Monday, 27 September 2021

2021, Blue tree, on guard for thee. Third in a series since 2016

It started out as a sketch study, Sheriff Kieth stands behind the Legislature pillar on guard.

2016 Fire & Rain art project, 27 paintings completed on the Alberta Legislature grounds.
On guard for thee
I am a man, on the back of  on guard for thee

2021-09-26 The first day painting the Blue tree, on guard for thee
2021-09-27 Painters Log: 5 years ago, today I completed my final 2016 (BANNED 3 TIMES BY THE NDP GOVERNMENT) Fire & Rain art project painting on Alberta wildfires and floods with a painting titled 'On guard for thee' that had a second painting on the back titled "I am a man" my gift to Alberta Sheriffs, defending my right to freely express myself with art on the Legislature grounds. Today I'll be back on the #AbLeg grounds adding paint to my 3rd in a series, Blue tree, on guard for thee. #MemorialDay #police painting tribute, Inspired by Calgary's singer-songwriter, Juno award-winning Jann Arden who blocked me on Twitter for criticisms towards the Loyal Opposition NDP, my sister Kate, and as a tribute to Calgary's Sergeant Andrew Harnett, who died December 30, 2020, in the line of duty.

2021-09-26: Sunday, day one painting ‘Blue tree. On guard for thee.’ The idea of painting a 3rd 'On guard for thee' painting came after Calgary's singer-songwriter, activist, Juno award winner, Governor General award winner, politically opinionated Jann Arden, after she blocked me on Twitter for expressing my opinions... Hope to add more paint today...

Monday, 20 September 2021

Free press, my kind of art. Art is Freedom. Inuitive and community art

2021-09-17: First painting after the completion of my 2021 Misty HeART Project, 21 Paintings. #outsiderart #intuitiveart #communityart 3 men added paint to... Words associated with The Red Rose of September by Doug Brinkman. Stormy, woe, blight, beauty, season, freedom, worry, capitalism, extinction, wildfires, flooding, survival, the strong, the weak, life, death, anger, violence, hate & war. The final test of mankind before the storm. Free press, my kind of art project begins!

2021-09-17: First painting after the completion of my 2021 Misty HeART Project on Humanity and Legacy, September 13, 2020-September 13, 2021. Three men, Tony, Pete, and Doug over 3 days added paint to The Red Rose of September. Keywords: Stormy, woe, blight, beauty, season, freedom, worry, capitalism, extinction, wildfires, flooding, survival, the strong, the weak, life, death, anger, violence, hate & war. The final test of mankind before the storm.

I love hugs. The Grand Theatre Democracy, inspired by Albert Knobs, the newest #NDP talking point of the #LoyalPhotoOp. Seriously, I can't see Rachel Notley moving her office back into the Alberta Legislature next election nor do I want to see Premier Jason Kenney step down before his term. If he steps down, I'm betting on Leela Aheer becoming acting Premier. The first time I met Leela, was while outdoors painting mountains by the Legislature. She told me, don't put labels on myself, just be who you are. I've been hugged by two Ministers over my 15 years as an activist, Leela was one of them, the other, former NDP Education Minister David Eggen, he called me brother when he hugged... Both friends Rachel Notley and Leela Aheer are well-loved by their colleagues and staff at the Legislature. Both love art!

September 16 2013, Millcreek Ravine, first painting in 13 years
8 years ago, today September 16, 2013, I completed my first painting, after 13 years of not painting. This 16x20 was painted on location in the Edmonton River valley's Millcreek ravine was later given to my sister Kate, who lives in Kingston, Ontario. I don't sell my paintings; I give them away. September 13, 2021, Tend to Tobacco and Flowers, my gift to Elder Gilbert Cardinal. Gilbert teaches Alberta Government and staff First Nations culture. He gave me a yellow pouch with a white ribbon of tobacco in exchange.

