lake wildfire May 2011. First Interview February 2016 & more

January 25, 2016 - First Fire and Rain painting
Painted next to the ice rink by Edmonton City Hall
2016, Fire & Rain art project 

160 outdoor art Shows & Tell and Listen. 
25 paintings, and dozens of interviews on YouTube

May 3, 2016, Top of the noon hour Alberta Legislature, Prospects Point, Art Show, & Tell, with MLA, Ms. Anam Kazim, the first politician to receive a painting from this Fire & Rain art project collection, 2016, The Wood Buffalo Fire. This was my 4th painting since January I had painted for my project just before a wildfire surrounded the City of Fort McMurray causing 83,000 to flee their homes. I went home and painted, my 5th. of 25 paintings that year, Fort McMurray, The Beast. 

May 3, 2016, Fort McMurray, The Beast

2016, The Great Escape from Fort McMurray

2016, Fort McMurray Surreal

2016, Old Strathcona, Art Show & Tell and Listen. Walk for Values

Violet King Henry Plaza, art Show & Tell and Listen

The NDP, as the Government of Alberta attempted to ban me and my Fire and Rain art project on Alberta's Wildfires and Flooding 3 times in 2016. The City of Edmonton events manager also tried to ban me and my art by threatening me with police action for showing a single painting from this art project, 2016, 'The Great Escape from Fort McMurray' displayed outside Edmonton City Hall by the ice rink, under the treaty 6 flag, on New Year's Eve 2016. All bans have since been removed, from the first ban in January 2016 by the Alberta Ministry of Infrastructure, to the last ban on my art worn on t-shirts inside the Legislature was lifted, in 2021 during Canada Day week by the Alberta Government. I've shared my story thousands of times through word of mouth during my outdoor public Art Shows & Tell and Listen and through annual public pickets. I could not have done this alone without the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and those in law enforcement who uphold the law. I would not be here enjoying my freedoms if were not for veterans and those who defended our freedoms in our shared Canadian democracy. Thank you all! 

2016, I am a man, on guard for thee

2016, On Guard for Thee

2016, Fire Rain, Circle, Square

2016, The Crumpling Umbrella. YouTube

2020, The Laughing Planet, on the back of 2020, George W. Bush & Jason Kenney.

May 15, 2020, Freedom to Express & Listen art project: After my 2020 Buffalo Eye was featured during my 1033 outdoor Art Show & Tell and Listen, the 2 framed joined as 1 painting found a new home with the (Hon) Jason Nixon. Be Like the Buffalo, Herd Together. #ArtIsFreedom


The City of Edmonton acknowledges the traditional land on which we reside, is in Treaty Six Territory. We would like to thank the diverse Indigenous Peoples whose ancestors’ footsteps have marked this territory for centuries, such as nêhiyaw (Nay-hee-yow) / Cree, Dene (Deh-neyh), Anishinaabe (Ah-nish-in-ah-bay) / Saulteaux (So-toe), Nakota Isga (Na-koh-tah ee-ska) / Nakota Sioux (Na-koh-tah sue), and Niitsitapi (Nit-si-tahp-ee) / Blackfoot peoples. We also acknowledge this as the Métis’ (May-tee) homeland and the home of one of the largest communities of Inuit south of the 60th parallel. It is a welcoming place for all peoples who come from around the world to share Edmonton as a home. Together we call upon all of our collective, honoured traditions and spirits to work in building a great city for today and future generations.  

2023-05-08, Painter's notes, 2023 Alberta Wildfires, City of Edmonton Emergency Response to Alberta Wildfire Evacuees: I attended a press scrum this morning inside Edmonton City Hall. Before the scrum, one City Council member expressed her gratitude for City Manager Andre Corbould for his handling of the City's Emergency response helping evacuees find shelter. Corbould commended City Staff's response.

2016, Wildfires, Floods, Pandemic, Fire and Rain, 2023