Thursday, 8 December 2022

The Great Reset for Alberta's Democracy, Corporatocracy & Autocracy.


Painter's Notes, Quick Drawn Conclusions & Paintings

2022-12-08, Painter's notes, looking back to December 8, 2018: My sketch study of Alex Janvier's Blood Tears. Two of Janvier's paintings sunset & sunrise hang on the walls behind the press gallery and the Speaker's gallery inside the Legislature assembly #ResidentialSchools #Colonization #Alberta #Abpoli

Alberta Sovereignty Within a United Canada Act is the Great Reset for Alberta's Democracy, Corporatocracy, and Autocracy. During a Protest, Counter-Protest last Sunday over Bill 1, Alberta Federation of Labour, NDP, Gil McGowan described Premier Danielle Smith as...


Albertans Looking Through a Glass Darkly


The #GreatReset for Alberta's Democracy, Corporatocracy & Autocracy. Alberta Sovereignty Within a United Canada Act* passed Third Reading. Congratulations to #UCP Premier Danielle Smith. It took a former CORUS radio talk show host to get er done...


In Greek mythology, Corus or Koros (Ancient Greek: Κόρος) was the spirit (daemon) and personification of surfeit and disdain. He was said to be the son of Hybris (Arrogance), daughter of Dyssebeia (Impiety).

ESENTI (verb) Means Free in Italian

2020, Wear RED as we go marching Rome is burning

2019-2021, The Legislature has no dome, Unity

2020, The Grande Alberta Theatre Democracy

The Corporate News, and Entertainment Media Occupy Alberta's Democracy

The Last of US, HBO Armagedon TV Series 2023, occupied and filmed in the streets of Edmonton and Alberta Legislature in 2020, during the Freedom Fighter's occupation on the back lawns of the Legislature. 

2019, 2020, Trouble Maker, the Coming Storm

Covid-19 & Alberta Wildfires, Fire and Rain

2016, The Crumpling Umbrella

2018, Sideways, a painting about Racism & Hate

The Speakers Banned Speech & Wear

December 8, 2017, Not a Bystander art project, Anger Violence, and Bullying
2017, Nonviolence, All Flowers Matter art Collection

Tuesday, 20 September 2022

Abstracts of Light & Shadows art collection Spring to Winter Equinox

Abstracts of Light and Shadows focuses on freedom

... and the lack thereof.

Abstraction allows man to see with his mind what he cannot see physically with his eyes

Painting in Old Strathcona, 2022

Thanks for the ride, tram driver Jim Stanfield

2022, Thanks for the ride, Listen Label Wear

2022, Paint Season, Art Show, Tell, and Participate!

Art Project Theme, Looking Through a Glass Darkly