80-minute sketch study of Jamie Black's REDress, inside the Legislature's Federal Building. There are nice washrooms and a gift shop open to the public from Thursday to Sunday, noon to 4 PM. You can book tours online at

 More Sketch Studies

ATM REDress drum and round dance protest 

2021, I am REDress 
4 years ago today September 20, 2017, a sketch study is of Pat Nokamis's 'Tale of Turtle Island' Turtle Island is the name of North America. The story is shared by other Northeastern Woodlands tribes, notably the Iroquois. Pat's paintings were on display inside The Alberta Legislature's Borealis Gallery. Due to mask mandates and vaccine passports, I will no longer be visiting art galleries until COVID19 restrictions are lifted and sanity restored.

Sunday, 12 September 2021

2021 Misty HeART project, 21 Paintings by Doug Brinkman, not for sale

2019, 2021 UNITY, The Legislature has no dome
2021-09-03 My new smaller version of the Alberta legislature painting sits in front of my 2019-2021 UNITY, the legislature has no dome. Inspired by the Notre-Dame de Paris fire and the fabled story The emperor wears new clothes.
January 1, 2020, Skaters on Ice, completed January 1, 2021

George W. Bush and Jason Kenney
The Laughing Planet on the backside of George W. Bush and Jason Kenney

Violet King Henry plaza #nonewnormal
2021-09-06 If the #LoyalPhotoOp Leader, (Hon) Rachel Notley becomes Premier and her party the #NDP forms the next Alberta Government. I'll surrender my painting from the Misty HeART project 'Violet King Henry plaza #NoNewNormal' to her party. Rachel and #nonewnormal #freedomfighters added paint to this canvas that was retrieved out of a dumpster by my friend Ingrid Kottke. If Rachel loses the election I'll give this painting to a freedom fighter of my choice. #outsiderart #intuitiveart #communityart.


One of Many Freedom Fighters, shares her art

Inside Violet King Henry plaza, Alberta

Rachel Notley adds NDP Orange to the canvas where it laters becomes the dome of the Legislature.

UNITY, Formerly The Legislature has no dome

Trees Do Talk

Ode to Lytton, BC Wildfire 2021

Mary Simon and the yellow flower

The Grand Theatre Democracy, on the backside of Unity
September 2021, Tend to Tobacco and Flowers
September 13, 2021, Forest, River, Broken Tree

Fall & Summer Outdoor, Indoor Sketch Studies, Photos & CorelDRAW

2021-09-12 Sunday 20-min sketch study of ANRI SALA video. I was alone on the 3rd-floor of the Art Gallery of Alberta this afternoon when an employee walked over to me, at least 25 feet where I was sketching to tell me that I was wearing my mask wrong. I kept the mask over my mouth but partially uncovered my nose so my glasses would not fog up. I said I can't sketch like this and she replied 'I know.' So I left and told the staff I won't return until this mask mandate is lifted.
2021-09-06: 3rd floor Art Gallery of Alberta 25 minute (Sharpie Pen Tip) sketch study, 25 minutes CorelDRAW. During membership week, I invited my wife for my one guest free pass. #outsiderart self-taught. Sketching builds my confidence, hones my creativity & observation skills to best understand my surroundings.

2021-08-28, Violet King Henry plaza, 20-minute sketch study, #nonewnormal rally.

Edmonton downtown 2021-08-27, 5PM 25 Minute Quickdraw with a Sharpie Chisel Point Marker. City Center Mall, 100a Street & 101 Avenue Edmonton, on Treaty 6.

#TGIF 2021-08-27, noon 1-hour quickdraw with a Sharpie Fine Point Pen inside Sir Winston Churchill Square, downtown Edmonton, on Treaty 6. #outsiderart. #FunkyTown #ElectricAvenue
40-minute sketch study on the back lawns of the Alberta Legislature grounds.
5-minute sketch with a thick tip sharpie. CorelDRAW 30-minutes,
2021-08-27 Mapping out my back and leg pain that began July 20, 2021

 Doug's Gallery

Canadian Abstract artist Jack Bush, sketch studies. #outsiderart